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USA Space Force

Quinnipiac Poll re Family Separation: Voters oppose it 66-27.

Republicans, though, support the separation of families at the border, 55-35.

Trump's Ransom Demand: Give me my wall and maybe these beautiful children don't need to get hurt.

President Trump just made the terms pretty clear. The kids can see their parents again if Democrats agree to fund his wall. That’s actually what he’s saying here. If Democrats will support his bill to fund a wall the kids can go free.


Hey Melania - Your Husband Has No Plan for Reuniting the Immigrant Families HE Is Tearing Apart

The Government Has No Plan for Reuniting the Immigrant Families It Is Tearing Apart

Several months ago, immigrant-rights groups began calling for the Department of Homeland Security to create procedures for tracking families after they are split up. At the time, D.H.S. said that it would address the problem, but there is no evidence that it actually did so.

A few days ago, Emily Kephart, a program coördinator at an immigrant-rights group called Kids in Need of Defense, set out to try to find a six-year-old Guatemalan girl who had been separated from her father after arriving in the United States, in May. The pair had been split up as a consequence of the Trump Administration’s zero-tolerance policy at the border, which calls for the criminal prosecution of all migrants, including asylum seekers, who cross the border without turning themselves in to officials at so-called ports of entry. Now the father was in an immigration-detention facility in Arizona awaiting deportation. He had no idea where his child was. Kephart was put on the case after the father called his family back in a small town outside of Huehuetenango City, in Guatemala’s western highlands, and then his family, in turn, contacted a local nonprofit that works with Kids in Need of Defense.

Every undocumented immigrant who enters government custody is assigned what’s called an alien number. But the girl’s family didn’t know hers. Armed only with the girl’s name and birth date, Kephart dialed a 1-800 hotline set up by the Office of Refugee Resettlement (O.R.R.), the federal body in charge of handling unaccompanied immigrant children. This hotline, Kephart told me, is difficult to access for parents who are in a detention facility (hold times can last half an hour; it’s impossible to leave a call-back number) or who have been deported (international calls are expensive, and 1-800 numbers don’t often work from abroad).

“We hit a dead end,” Kephart said. “The person I spoke with just made a note in the file of the girl they thought it might be. But we didn’t get confirmation that we were talking about the same child. They were looking at the record of someone whose first name was spelled differently, and whose date of birth was a month off.


Late last week, Kephart heard that the Guatemalan family had at last learned where the young girl was. A month after they’d been separated, though, it still wasn’t clear that the father had been informed in detention of his daughter’s location. “I hope that she’s spoken to her father,” Kephart told me. “But I haven't gotten confirmation yet.” Even if father and daughter have spoken, getting reunited is far from assured. There is no formal process in place to insure that a family that’s been separated at the border gets deported back to their home country together. For now, just knowing the whereabouts of a child is a start. “I have a master’s degree, and I’m fluent in English,” Kephart said. “And it takes me days to figure one of these cases out.”


Trumpism: 'performative cruelty'.

This is not just sloppiness or indiscipline. The essence of Trumpism is dominance and punishment of those outside the tribal fold. It is probably even wrong to call this a policy of deterrence. It’s a policy of punishment. At the most basic level folks like Miller, Sessions, Trump want to show they are kicking ass at the border, against lawless non-white people. They want to do it and they want to show they are doing it. For them doing it doesn’t matter unless you show it. It’s what a TPM Reader identified as the essence of Trumpism: ‘performative cruelty‘.

The problem, one of the problems, is that if you say that is the point, which they have repeatedly, you get in trouble in the courts. This amounts almost to an internal contradiction of Trumpism. You can commit all manner of evil with the federal government simply by making a series of discretionary decisions which lead inevitably to unconscionable, evil results. (There’s a strong parallel here to the administration’s Muslim ban.) But if you say the cruelty is awesome, that you’re doing it on purpose, a different scaffolding of law kicks into action.

There’s also the matter of channel conflict. Channel separation is a bedrock principle of marketing. You sell the same product to different people at different prices – price discrimination. You sell the same product to different people using different pitches. It all works so long as the channels remain largely separate. Since Trump is more than anything a marketing man the framework of channel conflict is an appropriate way to explain what is happening.

For base Trumpists: family separation for the bad people is simply awesome.

