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elehhhhna's Journal
elehhhhna's Journal
March 11, 2018

We elected Barack H Obama we sure as hell will vote for Beto and Raphael Cruz can eff right off.

Changes name, makes fun of nickname ( Beto is SoTx short for Robert(o))

Cruz is running trumplike ads down here. Pray for us lol.

March 2, 2018

Sheltered heiresses and heirs have no business in politics.

Looking at you, Megan and Ivanka.

And Hope.

February 18, 2018

2A shot full of holes by AR15

Can you feel the shift?
October 2, 2015


You are being vetted prior to posting privileges. Patience.

October 20, 2013

28th Wedding Anniversary, and a miracle on my driveway.

Our daughter (14 ta the time) entered rehab March 8, 2011. Since then she's (we've) been very active in an APG (Alt Peer Group)/ Parent driven recovery program, the concept of which THANK GOD was invented in Houston in the 70's and as a result we have several. People MOVE HERE in order to have their kids/family participate. Anyway, they keep the kids very busy, and their counselors are with them for all events, meetings, etc. My daughter's counselor is loved by us - he's amazing - an addict at 14, a Martine at 19, a lifesaving counselor for addict teens at 30.

They all stopped by here between the meeting this a.m. and the function tonight - had a few hours to kill and our house is always open. SO they ate the Anniversary spaghetti my hubs made for us and drank a lot of coffee.

One of our newcomers is a 15 year old Natalie Wood look alike who's older sis was in the program. Long story short the family had a horrific history for generations, and the Mom made it STOP with her. Not easy but she did it. So, baby girl is wired like a lot of addict kids. Weirdly. Her depression is apparent and deepening. It is now dangerous. Today our counselor got her to open up (a few hours talking on our driveway) and now baby's on her way to a good hospital for an eval. Voluntarily. Mom is totally on board and THEN counselor called the child's Dad (acrimonious post-divorce relationship) and he's on board too. Important as he is the payee...

I feel so much gratitude that the universe lets me witness miracles.

One political aside : The pent up demand for mental health and rehab/recovery assistance is HUGE in this country and the ACA will give people access to services they desperately want and need. If you are insured now and need recovery/rehab, go now. There will be waiting lists come January.

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