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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 03:59 PM
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When does all the winning start?

Is Sessions feeding a nut to a squirrel he keeps in his coat pocket?

"You are my only friend, Mr. Nutso."



The top story on Infowars ...


i will just leave THIS here for perspective:

Secret donations are helping to boost President Trump's agenda, fights with investigators

WASHINGTON — Groups spending millions in anonymous donations are leading the outside efforts to either defend President Trump or sell his agenda with voters and Congress, despite the president’s repeated calls to “drain the swamp” in Washington of special-interest money.

The political empire affiliated with billionaire Charles Koch has spent $2 million to date to advance Trump’s tax-cut blueprint and will hold events this week in Washington to kick off the next phase of its multimillion-dollar campaign to drive congressional support for a comprehensive tax plan to slice corporate tax rates and enact broader tax cuts.

Americans for Prosperity, the Koch network’s grass-roots arm, already has 50 events scheduled in August and September to help promote the tax plan.

The pro-Trump Great America Alliance is spending $450,000 on a TV and digital ad that casts special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe into possible collusion between Russia and Trump’s campaign as a “rigged game.


No chaos- you're the chaos


NYT: Putins Bet on Trump Backfires Spectacularly

July 31, 2017 at 7:03 am EDTBy Taegan Goddard18 Comments
“A little more than a year after the Russian effort to interfere in the American presidential election came to light, the diplomatic fallout — an unraveling of the relationship between Moscow and Washington on a scale not seen in decades — is taking its toll,” the New York Times reports.

“President Vladimir V. Putin bet that Donald J. Trump, who had spoken fondly of Russia and its authoritarian leader for years, would treat his nation as Mr. Putin has longed to have it treated by the West. That is, as the superpower it once was, or at least a major force to be reckoned with, from Syria to Europe, and boasting a military revived after two decades of neglect. That bet has now backfired, spectacularly. If the sanctions overwhelmingly passed by Congress last week sent any message to Moscow, it was that Mr. Trump’s hands are now tied in dealing with Moscow, probably for years to come.”

“It is unclear how much the announcement will affect day-to-day relations. While the Russian news media said 755 diplomats would be barred from working, and presumably expelled, there do not appear to be anything close to 755 American diplomats working in Russia.”


Anatomy of the Trump presidency


In an earlier article in this newspaper (“Understanding the Trump phenomenon,” August 5, 2016), I suggested that it was necessary to take Donald Trump’s candidacy and its implications more seriously than many were doing then. Six months into the Trump presidency, the American media remains fascinated with the new “reality show” that has entered the White House.

As every small skirmish, move and tweet is given inordinate scrutiny and attention, it is easy however to lose sight of the big picture.


The fourth point is more crucial still, and concerns the projection of American power abroad. Since the end of the Cold War, and the emergence of the unipolar American-dominated system around 1990, speculation has gone on regarding the nature of potential challenges to it. These could come from other state-systems, such as China, or the European Union, or from unclassifiable systems and forms, such as al-Qaeda or the Islamic State. But few could have predicted that the real challenge would come from within the U.S. itself. Yet, this is what has happened. The Trump administration appears singularly unconcerned with, and inept in dealing with, foreign policy, and after all its core internal constituency is firmly ‘isolationist’ in its inclinations. The State Department is today in utter disarray. The Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, is from the petroleum industry and seems out of his depth; so that rumours even surface regularly of his imminent resignation.

Based on the past six months, it seems likely that by 2020, the systematic projection of American power on a global scale would have shrunk considerably.


And we all thought she'd achieve so much as kleptocrat selling our souls for shoe consignments...

Per @politico, Ivanka "desperately wants to lower expectations of what she can achieve"


The Resistance is now the largest demographics in America.


"Thank You Lisa"

Hundreds have showed up in Anchorage Alaska to thank @lisamurkowski for voting no and saving their health care https://twitter.com/BlackCatUnloads/status/891397905235361793
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