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LetMyPeopleVote's Journal
LetMyPeopleVote's Journal
March 20, 2021

Perkins Coie's Marc Elias Became Every Democrat's Favorite Lawyer.


Elias is the lawyer many Democrats, especially those on Twitter, thank for their ability to sleep at night in the days and weeks following the election. He and his team at Perkins Coie ran up a 62-1 court record against Republicans in post-election litigation, and his propensity to live-tweet the legal dunk contest brought the public along for the ride. But he wasn’t feeling quite so confident in September.

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg had just died, and Elias shared a concern common among Democrats that the electoral system would disintegrate in the post-election period. Federal judges appointed by President Donald Trump would reverse years of jurisprudence, he feared, and the Republican-led Senate was gearing up to confirm Justice Amy Coney Barrett.

“Many, many people, very smart people, people whose opinions I respect and people who are on the left, were saying that everything that I had worked for in the past two years around expanding voting rights and equal dignity for all voters was going to be unwound in a matter of days or weeks,” Elias says. “And that post-election was likely going to be an avalanche of federal court losses. That was very difficult, because it was on the heels of losing a real hero, and icon for voting: Justice Ginsburg.”

Fortunately for Elias and the 81 million Americans who voted for Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, the Democrats’ worst-case scenario didn’t pan out. He’ll tell you—whether through his website, Democracy Docket, which he launched in March to educate the public on voting rights and redistricting litigation, or on his Twitter feed, which was liberal catnip in the post-election—that the litigation never had any merit, that it was always just a lever to undermine our confidence in the electoral process.
March 19, 2021

Ted Cruz Accuses Democrats of Trying to Cancel Poverty


WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—Calling the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan “a fever dream of the cancel-culture crew,” Senator Ted Cruz accused Democrats of a “politically correct plot to cancel poverty.”

“Poverty has been a part of American life since this country was founded, in 1776, but that apparently means nothing to the Democrat Cancel Culture Gang,” Cruz said. “In their intolerant view, poverty is somehow no longer appropriate.”

He warned that, far from being Democrats’ ultimate goal, “cancelling poverty is just the beginning.”

“If you read the fine print, they also want to cancel hunger and homelessness,” he said. “And, if you’re used to living without health insurance, sorry—that’s yet another American tradition they want to cancel.”

“We should have seen this coming,” he added. “First they came for Mr. Potato Head.”

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