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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 03:59 PM
Number of posts: 69,812

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How Much More Do Women Pay for Health Insurance?

Obama Campaign Erases State Lines
Fairness Meets Federalism In One Obama Campaign Chart. Supporters say: “Equality and fairness!” Opponents say: “Hey, what happened to all those state lines?


Barbie Will Get Bald Friend

Mattel, the maker of Barbie, will produce a bald fashion doll for children who have lost their hair because of illness or cancer, the company announced today.

“These dolls, which will be a friend of Barbie, will be distributed exclusively to children’s hospitals and other hospitals treating children with cancer throughout the U.S. and Canada, directly reaching girls who are most affected by hair loss,” said Mattel Company spokesman Alan Hilowitz in a statement.

The announcement comes after a Facebook movement urging Mattel to produce a bald version of its famously blonde Barbie doll earlier this year. To date, the page has had more than 150,000 “likes.”

The bald doll would include “hats, scarves and other fashion accessories to provide girls with a traditional fashion play experience. For those girls who choose, the wigs and head coverings can be interchanged or completely removed.”


That Negro Thinks He's Better Than You

Shorter Williard:

"Barack Obama is an elitist, my goodness the man went to Harvard!"

- Williard Mitt Romney, JD & MBA Harvard University 1975

He should be em-va-ri-tas.


Why I Support President Obama

AT MAR 31, 2012 AT 12:39 AM PDT
Why I Support President Obama


The Republicans have declared that they do not care about

My mother

My sisters

My nieces

Myself, my partner, and every other American woman enough to allow us access to affordable healthcare. They wish to condemn us to poverty, poor health, subservience and even death.

This is why I support president Obama and those Democratic Party members that stand with us.

This is the war on women.


lost on the moon

Here's a map you'll need if you ever find yourself lost on the Moon after dropping acid


(just thought it was funny, have not dropped acid since 1972, kpete)

What's Next?


MAR 29, 2012 AT 10:00 AM PDT
More than half of elders, and 60% of older women, face economic insecurity
by Laura Clawson

More than half of people age 65 and older face the prospect of not having enough money to meet basic daily expenses while staying in their homes and communities, a new analysis (PDF) from Wider Opportunities for Women finds. We're talking basic necessities here—renting a one-bedroom apartment or having a modest mortgage, basic food, health care, and transportation, and just $265 in miscellaneous monthly expenses for a single person.

Within the 52 percent of all elders struggling to get by, though, there's a big gender gap—60 percent of women compared with 41 percent of men are economically insecure. The fact that women live longer and have more years to spend down their savings doesn't help. But that's not all. In retirement, as during their working years, women have lower incomes than men: "Elder men studied report typical annual incomes that are nearly 75% higher than the typical elder woman’s income ($24,300 compared to $14,000)." Women are more likely to be dependent on Social Security, and receive smaller Social Security payments than men. And, as in so many other things, women of color face greater struggles than white women: "Elder African-American women report median annual incomes of $12,000; both Asian and Hispanic women report median annual incomes that are less than one-half of the general male population's median incomes at $10,100 and $9,600, respectively.

These numbers underscore the incredible importance of Social Security, which provides, on average, 77 percent of older women's income. They also raise a terrifying prospect: Pensions are becoming less common, but here we see how crucial they've been in keeping some seniors out of economic insecurity. What happens to a generation that's forced to rely on Social Security, or whatever's left of that after the various catfood commissions are done weakening it, and whatever savings people can cobble together despite stagnating wages and stock market crashes?



O’Reilly To Trayvon Martin Family Attorney: ‘It’s Wrong To Convict Anybody On Television’

Bill O’Reilly Never Convicts Anyone on TV
Posted on 03/31/2012 at 9:34 am by Bob Cesca

The media, O’Reilly said, is “exploiting the death of a young man.”

Bill O’Reilly on his show Thursday night discussing George Zimmerman:

“It’s wrong to convict anybody on television.”

It’s wrong — except for Dr. George Tiller and the countless others he’s stalked, harassed and “convicted” on TV.



IRS: No investigation into Haley or temple

Source: The Post And Courier

IRS: No investigation into Haley or temple
[email protected], March 30th, 2012

COLUMBIA – The Internal Revenue Service determined last fall that an investigation of the Sikh Religious Society where Gov. Nikki Haley’s parents are leaders was not warranted, according to a letter the IRS provided the Governor’s Office Friday.

“After further consideration of your organization, we have determined that an investigation is not warranted at this time for the above tax period,” the letter states.

“We did not conduct an examination for the above period.”
The tax year the letter refers to is 2009.

“It’s incredibly frustrating when unaccountable bloggers will take money to smear trash about somebody and the mainstream media will pick it up and run with it,” Haley said Friday, alluding to the coverage that followed an initial post by a South Carolina political blogger this week claiming the IRS had been investigating the temple since March 2011.

Read more: http://postandcourier.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20120330/PC16/120339910/1165

America's Drone Central: Happy To Be "Semi-Accidently Killing" People

Many lethal drone strikes are not directed against a specific terrorist whose name is known and whose real-time location has been pinpointed. There are a few cases like that, but often the American drones strike more adaptively at what are known as “force protection” and “signature” targets.

[b]A signature target can be a house in North Waziristan where many bearded men wearing turbans and carrying arms gather for dinner, chatting on their phones. The U.S. drone operators may listen in and watch over such a suspicious-looking dinner party, and, back at Drone Central, officers on duty may conclude there is sufficient cause to fire missiles at the house—but they could have little or no idea about the names of all the guests. The Americans insist that "signature" drone strikes of this kind are necessary because that is how the United States has regularly, semi-accidentally killed Al Qaeda leaders along the Pakistani border in recent years, resulting in a reduction of Al Qaeda’s global capability. But they have also semi-accidentally killed Pakistanis who are not tied to Al Qaeda.

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