For other pro-Trump Republicans: evil against children may not be okay, but abusing Democrats works. So for them, no defense of family separation as such, but stick it on the Democrats. Blaming the opponents of your policy for policy is perverse, nasty and thus awesome.

For more Middle of the Road Voters: It’s simply not happening. There is no family separation policy. It’s literally not happening at all or if it is happening it’s being forced on us and families were separated under Obama too.

What we’ve seen this weekend is that evil practiced on children, by design, with quotes from senior administration officials floating around saying it’s great was just too much. This created a sort of 10 car pile of contradictory BS answers. It’s awesome. The Democrats made us do it. It’s not happening. And here we are. It is difficult to imagine this policy will survive the week in its current form, given this firestorm. But we should recognize how deeply embedded the need for these actions is in Trumpism. This isn’t a byproduct. Child separation as punishment, on display, was always a feature not a bug.


Top Six Dictators who also Divided Children from Parents like Trump/Sessions


Separating children from their parents, as Trump, Sessions and their myrmidons are doing, is monstrous and has been characteristic of the biggest dictators of the modern era. Here are a few cases in case you don’t believe me:

1. Stalin’s police used to designate some Soviet citizens as “enemies of the people” and then would take their children from those families. Some so designated who had their families confiscated were Jews.

2. Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge in Cambodia in the 1970s, 1980s:

Every family that lived in the cities was forced by Khmer Rouge soldiers to work in the fields in the countryside. This was the time in which husbands and wives, mothers, fathers and their children, and brothers and sisters were all separated from each other.

3. Under Spanish dictator Francisco Franco, Catholic hospitals were encouraged to steal babies from leftist families at the hospital, telling the parents they were stillborn, and then to give the infants to right wing families to raise.

4. Saddam Hussein, the Iraqi dictator, expelled tens of thousands of Iraqis of Iranian heritage as marked by their family names. In some instances, Saddam kept the children but expelled the parents:

“Many Shi’a refugees from southern Iraq testified about the forcible separation of their families during the early years of the Iran-Iraq war, when the Baath regime summarily deported tens of thousands of Shi’a to Iran on the grounds that they were of “Iranian origin.”

5. The Burmese military junta has separated Muslim children from their families, as part of the ongoing attempt by the Buddhists to expel the Muslims.

6 And, yes, Hitler separated children from their families on a large scale. In some instances, he had children with blonde hair and blue eyes born into “Slavic” families kidnapped and given to a German family to raise Aryan.


Bonus video:

CGTN: “Rohingya children face injury, loss of family while escaping Myanmar”


'It's not a f*cking law!': John Oliver rains hellfire on justification for tearing families apart

As horrific stories of families ripped apart flood the airwaves, late-night comedian John Oliver fact-check President Donald Trump’s decision to blame the Democrats for his own policies.

During his Sunday evening episode of “Last Week Tonight,” Oliver called out Attorney General Jeff Sessions for the policy he knew would mean children would be separated from their parents, who would be incarcerated.

“And that is objectively awful. And yet, Trump argued that Sessions had no choice,” Oliver said before playing a clip of Trump saying Sessions is following laws that are already on the books.

“I want the laws to be beautiful, humane and strong,” Trump told the press.

“OK, so ‘beautiful, humane but strong?’ That is not how you describe a law, that’s how you describe a Viola Davis character in a movie called ‘It Hasn’t Even Been Written Yet But She’ll Still Win The Oscar.'”

“Because, and I cannot stress this enough, there is no law that suddenly required separating parents from their children,” Oliver continued. “This was the result of a deliberate policy choice by Jeff Sessions. A man so small he can wear, and this is true, a raspberry as a hat. That’s a fact.”

It’s also weird to Oliver that Trump is trying to distance himself from his own administration’s policy while Sessions doubled down and said that the decision came “from the very top,” and quoted the Bible.


FOX: You see, the kids aren't in cages they're just being treated like livestock.

DOOCY: Some refer to these [child detention facilities] as cages. I'm from a farm community, I see the chain-link fences, it's more like a security pen to me.

GIDLEY: It's the law of the land... The Democrats decided to stand with people who are here illegally and unlawfully


"32 scared eyes looking straight forward dazed"


Proof of Trump's lies-Sessions gave orders to take children. It wasn't a law-it is NEW Trump policy

Proof of Trump's lies. Sessions giving the orders to take the children. It wasn't a law, it is a NEW Trump policy.

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