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National Review to Republicans: "Reject a hasty Marriage To Gingrich"

We fear that to nominate former Speaker Newt Gingrich, the frontrunner in the polls, would be to blow this opportunity. We say that mindful of his opponents’ imperfections — and of his own virtues, which have been on display during his amazing comeback. Very few people with a personal history like his — two divorces, two marriages to former mistresses — have ever tried running for president. Gingrich himself has never run for a statewide office, let alone a national one, and has not run for anything since 1998...

He says, and his defenders say, that time, reflection, and religious conversion have conquered his dark side. If he is the nominee, a campaign that should be about whether the country will continue on the path to social democracy would inevitably become to a large extent a referendum on Gingrich instead. And there is reason to doubt that he has changed. Each week we see the same traits that weakened Republicans from 1995 through 1998...Gingrich has always said he wants to transform the country. He appears unable to transform, or even govern, himself. He should be an adviser to the Republican party, but not again its head.


We will render further judgments in the weeks to come as the candidates continue to make their cases and are, just perhaps, joined by new candidates. At the moment we think it important to urge Republicans to have the good sense to reject a hasty marriage to Gingrich, which would risk dissolving in acrimony.


the chart Democrats really, really, really don't want Republican primary voters to see...

After the jump, the chart Democrats really, really, really don’t want Republican primary voters to see …

Jailed Realtor had requested secret immunity in John Doe probe (of Scott Walker's staff)

Jailed Realtor had requested secret immunity in John Doe probe
By Patrick Marley of the Journal Sentinel
Dec. 14, 2011 10:36 a.m. |(253) COMMENTS

Madison - The jailed Realtor in the ongoing investigation of current and former aides to Gov. Scott Walker is the same person who recently went to court to try to block having immunity granted to him in public.

Andrew P. Jensen Jr., a commercial real estate broker with Boerke Co. and a past chairman of the Commercial Association of Realtors-Wisconsin, was arrested Tuesday, though no charges had been filed as of Tuesday night.

About six weeks ago, authorities attempted to publicly grant immunity to Jensen, as is allowed in John Doe proceedings to compel testimony. Jensen went to the state Court of Appeals because he did not want the grant of immunity to be public.


The arrest represents a new direction and development in the probe of Walker's staff while he was county executive and as governor.


Newt: Economic Liberty Means No Annual Vacations For American Workers

I opened the chapter on “Work” in my book A Nation Like No Other with this anecdote because I believe it cuts to the core of what makes America exceptional. While other countries have enshrined 35-hour work weeks and 60 days’ paid vacation in their laws, America remains one of the few developed nations that have declined to restrict these economic liberties. Here, we value hard work and free enterprise as the substance of opportunity.


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Judge: Obama Administration May Have Politicized Morning After Pill Approval Process

Judge: Obama Administration May Have Politicized Morning After Pill Approval Process
By Igor Volsky on Dec 14, 2011 at 10:45 am

Yesterday, U.S. District Judge Edward Korman heard oral arguments on the Center for Reproductive Rights motion for contempt against the Food and Drug Administration for ignoring scientific evidence and denying women of all ages over-the counter access to the morning after pill. Last week, HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius overruled FDA scientists, citing concerns over the ability of younger girls to “understand the label and use the product appropriately.”

Korman rejected the organization’s motion, but told the Center “to file the appropriate legal motions” and indicated that he would “consider reviewing the government’s refusal to make it easier for girls and women to get the drug.” During the hearing, Korman pressed the FDA on why Sebelius denied over-the-counter access to women 17 and under if she was only worried about the youngest of teens and added that the administration’s handling of the case raised concerns about “whether the decision was based on politics or science.” Assistant U.S. Attorney Scott Landau said “he couldn’t answer that question, both because it was proprietary information and because the issue hadn’t actually been raised for the court to rule on.”

Korman has been very critical of the government’s handling of the morning after pill in the past. In 2009, he found that the Bush FDA acted “arbitrarily” and “capriciously” in restricting over-the-counter access to younger women under 18 and “accused the government of letting ‘political considerations, delays and implausible justifications for decision-making’ cloud the approval process.” Korman’s order forced the FDA lowered the over-the-counter availability age to 17. On Tuesday, he suggested, “it seems to me like we’re going through a re-run.”


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CHRISTINE O’DONNELL ON MITT ROMNEY: ‘HE’S BEEN CONSISTENT SINCE HE CHANGED HIS MIND’ | 2010's most bewitching political figure, former GOP Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell, is adding her involvement to the political circus surrounding the GOP primary presidential contest. The failed Senate candidate announced her endorsement of Mitt Romney last night and took to CNN’s American Morning to trumpet his many qualifications, one of them apparently being “consistency.” When host Carol Costello noted how the GOP’s designated flip-flopper has actually “changed his mind” quite a bit on important issues, O’Donnell offered this analysis: “That’s one of the things I like about him, because he’s been consistent since he changed his mind.”
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