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Princess Turandot

Princess Turandot's Journal
Princess Turandot's Journal
February 12, 2024

When the KC Chiefs visited the White House last spring, after winning Superbowl LVII...

Travis Kelce described the visit to his older brother Jason on one of their podcasts. Jason plays center for the Philadelphia Eagles, the team that the Chiefs played/defeated in that game. (Dr Jill was rooting for them, I believe.) There's a bit of silliness early on, but he was clearly delighted to be there. (He had yet to meet Ms Swift at this point.)

Two players, Kelce and quarterback Pat Mahomes, along with coach Andy Reid and the team president Mark Donovan, met with President Biden in the Oval Office. The ceremony with the entire team took place in the usual area facing the South Lawn. (Joe has already invited them to visit again this year.)

February 9, 2024

It might be in their dna by now!

There's an excellent documentary on them and that performance that's about an hour long:

The one shame is that there isn't a better quality video of the performance in circulation, unsurprising given when it took place, but still a shame.
January 2, 2024

Wikipedia has a good article on this case...

It goes back to 2018, when several individuals sued Trump/Trump Org and the Trump-spawn, for recommending a product without disclosing that the product company was paying him several million dollars to do so. (ACN, the company, isn't being sued.)

Since it was filed, Trump has made numerous attempts in various jurisdictions to have the case referred for arbitration, rather than trial. Each court ruled against him. They finally took depositions from the lot of them in 2022; the plaintiffs dropped the spawn from the suit in 2023 to focus on Trump alone.

The trial is scheduled for January 29, 2024 in the SDNY.


November 7, 2023

He'll have to post an 'appeal bond' in order for the appeal to be processed..

The appeal bond is equal to the amount due and may also include interest. It will need to be fully collateralized.

This is from the website of Surety Bond Professionals, a company that does this for a living.

Anyone appealing a New York court’s ruling in a civil matter is required to purchase an appeal bond in an amount that is equal to—or in some cases more than—the amount of the judgment under appeal. Be aware that only court-ordered judgments, not negotiated settlements, can be appealed.

The defendant will be unable to complete the process of filing an appeal until the necessary New York appeal bond has been purchased and submitted to the Clerk of the Court in which the case was originally decided. The bond must be fully collateralized, typically in the form of a cashier’s check or irrevocable letter of credit. (There is a bit more at the link.)

While it didn't seem to get a lot of publicity, Trump was required to put up the 5 million simoleons that he owes to Jean Carroll before his appeal of that case could be processed. (I think Tacopina turned in a certified check to the court.) That was in federal court, not NYS state court, but the concept is similar.

FYI Trump will appeal this to the Appellate Division of the NYS Supreme Court. That is an intermediate appeals court. Appeals from that court go to the NYS Court of Appeals. So it's possible that there will be another appeal following any 'middle' court ruling. (Most states do not have an intermediate step.)

The NYS law in question. § 5519 (a)(2) applies.

FindLaw.com - New York Consolidated Laws, Civil Practice Law and Rules - CVP § 5519. Stay of enforcement - last updated January 01, 2021 | https://codes.findlaw.com/ny/civil-practice-law-and-rules/cvp-sect-5519/
October 31, 2023

The discussion they had related to the punishment on the *case itself* not the gag order fine...

He can't send him to jail, because this is a civil case, not a criminal case. (The criminal case in NY is the one being brought by the DA of NY County, Alvin Bragg, related to the hush money payments.)

The judge ruled weeks ago that the Trump Organization et al had committed financial fraud. The purpose of this hearing has been to determine how much $$ they'll have to forfeit for their actions. The NYAG is asking for a $250,000,000 fine (or thereabouts) aka 'Disgorgement', as well as doing away with the ability of the Trump Organization to do business in NYS. (That's referred to as the corporate death penalty.)

BTW, it was reported that Kise, the main attorney on the case, received a $3 million deposit before he would take the case. Trump also had to pony up the $5,000,000 award in the Jean Carroll case before he could even file his appeal of the judgement, under an option available to a federal court judge. (It's in a trust, not in Carroll's hands yet.) So, when his neck is on the block, he finds the cash.

July 1, 2023

Thomas devoted 6 pages of his 58 page concurrence to attacking Jackson's dissent..

It has a near mocking tone to it, especially the way he keeps referring to her by name. He effectively accuses her of discriminating against Asians, and seems to suggest in one of his hypotheticals that she would discriminate against - wait for it - a grandchild of Holocaust survivors.

And what about members of the numerous other racial and ethnic groups in our Nation? What about Anne, the child of Chinese immigrants? Jacob, the grandchild of Holocaust survivors who escaped to this Nation with nothing and faced discrimination upon arrival?

Then there's this:
JUSTICE JACKSON then builds from her faulty premise to call for action, arguing that courts should defer to “experts” and allow institutions to discriminate on the basis of race.

Make no mistake: Her dissent is not a vanguard of the innocent and helpless. It is instead a call to empower privileged elites, who will “tell us [what] is required to level the playing field” among castes and classifications that they alone can divine.

Thomas, Toga-boy in good standing of the Bohemian Grove, is of course quite familiar with privileged elites.

If interested, his Jackson 'critique' begins on pdf page 97, as section B. (The pdf includes everyone's 'contribution'.)


May 26, 2023

This week, New Jersey's Seton Hall U. gave out baccalaureate diplomas to 1,386 humans - and one dog.

When graduating senior Grace Mariani rolled up in her wheelchair to receive her diploma, she was escorted by her service dog Justin, who had regularly accompanied her to her classes. Dr Joseph E. Nyre, the University's President, had a surprise for them: After handing Grace her leather bound diploma, he presented Justin with one of his own (the rolled-up version).

There was a moment of uncertainty when Justin, with Joseph Cardinal Tobin, Archbishop of Newark and University Board Chairman, looking on, cautiously sniffed the diploma. Satisfied, he then graciously accepted it, to the delight of all (especially Dr Nyre).

From ABC News:

February 24, 2023

Putin likely expected his very own Anschluss..

.....Poor poor Pootie. Look at what he couldn't have.

I assume that Medvedchuk is nailing all of his windows shut as we type.

On the afternoon of 12 March 1938, Hitler rolled into Austria en route to Vienna with a 4,000-strong 'body guard'. Once there, he would declare the creation of Greater Germany. 200,000 Viennese turned out to hear him.(An actual Wehrmacht army battalion had invaded earlier that same day, but met no resistance.)

Cheering crowds greet the Nazis in Vienna.

Hitler announces the Anschluss on the Heldenplatz, Vienna, 15 March 1938:

You can see an 8 minute clip from the events here, if interested.
September 17, 2022

FYI President Biden has landed in the UK, at Stansted Airport ...

... outside of London. He arrived at 10PM.

Via a plane-spotting feed on Youtube.

August 28, 2022

The tunnel appears in a 1928 floor plan for the estate in the LoC's 'Historic American Buildings'

Survey. (It doesn't connect to the house itself. It's just an outdoor walkway.)

The place is on the National Register of Historic Places, having been built for Marjorie Merriweather Post in the 1920's. (She inherited/owned General Foods.) I don't think she had a swimming pool, so the beach tunnel must've come in handy, to avoid becoming roadkill.


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