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Hometown: TN
Home country: US
Member since: Thu Jun 17, 2004, 10:22 AM
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If the NC Rightwing Taliban Want to Save Hetero Marriage, They'd Outlaw DIVORCE

I wonder how many of the cruel NC voters who pulled the lever to ban gay marriage are actually divorced from their first spouses? How many showed their "reverence" for marriage by ending their own marriages?

How many are like Newtie Pie, having inflicted selfish wounds on their own spouses in the name of their own self-interest?

You see, Rightwing Christians will NEVER vote to deny themselves the right to do wrong. They LIVE to do wrong in their own pathetic lives. They cheat on their spouses, beat their kids, divorce left and right. Divorce is higher in the Bible Belt than in anywhere else in the nation...

But the American Taliban believe that if they can keep SOMEONE ELSE from having a right, this suddenly erases all of their own sins. It doesn't matter how awful they are as human beings; they are "more moral" because even if they can't control themselves they can control people they don't even know.

If they want to sanctify marriage, they should completely outlaw divorce.

Never gonna happen.

But anyone who voted against marriage in NC is a lying, hypocritical sociopath.

That is all....

Except a to those who are hurting.

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