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Member since: Sat Aug 7, 2004, 10:55 PM
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Please read some in-depth articles about Hillary.

She is not the person she has been made out to be. No liberal should feel she is compromising her principles by voting for Hillary.

Here is a good one:

And here is another article that puts everything into perspective. (Please try to get past the title; it is not a good indicator of the actual content of the article.)

 Whatever Clinton says, some will remain unconvinced. But in attempting to court progressive voters, Clinton isn’t adopting new positions; rather, she’s coming full circle. “I think her progressive résumé and her progressive roots are very, very strong,” says Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky, a progressive stalwart who backed Barack Obama eight years ago but is now an enthusiastic Clinton supporter. “Not only has she decided to go back to her roots, but the time is different. This is a progressive moment, I believe.”

Has this person listened to any of President Obama's speeches?

Has she missed the parts where he says that when other people struggle to pay their bills or get the health care they need, it hurts all of us? Does she not see that when the weakest among us do well, we all do better?

Does she not understand that she is already paying to support McDonald's workers? People who can't make ends meet end up needing welfare and food stamps. By allowing the minimum wage to be so low, we're using our taxes to enrich the owners and highest-paid earners at McDonald's. The money that could be used to build roads and bridges instead goes toward feeding the people McDonald's should be paying fairly in the first place.

If this is the level at which this person thinks and functions, her education has been completely wasted on her. Seriously, people like this cause me to lose all hope for this country's future. It's sad that such selfishness and such a total lack of empathy are not considered shameful in this country. People should feel ashamed, not proud, to express such views.

A rising tide lifts all boats.

If a fast-food worker can make $15, many people who are in jobs that currently pay less, or not much higher, will have an incentive to leave their jobs for one that pays better. As a result, employers who underpay their workers will feel pressure to increase their wages. This process will repeat itself, each time at a higher wage level, until everyone's wages will go up.

Seriously, this argument is incredibly selfish. It always depresses me that people can be so self-centered. If we're so near-sighted that we only care about ourselves and don't want anyone else to do better, we will never achieve much as a society. I hope most people are smart and thoughtful enough to be able to see the trees and the forest.
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