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This Modern World: The return of Baby-Man


Rep Schiff: "We must accept possibility that POTUS doesn't know fact from fiction, right from wrong"

We must accept possibility that @POTUS does not know fact from fiction, right from wrong.
That wild claims are not strategic, but worse.


How to deal with Trump:

Only POTUS has access to Breitbart?


Appearing on "Fox and Friends" on Monday, Trump counselor Kellyanne Conway was asked how the president knew about the alleged wiretaps in Trump Tower in Manhattan.

"Let me answer that globally," Conway replied. "He's the president of the United States. He has information and intelligence the rest of us do not. And that's how it should be for presidents."


Trump supporter at one of the pro-Trump "rallies" thanking Russia for help winning the election


At the root of Trump's new fury is absolute, unbridled contempt for American democracy


This is more than disdain for the truth. It represents profound contempt for our democratic and institutional processes. In this sense, it’s only the latest in what has become a broader pattern:

When the media accurately reported on Trump’s inaugural crowd sizes, the White House not only contested this on the substance in a laughably absurd manner. It also accused the press of intentionally diminishing Trump’s crowd count, thus trying to delegitimize the news media’s institutional act of holding Trump accountable to factual reality.

Trump has tweeted that the media is the “enemy of the American people” and has accused the media of covering up terrorist plots. Stephen K. Bannon has railed against the press as “the opposition party.” Trump gave a recent speech heavily devoted to attacking the media, once again for deliberately and knowingly misleading Americans. All this goes far beyond merely questioning the media’s role as an arbiter of truth.

After getting elected, Trump continued to repeat the lie that millions voted illegally in the election, undermining faith in American democracy. When the media called out this falsehood, the White House threatened an investigation to prove it true, which hasn’t materialized, in effect using the vow of investigations as nothing more than a tool to obfuscate efforts to hold him accountable.

After a court blocked Trump’s travel ban, Trump questioned the institutional legitimacy of the “so-called judge” in question. He also cast the stay as a threat to our security, even though the ban has no credible national security rationale, something that has now been demonstrated by leaks from the Department of Homeland Security (exactly the sort of leaking that has Trump in a fury). Senior adviser Stephen Miller flatly declared that the ban would be reintroduced in part to demonstrate that Trump’s national security power “will not be questioned,” thus declaring the explicit goal of sweeping away institutional checks on it. And then the White House delayed introduction of the new ban in order to continue basking in good press from his speech to Congress, thus undercutting its own claim that this is an urgent national security rationale.

Trump continues to hold court at Mar-a-Lago, using the power of the presidency to promote his own resort, whose membership fees sink money into his own pockets. The White House publicly intervened in a business dispute involving Trump’s daughter and even tried to steer customers her way, an act which Kellyanne Conway embellished by cheerfully sticking a rhetorical middle finger in the face of anyone who finds such behavior troubling.

We’re witnessing a level of total disdain for basic democratic and institutional processes that defies description, and perhaps calls for a new vocabulary. But the story does not end here. As Benjamin Wittes and Quinta Jurecic explain in a great piece, the almost comical lack of good faith that Trump and the White House are showing towards our processes is inspiring an escalation in institutional pushback — from the courts, the media, government leakers, and civil society — that is having much more of a constraining effect than Trump ever could have anticipated. Indeed, the Trump White House’s ongoing conduct is itself producing the very systemic resistance that now has Trump in such a rage.


Like 1st mates on a pirate ship lost at sea w-No intention of telling outlaw captain he has no clue

silver bullet Warrenton VA 4 hours ago

Dr. Krugman, the Republicans can't govern because their party has been in a moral free fall for years. The GOP's many sins, such as blocking the nomination of Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court to spite President Obama, giving aid and comfort to the rise of their party's support for a candidate wholly unsuited to for the presidency, stonewalling every initiative by a black president to prohibit his effective governance of the country even though he pulled the country out of a recession caused by, you guessed it, a Republican president.

The Republicans have been so blinded with hatred of Obamacare that they can't see straight. Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan, like first mates on a pirate ship lost at sea, have no intention of telling their skull and crossbones outlaw captain that he doesn't have the faintest idea of how to navigate the Republican ship. What the rogue captain will do is predictably make McConnell and Ryan walk the plank. And then blame it on President Obama.


"Welcome to our post-truth presidency"



65% want Russia special prosecutor via new CNN poll.


Much More Data:

The "even if it turns out not to be true" bit here from a WH official kind of gives away the game


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