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Member since: Sat Apr 24, 2004, 02:37 PM
Number of posts: 6,096

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I am a member here but now I am getting lots of ads. is this happening to everyone? I

even get one on some of the screens that says "YOUR COMPUTER IS AT RISK" Click here for information on how to clean it up...or something to that effect.

I don't recall these ads prior to this week.

Been to a 3rd World Country, told i have parasites....has anyone had to deal

with this problem, or know first hand about some of the problems surrounding this issue?

I have been sick since December 30th..and to start things off on the wrong foot I was exposed to my grandaughter's whooping cough (she was hospitalized and I kept her the night before....therefore they decided I had adult whooping couogh.

As time rolled on March, April and May doctors decided ...all the symptoms pointed to "Asthma"..which
I do not have..nor do i respond to the alburteral breathing treatments or rescue inhalers.

In a ten month period I have had every test and seen Many DOCTORS and twice in the emergency room and ended up at Kansas University Hospitals seeing a pulmonary doctor...who was quite arrogant and rude.

Then my doctor decided to do a stool specimen...everything has changed...but am looking for more information. Or does anyone know of forums (that you can read and understand.) I found several forums but they are very user unfriendly to get around in and respond...etc.

Went to FB..and my son-in-law, voted for Mromney..and he writes...."well maybe

now we can get the truth on Libya". WTF????? (I only go to FB about once a month whether I need it or not- cannot deal with it)

OBVIOUSLY they watch FAUX news.... What's to know about Libya?
What am I missing??? Something about Obama not telling the truth early on that it was a terrorist attack, or something?
I don't know WHY these people breed.

Does Obama have to PUT UP with Boehner and his shit again this coming

season. Is there something we can do to get this man to be a man instead of a little 2 year old throwing a fit.??????
Will a petition get him out. CAN ANYTHING BE DONE??????????????????

How can our president work with this for 4 more years when everyone that didn't vote for him seems to have more power in congress? Jesus Christ.

I won't IF Mitt and family EVER DREAM about drinking booze...lol Just

a thought I had this morning...ha ha ha

Thank the Good Lord we don't have to look at that family for 4 years...
I can finally calm down. Whew.

I never watch FAUX but I cannot resist...they are talking about Obama blaming Bush


FAUX is a'cryin' in their beer.....boooo hooooo

Said He had so much NEGATIVE ads running against him from the democrats...

IS cnn SLEEPING???? They haven't announced Obama is re-elected?????

After California calls it does Obama even need florida OR ohio?

Paul Ryan won his District back in Wisconsin. Did I read that tweet right?n/t

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