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"STFU & Be NonViolent"


Cop Who Arrested Freddie Gray Had Guns Confiscated Over Mental Health

BALTIMORE (AP) — The highest-ranking Baltimore police officer in the arrest that led to Freddie Gray's death was hospitalized in April 2012 over mental health concerns for an unknown duration and had his guns confiscated by local sheriff's deputies, according to records from the sheriff's office and court obtained by The Associated Press.

Lt. Brian Rice, who initially pursued Gray on a Baltimore street when Gray fled after Rice made eye contact April 12, declared three years ago that he "could not continue to go on like this" and threatened to commit an act that was censored in the public version of a report obtained by the AP from the Carroll County, Maryland, Sheriff's Office. Rice lived in the county, about 35 miles northwest of Baltimore. At the time, deputies were responding to a request to check on his welfare by a fellow Baltimore police officer who is the mother of Rice's son.

Deputies reported that Rice appeared "normal and soft spoken" and said he had been seeking "sympathy and attention." But citing "credible information," the deputies confiscated both his official and personal guns, called his commanding officer and transported Rice to the Carroll Hospital Center. The weapons included his .40-caliber police pistol, a 9 mm handgun, an AK-47-style rifle, a .22-caliber rifle and two shotguns.

It was not immediately clear how long Rice was at the hospital or whether he went on his own accord. Rice declined to speak with the AP or discuss allegations in a subsequent court filing that he had behaved in erratic or threatening ways toward family members. When the AP visited Rice's home last week and left a note requesting an interview, Rice called the sheriff's department to report the visit as trespassing. Karen McAleer, the mother of his son, also declined to speak with the AP.


When it's ok to riot according to main stream media:


Jon Stewart and his wife bought a farm, plan to create an animal sanctuary

Living the Farm Sanctuary life is something Jon and his wife Tracey have been doing a lot of lately. Tracey discovered Farm Sanctuary after happening upon a copy of Farm Sanctuary: Changing Hearts and Minds About Animals and Food in a rental house where she was staying. Baur’s 2008 account of the conception and evolution of Farm Sanctuary inspired Tracey to reach out to the organization. At first it was in search of moving animal rescue stories to share in her upcoming book Do Unto Animals, and with readers of her magazine, Moomah (the current issue of which is entirely devoted to veganism), but as her devotion to farm animals grew, she found herself attending the group’s annual Farm Animal Care Conference at their New York Shelter, and bringing her children to meet the animals at their Southern California Shelter. Meanwhile, Jon devoted an 8-minute comedy segment on “The Daily Show” to the absurdity of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s refusal to sign a bill that would end the lifelong confinement of pigs in crates so small they can’t even turn around.

The Stewarts’ efforts to spread compassion for farm animals don’t stop there. The couple recently bought a farm in New Jersey with the intention of providing a home for farm animals rescued from cruelty, and in November, Tracey purchased Adopt a Farm Animal sponsorships for all of their Thanksgiving guests. Even their children are living the Farm Sanctuary life, with Tracey noting that “promises of animal shelter visits in exchange for completed homework are the norm in the Stewart household.”

According to Tracey, “the joy of interacting with animals as friends instead of using them for human consumption is life-changing. A trip to Farm Sanctuary should be on everyone’s to-do list, but you can also bring a little bit of sanctuary home when you sponsor an animal through the Adopt a Farm Animal Program.” Or pick up a copy of Baur’s new book.

For all of these reasons and more, Farm Sanctuary has named two rescued sheep Jon and Tracey (who recently had a baby boy named Hazelton!) in honor of the compassionate couple, and will be honoring their human counterparts at their Gala on October 24 in New York City.

To learn more about Farm Sanctuary, visit farmsanctuary.org.

