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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 03:59 PM
Number of posts: 60,462

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Rachel Maddow BOMBSHELL!

Lanny Davis, on Rachel Maddow, suggests strongly that his client Michael Cohen has information for Mueller on Trump campaign collusion with Russia and Trump’s knowledge of plans for Russian hacking before the hacking occurred


When the loudest cheer at a Trump rally is for the Space Force, you know Babyfingers is off his game

I’ve watched a lot of these Trump rallies.

When he’s on his awful game, he taps the audiences anger and hatred and snarls it back at them in fiery, vitriolic flames that rev them up even more.

Tonight, he had no connection. He couldn’t hit the notes... couldn’t feel the pulse.

5:31 PM - Aug 21, 2018


His speech is off. His delivery is flat. His energy is just not there.

The speech thing, the dry mouth, is a byproduct of a narcissist losing their mojo after a public shaming.

5:26 PM - Aug 21, 2018



Statement from Asia Argento in response to the NYT story published late Sunday evening.


Pete Souza: A blue wave is coming.


GOP nominee for PA Governor - caught on tape inviting Russia to 'help' his campaign


In an audio recording provided to the Huffington Post by the Pennsylvania Democratic Party, Wagner can be heard saying that the Russians are going to help him defeat his Democratic opponent, incumbent Gov. Tom Wolf.

Wagner made the comments Friday at an event in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania.

“By the way,” Wagner said to a crowd at Wyomissing Restaurant and Bakery, “the Russians are going to help me with Tom Wolf.”

“If I have to use Paul Manafort, I will,” he said, referring to Trump’s thrice-indicted former campaign manager who is currently facing a slew of charges stemming from his work for pro-Russia Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych.

Wagner’s remarks were met with laughter, and a spokesperson for his campaign told The Hill that Wagner was “obviously joking when he made those comments” — but the idea of Russia helping a Republican candidate defeat a Democratic opponent is no laughing matter.




"If ICE is in the business of removing despicable Nazis can they please head over to the WH?"

Kathy Griffin

If ICE is in the business of removing despicable Nazis can they please head over to the White House?

Sarah Sanders

For many years a Nazi forced labor camp guard had been living in NY - a terrible injustice. Past Administrations failed to deport him. Today, @realDonaldTrump got the job done! ICE has removed this despicable Nazi from our great country. https://twitter.com/gma/status/1031862127198261249

6:14 AM - Aug 21, 2018


"German towns where Facebook use was higher than average-experienced more attacks on refugees"

Facebook is an engine of ethnic anxiety.
“[German] towns where Facebook use was higher than average, like Altena, reliably experienced more attacks on refugees. That held true in virtually any sort of community—big city or small town; affluent or struggling; liberal haven or far-right stronghold.”


"Everybody's acting like Donald Trump is this unicorn"

“Everybody’s acting like Donald Trump is this unicorn, and he’s this remarkable political figure who’s just going to keep winning presidential elections — he’s not,” Scarborough said. “He lost by 3 million votes. He lost to, again, I will say, one of the least effective politicians on the national stage in recent memory.”

“There is no 2020 re-election, there’s just not,” he added. “That may be why Donald Trump is playing for his hardcore third because he knows he’s not going to face re-election. I’m the only person in the world speculating this right now, other than people that are close to Donald Trump and just don’t think he’s going to put up with the possibility of getting walloped in 2020.”

MSNBC analyst John Heilemann, however, believed Trump could win — but he doesn’t believe he’ll serve a second term.

“If he ran and won again in 2020 he would quit in January of 2021 because he has no interest in of being president for a second term, but he really wants to win twice just to show all of us we’re wrong,” Heilemann said.


Perfect Toon for: The Trump Presidency

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