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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 03:59 PM
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An amazing part of the NBC Kavanaugh/Ramirez report:

Kavanaugh tried to obtain a photograph at a 1997 wedding "in order to show himself smiling alongside Ramirez 10 years after they graduated."

Text messages between those Yale classmates reveal Ramirez was desperate to avoid Kav at the wedding👇

This report is REVEALING:

Text messages suggest Kavanaugh wanted to refute accuser's claim before it became public
A former classmate of the Supreme Court nominee has reached out to the FBI but hasn't received a response.
by Heidi Przybyla and Leigh Ann Caldwell / Oct.01.2018 / 2:39 PM PDT

From left, Deborah Ramirez, Kerry E. Berchem, Doug Millet, Karen Yarasavage, Kevin Genda, Brett Kavanaugh and David White pose for a photo at the rehearsal dinner before the wedding of Yarasavage and Genda in 1997.Photo obtained by NBC News

The texts between Berchem and Karen Yarasavage, both friends of Kavanaugh, suggest that the nominee was personally talking with former classmates about Ramirez’s story in advance of the New Yorker article that made her allegation public. In one message, Yarasavage said Kavanaugh asked her to go on the record in his defense. Two other messages show communication between Kavanaugh's team and former classmates in advance of the story.

The texts also demonstrate that Kavanaugh and Ramirez were more socially connected than previously understood and that Ramirez was uncomfortable around Kavanaugh when they saw each other at a wedding 10 years after they graduated. Berchem's efforts also show that some potential witnesses have been unable to get important information to the FBI.


NBC News notes that Kavanaugh told the Judiciary Committee under oath that the 1st time he heard about Deborah Ramirez's allegation was in the New Yorker article. These text messages would seem to refute that timeline, if accurate.

NBC News: Text messages between two friends of Brett Kavanaugh "suggest that the nominee was personally talking with former classmates about [Deborah] Ramirez's story in advance of the New Yorker article that made her allegation public."https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/supreme-court/mutual-friend-ramirez-kavanaugh-anxious-come-forward-evidence-n915566


We Do Care. Don't We?



Is this a recorded Kavanaugh blackout hiding in plain sight?


A Sign? - There is a bat at the Trump rally.

I was going to say Steven Miller before he transforms.



Julie Swetnick's description of Beach Wk '82 parties w- Quaalude-spiked alcohol finds corroboration

Julie Swetnick's description of Beach Week '82 parties with Quaalude-spiked alcohol finds corroboration in the Georgetown Prep '83 yearbook entries of Philip Merkle, Don Urgo, and J.C. del Real.


"Welcome to the FBI Kavanaugh investigation hot line. Your testimony is very important to us.

If you ave been assaulted by Brett Kavanaugh press 1 now"




Trump embraces Kavanaugh.


Yale Classmate: "I thought it was going to be an investigation-Instead it's just an alibi"



A Historical Pattern Of Racism

Judicial Temperament - by Tom Tomorrow

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