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Rob Reiner: Clearly we're not sending our best to Mexico.

Rob ReinerVerified account
Clearly we're not sending our best to Mexico.
We're sending liars. We're sending narcissists. We're sending sociopaths



BREAKING: Trump, Rudy Giuliani, Reince Priebus, Sen. Jeff Sessions Travel To Mexico To Meet With President

(CNN)Donald Trump is traveling to Mexico Wednesday to meet with the country's president just hours before he is set to deliver a speech focused on immigration policy.

"I have accepted the invitation of President Enrique Pena Nieto, of Mexico, and look very much forward to meeting him tomorrow," the Republican presidential nominee tweeted Tuesday. The office of the Mexican President confirmed in a tweet late Tuesday night that Trump had accepted Peña Nieto's invitation and that the two will meet privately.



Flashback to when Nieto compared Trump to Mussolini and Hitler



Can Trump Be This Stupid? (Not a Trick Question)
ByJOSH MARSHALLPublishedAUGUST 30, 2016, 11:58 PM EDT

Trump is apparently traveling to Mexico with Rudy Giuliani and Sen. Jeff Sessions as his minders. People with the political nimbleness and cultural awareness to manage and massage a good outcome? I should say not. They're also traveling on one or two days notice. It will show.

Remember that the central force of Trump's political brand is dominance politics. Trump commands, people obey. Trump strikes, victims suffer. It will be extremely difficult for him to manage anything like this in the Mexican capital. He comes with a weak hand, no leverage and the look of a loser. All Peña Nieto needs to say is no.

Again, when you're in a campaign under constant scrutiny you do your best to control every situation, reduce the risk of unpredictable, embarrassing or damaging events. You try not to cede control to others. You especially try not to cede near total control to someone who has every interest in the world in harming you. The maximal version of that 'big thing you're not supposed to do' is precisely what it looks like Trump is doing.


Internet erupts with hilarity over Trump’s visit to Mexico: ‘Keep him until he releases his taxes’


About that last time Trump came to Mexico...


Donald Trump's visit to Mexico is greeted with hostility online
US presidential candidate urged to apologise for past remarks, and Mexican president criticised for inviting him



Clinton On Trump’s Mexico Trip: You Still Plan On Deporting Millions?

"From the first days of his campaign, Donald Trump has painted Mexicans as 'rapists’ and criminals and has promised to deport 16 million people, including children and U.S. citizens,” Clinton Communications Director Jennifer Palmieri wrote in a statement sent out on Tuesday night, shortly after Trump announced that he would meet with Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto on Wednesday.

“He has said we should force Mexico to pay for his giant border wall,” Palmieri continued. “He has said we should ban remittances to families in Mexico if Mexico doesn't pay up. What ultimately matters is what Donald Trump says to voters in Arizona, not Mexico, and whether he remains committed to the splitting up of families and deportation of millions."



Mexico rages against Trump visit
Reaction from Mexico against the Republican nominee's visit is swift and brutal.

Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2016/08/trump-mexico-visit-margarita-zavala-de-calderon-227577#ixzz4IuniQrwp
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Rep Al Baldasaro: Once again, I received "A" grade on 2nd Amendment issues from NRA.

Whose side are they on again?


FL Polling Clerk Fired After Telling Voter That Independents Are Not Allowed To Vote

From Orlando’s ABC affiliate:

A Polk County Polling Clerk has been fired after an issue at the polls Tuesday morning. According to Supervisor of Elections Community Services Director P.J. Leiva, A voter went to Precinct 216, located on South Lakeside Avenue, looking to vote Independent.

The voter was told she couldn’t vote because she was independent, and they didn’t have the correct ballots. After an argument, and a search, the voter was given the correct ballot and she was able to vote. The worker, who we’re told has been employed for a number of years, was fired shortly after an incident.

Back in March, a similar incident happened, when a Polk County couple was nearly turned away when they tried to vote. “We would have been turned away if we weren’t forceful about it,” said Theresa Wibert, who contacted News Channel 8 about the incident.