Eric Garner protesters say the NYPD asked them about their political affiliations


Off the chart


Freddie Gray broke his own back & Martin Luther King shot himself.

the Baltimore Sun investigated the rumor:

Online reports are swirling that Freddie Gray had spinal surgery shortly before he died in police custody, and had collected a payout in a settlement from a car accident. Those reports — which raise questions about the injury that led to his death in April 19 — point to Howard County court records as proof.

But court records examined Wednesday by The Baltimore Sun show the case had nothing to do with a car accident or a spine injury. Instead, they are connected to a lawsuit alleging that Gray and his sister were injured by exposure to lead paint.

Paperwork was filed in December allowing Gray and his sister, Fredericka to each collect an $18,000 payment from Peachtree Settlement Funding, records show. In exchange, Peachtree would have received a $108,439 annuity that was scheduled to be paid in $602 monthly installments between 2024 and 2039.

How it plays on Fox: Freddie Gray broke his own back, killing himself as part of an elaborate, failed scheme to get arrested, injure himself while in police custody, then sue the Baltimore Police Department for millions.

And it's all Obama's fault, according to Sean Hannity. His channel spews inflammatory disinformation daily that plays to its audience's worst instincts because it's profitable and because it sells penis pills and incontinence products.

Maybe Fox News has an opening for a copy writer? It's the American way.


More, plus links:


On Freddie Gray,
WaPo refuses to follow journalistic standards.
It reports what anonymous people assert as truth

The person who provided the document did so on condition of anonymity.


UPDATE: Let's imagine that the BPD had reliable evidence beyond this one prisoner that Gray's injuries were self-inflicted. They would have released that within 24 hours of his death as an attempt to forestall unrest, rather than letting the investigation play out. This leak is a sign of the weakness of the investigation to exonerate the police, rather than a sign of Gray's culpability.


The American Psychological Association Secretly Collaborated w-BUSHCO To Legally Justify Torture

This is the horror of our contemporary national security state. Your banker, your attorney, your accountant and even your psychologist owe their first and highest duty of loyalty to the state:

WASHINGTON — The American Psychological Association secretly collaborated with the administration of President George W. Bush to bolster a legal and ethical justification for the torture of prisoners swept up in the post-Sept. 11 war on terror, according to a new report by a group of dissident health professionals and human rights activists.

The report is the first to examine the association’s role in the interrogation program. It contends, using newly disclosed emails, that the group’s actions to keep psychologists involved in the interrogation program coincided closely with efforts by senior Bush administration officials to salvage the program after the public disclosure in 2004 of graphic photos of prisoner abuse by American military personnel at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq.

http://www.nytimes.com/2015/05/01/us/report-says-american-psychological-association-collaborated-on-torture-justification.html?hp&action=click&pgtype=Homepage&module=first-column-region®ion=top-news&WT.nav=top-news&_r=2&assetType=nyt_now&gwh=47D7D60884D4D24C853BA814ECC217AF&gwt=pay&assetType=nyt_now (BEHIND PAYWALL)

Hillary Clinton Opposes Major Obama Trade Policy

Hillary Clinton is opposed to a critical piece of the Obama administration's Trans-Pacific Partnership, which would give corporations the right to sue sovereign nations over laws or regulations that could potentially curb their profits.

The policy position is contained in her book Hard Choices, and was confirmed to HuffPost by a spokesperson for her presidential campaign. Obama and congressional Democrats are locked in a bitter public feud over TPP -- a deal between 12 Pacific nations -- with much of the controversy derived from concerns it will undermine regulatory standards.

Clinton writes in her book:

Currently the United States is negotiating comprehensive agreements with eleven countries in Asia and in North and South America, and with the European Union. We should be focused on ending currency manipulation, environmental destruction, and miserable working conditions in developing countries, as well as harmonizing regulations with the EU. And we should avoid some of the provisions sought by business interests, including our own, like giving them or their investors the power to sue foreign governments to weaken their environmental and public health rules, as Philip Morris is already trying to do in Australia. The United States should be advocating a level and fair playing field, not special favors.
(Emphasis added.)

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