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Princess Turandot

Princess Turandot's Journal
Princess Turandot's Journal
July 17, 2020

I didn't see this mentioned in the article. Several days ago, Courthouse News unearthed....

.. an 'opinion piece' that this judge had written for his college newspaper, way back in the day. I imagine that's why he recused himself.

In it, he announced his intention to leave the US after getting his degree. This was part of it:

Virginia Judge at Heart of Monument Takedown Fight Linked to College Op-Ed Blasting Desegregation

When I leave, just think of what I will be leaving behind. I will be leaving the solicitous paternalism of the federal courts, which among other things nearly wrecked my high school education by instituting a massive busing plan that caused more upheaval in my school and my life than most people could imagine.

I would be leaving the Federal Trade Commission, the Food and Drug Administration, the Environmental Protection Agency and other agencies whose concern for what they see as good or bad for me has achieved a level of interference. And what about the Department of Health, Education and Welfare? Their pronouncements and edicts reach Into the heart of our freedom over the way we arrange our lives. Then there is the Congress, but why waste my breath?

Worse then all that, looming like a vulture over a dying animal, is President Carter's instant voter registration plan. Thls scheme will allow the parasites of this nation to become the dominating force in politics. The majority of those people, who pay next to nothing in taxes and soak billions from the government in various forms of relief, do not bother to register in advance of an election and therefore usually do not vote. However, soon that may all change. A close election like last November would have been a landslide for Mr. Carter if instant registration had been law. I have long believed that only those who are prepared to accept the responsibilities of a Democratic-Republic should be allowed to participate in it.

It speaks for itself.
July 4, 2020

3 idiots, illegal roman candle fireworks, and an open window ....

So you've nuthin' to do on a Wednesday night in Brooklyn? Why not go out to a nearby 15' wide driveway between two houses and set off some roman candles! Why not point that roman candle horizontally, like a gun, and shoot the pyrotechnics sideways, barely missing your buddy (who doesn't seem to notice them flying by)? Why not go back inside and get more fireworks, oblivious to the fact that your last shot went through an open window, setting the room on fire?

I'm thinking an altered state of consciousness was involved here, given how long it takes them to actually notice the fire underway, neatly captured by a security camera on a nearby building.

The fireworks flasher was arrested for arson on last Thursday.

The 'money shot' occurs at around 11 seconds into the video below:

The house post-fun doesn't even look all that bad, considering!

The house previous to that day, on Street View: https://goo.gl/maps/RY84B9QRhkLWHJbk6

According to FDNY, the incident took 12 units and 60 members to bring under control. Fortunately, no one was injured.

July 3, 2020

The San Diego Zoo offers this...

(During their covid hiatus, the large zoos have been cranking out animal videos at an impressive rate, and I've watched so many that I find myself wondering if I could keep a sea otter in my bathtub.)
July 1, 2020

He actually referenced a *tweet from Trump* while refuting one of the defenses they offered...

The APA requirement for a notice and comment period has an exception for situations were the notice might give rise to an even greater problem. DOJ argued that notice of the rule would cause asylum seekers to swarm at the border, jeopardizing life and creating general mayhem. Their evidence was a single WaPo article on a different immigration issue that discussed a hypothetical situation.

From the opinion, footnote 15

For example, according to one article, about a month before the Rule was promulgated, the
President tweeted twice
that Guatemala was preparing to sign an agreement that would force
migrants crossing through it to apply for asylum there and block them from seeking asylum
elsewhere, including in the United States. AR at 635. But nothing in the record suggests that
those tweets caused a surge at the southern border.

As FA45 might say, it is a beautiful point!

Similar to the census question case, they seemed to be offering flat-out horsesh*t as their defense, because they didn't have one.

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