When Wilbert showed up to her registered polling location she was handed a ballot with only the names of Republican candidates. She spoke with two workers at her registered polling location, Precinct 321.

If this had happened to a Republican voter, Drudge and Breitbart would have the story in screaming headlines. Polk County is between Orlando and Tampa


This could sink any chances for Trump in NYC

FBI to publicly release report recommending NO CHARGES in Hillary Clinton email server investigation

The FBI expects to publicly release as soon as Wednesday the report the bureau sent to the Justice Department in July recommending no charges in the Hillary Clinton email server investigation, according to multiple law enforcement officials.

(CNN)The FBI expects to publicly release as soon as Wednesday the report the bureau sent to the Justice Department in July recommending no charges in the Hillary Clinton email server investigation, according to multiple law enforcement officials.

The release is in response to numerous FOIA requests including from CNN.

Also to be released is Hillary Clinton's 302, the FBI agent notes from Clinton's voluntary interview at FBI headquarters. The report is about 30 pages, and the 302 is about a dozen pages according to the officials.

Not yet being released are additional notes from interviews of Clinton aides or other investigative materials that were sent to Congress.

Last month, FBI Director James Comey recommended against charges for Clinton for her use of a private email server while she was secretary of state, but he did describe her behavior as "extremely careless" with classified material.


CHARLES PIERCE: NYT tried to make the Weiner story a Clinton story, and the result is embarrassing

I thought that Dowd's effort over the weekend—which can be fairly summarized as "The Republican presidential campaign is an obvious freak show but Hillary Rodham Clinton Still Has Cooties"—might have been the height of the form. However, I had not reckoned with the paper's coverage of the unfortunate episode currently ongoing between Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner. You want to see some tasty nothingburger, check out this passage.

From the Times:

Now, Mr. Weiner's tawdry activities may have claimed his marriage—Ms. Abedin told him that she wanted to separate—and have cast another shadow on the adviser and confidante who has been by Mrs. Clinton's side for the past two decades. Ms. Abedin was already a major figure this summer in controversies over Mrs. Clinton's handling of classified information as secretary of state and over ties between the Clinton family foundation and Mrs. Clinton's State Department.

This is horrible. This is ghastly. This is cheap shot by deliberate imprecision. This is the kind of thing that would get thrown back in the face of rookie reporters in Seagoville, Texas.

What "shadow," precisely, is it that her husband's misbehavior is casting over Ms. Abedin? Other than the fact that summoning up this "shadow" is a way to get the words "classified information" into a story about the sad public dissolution of a marriage, as well as a way to wedge in a reference to the Clinton Foundation. This is one large storage space of a "shadow." I mean it. Who in the unholy fck thinks like this?

These are good too:

TRUMP: "I am the lone ranger"

and I guess he thinks the rest of us are Tonto?


NEWSWEEK: "The GOP's Low Point Is Now"-How Trumps Politics Will Gut The Republican Party For DECADES



The GOP’s low point is now. In the eight years building up to this election cycle, the party has made foolish, self-destructive decisions that showed contempt for voters who are not traditional Republicans. The birther nonsense—contending that Barack Obama is not an American—was subtly, and sometimes explicitly, encouraged by Republican politicians. Conservatives are now acknowledging that the effort was, as Republican Senator Jeff Flake said, “a fantasy.”Republican strategist Matt Mackowiak was more blunt in a series of tweets. He bemoaned the rise of Trump and tied it to the birthers. “We knew Obama wasn’t born in Kenya. But for some conservatives, we liked seeing Obama being forced to answer questions and provide documentation.… Republicans had a chance to do the right thing, and many passed. Many Republicans didn’t want to offend their base, which despised Obama for taking the country far left. But the base was wrong.”

The enterprise was built on racism, and minorities throughout the country know it. Add to that the GOP’s refusal to fix the Voting Rights Act to address concerns raised by the Supreme Court, its grotesque efforts to gerrymander congressional districts on what the courts have found to be intentionally racial lines, and its pumping up of another fantasy of your base—voter fraud—that courts have also found is designed to make it harder for minorities to vote, and the message is clear: People in the fastest-growing demographics are not welcome in the Republican Party. In fact, they are an enemy that must be stopped.


