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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 03:59 PM
Number of posts: 70,115

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Does anyone else see a problem with this picture?

Robert Reich

U.S. billionaire wealth in 2010: $1.5 trillion
U.S. billionaire wealth in 2020: $3.9 trillion

Federal minimum wage in 2010: $7.25
Federal minimum wage in 2020: $7.25

Does anyone else see a problem with this picture?


Qanon from 2 YEARS AGO - We should have known.


Smoking gun Letter: DC Nat'l Guard were allowed no helmets, no body armor, no weapons, no arrests

Trump's Acting Defense Secretary, who was installed after Trump lost the election, blocked the National Guard from being able to support the DC police

Smoking gun: The orders from Miller to the DC National Guard for January 6 included in linked articleó is a must read. The DC guard were allowed no helmets, no body armor, no weapons. They were not allowed to stop or arrest protesters. Letter orders no interference with rioters twitter.com/RWPUSA/status/Ö


Surrounded by Schrodinger's Douchebags

Guilty to being inspired by Trump to halt the vote, assault some cops & help steal an election

Emmanuel Jackson, a 20 year old African American who was on video beating cops and then returning with a baseball bat to attack them again, has been indicted, and Empty Wheel has reason to think heís going to cooperate.

On January 27, Jacksonís attorney asked for a one month continuance, with the governmentís consent. That generally indicates the defendant is preparing to plead before indictment (which isnít surprising given that, before he got a lawyer, Jackson confessed to his assaults).

That means itís possible that by the time Trumpís impeachment trial starts, Emanuel Jackson will have pled guilty to being inspired by Donald Trump to halt the vote certification, walking down Pennsylvania Avenue and then assaulting two cops in an effort to help Trump steal the election.

The Rest:

Attention: There is no real "fight" inside GOP

Oliver Darcy writes: "If you ever want to understand where the Republican Party is or where it's going, just pay attention to what is happening in right-wing media. Watch a few hours of Fox, listen to a few hours of talk-radio, and browse a few sites like Breitbart and The Gateway Pundit. That will give you a crystal clear indication of the GOP's current state. And if you do that today, you'll quickly observe that there is no real 'fight' for the soul of the Republican Party taking place, despite the huge amount of news coverage suggesting so. The party was remade in Trump's image over the last four years and it remains in his image. All the prominent right-wing media figures are solidly in the MAGA camp..."

That war ended a while ago.

The Jewish Space Laser's Label Disclaimer


Patients may complain about the side effect of the Jewish Space Laser and also that itís administered in such small portions.

Republican patients may experience shame that theyíve allowed their party to become such a rage-filled den of bigotry and utter stupidity, but they probably wonít.

Patients who use the Jewish Space Laser might see visions. These visions might include a parallel between the QAnon narrative and an ancient anti-Semitic accusation of ritual murder that resulted in blood libels and laid the groundwork for the Holocaust.

If you notice that youíre a racist white supremacist spreading loony conspiracy theories that you saw in a meme or on a YouTube video, please seek help immediately.


Love has returned to the WH.



by joe quigley

Party of Trump

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