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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 03:59 PM
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Rep Quigley: "If the US public saw what I had seen...they would want a full-throttle investigation"

Let me put it this way, in the totality of circumstances, I believe—if you compared to a criminal case, there’s probable cause to believe there was cooperation between the Russians and the Trump campaign. Beyond that I can’t get into those specifics. But if the American public saw what I have seen and they listened to what I have heard, they would want a full-throttle investigation into what took place.

Rush Limbaugh Throws Trump Under The Bus: "It Looks Like Trump Is Caving"


National Memo: Trumps only talent is inheriting things he doesnt deserve


It’s Beyond Parody How Beyond Parody Trump Is

...............Trump’s first 100 days have gone even worse, legislatively at least, than anyone expected.

He hasn’t jammed Democrats on any significant issues and his only “victories” are a series of reversals of Obama policies that include enabling oil companies to take money from foreign governments, coal companies to pollute rivers, and Internet service providers to track and sell your browsing history. These bills only required Republican votes in both Houses of Congress and were often signed in private because they would have shown the public that he stands entirely “with the Republican establishment he lampooned during his campaign,” as Politico Magazine‘s Mike Grunwald explains.

Yes, Trump is doing untold damage to our environment and the climate while assailing our tourism industry and terrorizing law-abiding undocumented immigrants who, unlike him, would love to pay taxes. And yes, he’s put together a cabinet that is simultaneously the richest and least qualified for public service in American history.

But there isn’t one promise in his 100-day contract he’s fulfilled.

In fact, his only accomplishments worth boasting about were some good jobs numbers and a Supreme Court appointment. Accomplishments, as the Washington Post‘s Dave Weigel pointed out, he inherited from Barack Obama.

Trump’s only talent, it seems, is inheriting things he doesn’t deserve, which makes him apoplectic when it’s time for his success to be compared against people who actually earned theirs.


TPM - LOL - TRUMP's First 100 Days


Trump's MOST TRUSTED Paper Throws His Campaign Off The Bus


SEE how it works...


This is some pretty good shade from a presidential library's Twitter account.

Jimmy Carter's first 100 days..

Laws passed: 22
Executive orders: 16
Approval rating: 63 percent


CNN re: Trump 100 Days: "He thought winning presidency would be like being crowned Miss Universe"

Today on CNN’s, The Lead with Jake Tapper, guest Michelle Cottle discussed President Donald Trump expectation that being Commander in Chief was like winning a beauty pageant.

“He thought being President was a little bit like winning Miss Universe,” the contributing editor of The Atlantic explained. “If you can get the crown, then everybody needs to be nice to you and you get to go around and accept the well wishers’ greetings.”


100 days: From 'I alone' to 'it's complicated'


iHeart Radio in Financial Jeopardy---Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity face uncertain futures

Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity face uncertain futures with iHeartMedia
Top radio station owner and programming syndicator says it might not exist in 12 months

The parent company of iHeartCommunications, which syndicates programs by conservative talk-show hosts Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, appears to be headed toward bankruptcy.

In a statement filed last week with the Securities and Exchange Commission, the federal agency charged with regulating companies that offer investments to the public, iHeartCommunications’ parent company, iHeartMedia Inc., said that it had “substantial doubt” that it would be in business by the middle of next year.

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