Trump’s appeals to hatred are having a huge effect, even on children, according to 5,000 teachers polled by the Southern Poverty Law Center about the state of racism in schools. Read these quotes: “My students are terrified of Donald Trump,” says one teacher from a middle school with a large population of African-American Muslims. “They think that if he’s elected, all black people will get sent back to Africa.” In Oregon, an elementary school teacher says her black students are “concerned for their safety because of what they see on TV at Trump rallies.” In Tennessee, a kindergarten teacher says a Latino child, who has been bullied by classmates telling him he will be deported, asks every day, “Is the wall here yet?”


Which leads back to my original question, Mr. Speaker: What is the Republican Party today? What is it you’re endorsing in this campaign? If you believe the GOP stands for racism, xenophobia, protectionism, nuclear proliferation, torture, war crimes, the reckless use of military force and fanboy support for a powerful and conniving dictator who threatens America, then please proceed. But I am sure you support none of that. Do the right thing, Mr. Speaker. Withdraw your endorsement of this dangerous man. Do not put the futures of my children and yours at risk. Stand up for what the Republican Party has historically believed and condemn Donald Trump.


MarketWatch: The stock market has already picked the next U.S. president

Market strategist says history favors Clinton; ‘investors like landslide victories’

“The market appears to have decided not only that [Hillary] Clinton will win, but that it won’t be close,” David Woo, a strategist at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, said in a report distributed Monday. “Investors like landslide victories.”

Woo noted that the S&P 500 has risen more than 4% since July 5, which marks the beginning of the 90-trading-day countdown to the election on Nov. 8. During years when presidential candidates won by a margin of more than 80% of Electoral College votes, the S&P 500 posted average returns of 8.4% in the 90 days leading up to the election, as this chart illustrates:


The last time stocks outperformed the current rally at the halfway point was when Ronald Reagan won in a landslide against Walter Mondale in 1984.

To us, this implies that the market is expecting Hillary Clinton to either maintain or increase her already sizable lead over Donald Trump in the opinion polls,” Woo said, citing the Iowa Electronic Markets, an indicator giving Clinton an 80% chance of beating Trump.


A school banned BLM t-shirts but allowed Confederate flag t-shirts...(until now)

Students Protest After Arizona School Bans Black Lives Matter Shirts But Allow Confederate Flag
Only after complaints of a double standard did the administration announce that confederate flag clothing would no longer be accepted on school grounds.


The incident occurred on the school’s picture day last Tuesday, when Havard, a sophomore, said she purposefully wore her Black Lives Matter T-shirt.

Soon after arriving, she was called into the office of an assistant principal who told her that the school’s dress code policy banned clothing and accessories which could “disrupt the education process,” saying that another student had complained about her T-shirt. She was then given a plain white T-shirt and told she had to change out of her BLM one.

Havard complied but not before posting a picture of herself on Facebook and then calling her mother, who had a meeting with the administration the following day to clarify the policy, citing the fact that confederate flag T-shirts had been worn by students in the past with no penalty.

In support of Havard, fellow student, Genesis Santoyo wore a BLM T-shirt to school Wednesday and was told to change as well.

“Today, I felt as though I was being punished for being proud of my culture … in the principal’s office, my dad kept on asking him why they’re suppressing me and why it’s not okay for me to be proud of who I am,” Santoyo told 12 News.

Only after Santoyo complained of a double standard concerning acceptable T-shirts did the school administration announce that clothes displaying the confederate flag would no longer be accepted on school grounds.

But some felt that to equate the racist symbol with the movement against police killings of Black people missed the point entirely.

As Havard explained on her Facebook page, “The creator of the confederate flag in his own words said, ‘As a people we are fighting to maintain the heaven-ordained supremacy of the white man over the inferior or colored race.’”

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