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Cyrano's Journal
Cyrano's Journal
April 16, 2020

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the greatest prez of all?

A madman is crushing our government, our country, the lives of hundreds of people each and every day, and the concept of democracy and our way of life.

Donald Trump's only reality is the image of himself in the mirror. He has joined the ranks of one of the worst, human-like creatures that has ever existed on this planet.

He has sealed his existence as one of the stupidest, most inept, beings in world history. And he's now sitting in the Oval Office and making believe that someone/something else is responsible for today's reality in America. -- The Chinese, the "deep state," immigrants, the media, Democrats, "librul's," or maybe blacks, Muslims, Jews, socialists, "Thems," "The Other," -- anyone and everything in existence. Except for him.

And what is so sad, infuriating, and beyond the understanding of most of humanity, is that there are so many people who are ignorant, arrogant, or stupid enough, to want him to continue his mindless destruction of a civilized world. And, yes, his power extends beyond America. He is a threat to human life on planet Earth. (If that seems extreme, think of how small and interdependent our world has become in every way imaginable.)

Is this Armageddon? Who knows? But what a way for humanity to end on this planet. Under the rule of a cruel, know-nothing buffoon. And yes, he does have the (nuclear) power to end life on this planet.

He didn't create the coronavirus. But he sure as hell is aiding and abetting it. How ironic it would be if one small, ignorant, horrible man brought about the end of our species. Somehow, his very existence seems to jar the mathematical precision of the universe.

April 15, 2020

Seems that most of us are "sheep, wimps, snowflakes"

That's really the way that Republicans see us. As for the rabid beast in the White House, he sees nothing but himself in the mirror.

But, really. The only answer we have to today's reality is, "vote!" Is that really enough? Republicans are doing everything possible to make sure we can't vote, or that our votes don't count. We take them to court on that, but it seems that those courts have been packed by the GOP. (Especially the five pricks on the SCOTUS.) And the bottom line here is that this year's election can be stolen at the presidential and senate levels.

We must understand that this is similar to the way that much of Europe fell into fascism in the 1930s. History doesn't repeat itself exactly, but the echos of the horror of that time are with us right now. All we have to do is watch and listen. And we must then act to prevent it from happening again.

That last paragraph seems to be a call to some form of revolt. But it's merely a warning as to the reality that is right in front of our faces. It's a warning about the survival of democracy.

There are tens of thousands of activists, lawyers, etc. out there fighting this outrage every day. They are winning a few and losing most of the big ones. But they're up against a stacked deck.

Let me get to the bottom line here. When those who "rule" us are fucking us, there comes a point at which "playing by the rules" is meaningless. It seems to me that we, the majority, have to demonstrate that Republicans and their beloved leader has misjudged us. It's way, way past time to show those (who don't give a shit if we live or die) that we are not the sheep they think we are. At one time, Germany and Japan made that mistake. It's our turn to prove that the GOP has made exactly the same mistake.

April 6, 2020

My capacity for empathy has become selective

During most of my life, I can't recall wishing death on my worst enemy. We all have our own values, and although mine are not based on religion, (I'm a devout agnostic), I have encountered people whom I hated.But I never wished them dead. (And no, I'm not a saint. I've just always believed that you only go around once and that human life is precious.)

I have now lost most of my empathy for most Republicans. I really don't care if they live or die. And yes, I know that's a horrible fucking statement and concept. I can't believe I've reached a point where I've said "fuck you and your life" to so many human beings. But there is some broad-based kind of "them" that I hate and with whom I really don't want to share this planet.

The concept of evil was always one I wrestled with. Yet, I believe we're seeing that abstract quality now in far too many people. And it's one I've come to believe in.

In general, the Republican Party couldn't give a shit who lives or dies, as long as they can profit from it and retain power. And their current "Beloved Leader" is the worst offender in these values. The creature currently inhabiting the White House is an empty, soulless man who barely meets the definition of being a human being. And tens of thousands may die because of him during this horrible time.

I regret the loss of my capacity for empathy. Is Trump responsible for that? Are Republicans responsible for that? Yeah, partially. And it's also partially due to my own inability to withstand the assault with which they have attacked our values and our sense of decency.

After we get through this horrible virus, I believe that the future of our country, and perhaps the world, depends on defeating the even worse virus that is called The Republican Party. They are a danger to the concept of human freedom. They are a threat to human decency. They are evil.

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