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senseandsensibility's Journal
senseandsensibility's Journal
May 25, 2024

So well deserved! CNN's primetime ratings hit 30 year low!

This according to Ron Filipkowski on twitter, who also points out that one of the most common refrains on RW social media is "even CNN agrees with us!"

So this should put to bed the idea I hear expressed here and elsewhere that CNN is leaning right for ratings. Their ratings began tanking after they did their pep rally with a stacked audience for cheato and continue to sink. They've had time to adjust and they obviously aren't interested.
May 25, 2024

So if Aileen Cannon refuses to issue a gag order

after cheato lied about the search warrant and endangered law enforcement agents, can Jack Smith ask for her to be removed?

May 24, 2024

59% of Americans think that Biden controls inflation and prices

Just saw on Joy Reid. No wonder Joe's poll numbers on the economy are so bad. We are dealing with extreme ignorance and the corporate media's propaganda is not helping.

Joy and Stephanie R. are telling the truth about corporate greed and how that is what is causing inflation, NOT President Biden.

May 23, 2024

I wonder if Haley's entire Primary campaign

was all just an elaborate routine to help him win suburban women. She play acted the role of a skeptic, tut tutting at all his vulgarities and bemoaning the things that women don't like about him. Then when it comes down to the wire, she "shows" the reluctant cheato voters how it's done and hopes they follow her.

I just don't think that anything these R minions do is genuine or for reasons of principal. Normal people with normal motives do not have reams of tape showing saying the exact opposite of what they're saying now when nothing has changed about the situation. There's something fake and transactional going on.

May 23, 2024

Cheato is promising that he will win favors from Putin if elected

He's saying on his lies social that Putin will release the American journalist Evan Gershkovich for him if he wins the election. I'm almost never shocked by anything this person says and always assume that everything he says is a grift or a lie. So this is too, of course.

But to me it's a scary new turn where he is openly bragging about his ties with Putin, who has shown himself to be much worse than we knew about in 2016. He used to just be afraid to criticize Putin, but now he sees benefit in bragging about their friendship.

I wish his insane comments like this and many many others would be reported on seriously instead of ignored.

May 23, 2024

New Biden Campaign Ads Target Trump's Past Treatment of Black People

Just saw on CNN. It's their headline (you KNOW if I was writing it it would say cheato's past treatment of black people)

Well, that is certainly fruitful ground for ads. I hope the ads in question are extremely hard hitting because we are not in a subtle environment right now.

There is so much to hit this fool with, but if it's true that he is gaining with black people we need to fight back hard.

May 23, 2024

Every time I clicked on to CNN during commercials on MSNBC

I saw Ted Cruz's mug. Gack. I think Collins actually had that smarmy fool on for the entire hour. No wonder CNN ratings suck. More than deserved.

May 21, 2024

Tur is interrupting everyone on MSNBC

I won't bother to try to condense her comments, but the jist of it was that Cheato had a ragtag staff in 2016 and no one to warn him about breaking election law. Boo Hoo. Cry me a river.

She literally interrupted the attorney to wail about this in very dramatic terms, continuing to interrupt other panel members.

May 21, 2024

Two thoughts from this morning

I have been reading twitter accounts that I have followed for years instead of so much MSNBC, which is horrible in the morning. My self-selected commentators are much more insightful than Tur and the gang in the morning.

Best observations so far: Cheato came out of the courtroom again this morning and claimed he's not going to testify because he's gagged. An absolute lie, one which Merchan has already straightened him out on as part of the court record. So he knows it's a lie. This should be a top story. He broke his promise to testify, and he lied about it to the press. Why don't they care? This came from Ron Filipinski, if you'd like to see more about what he has to say.

Second best observation came from Aaron Rupar. It was a pointed criticism of Sam Stein, who has been absolutely atrocious for the NYT lately. Stein has not criticized the Reich comment from Cheato at all. Guess who he has criticized. You guessed it. Joe Biden. Apparently when Joe said that the comments were wrong, it did not live up to Sam Stein's expectations.

May 21, 2024

James Carville had a good point on Jen's show

He thinks Biden is getting hit on the age issue, and should counter that he has released all his medical records. Cheato has not released any since he left office (if you could call those medical records) and has declined since then. It is a longstanding norm that candidates release their medical records. Where are his?

Why does Cheato get away with throwing stones when he lives in a glass house? Biden, his surrogates, or the press (lol) should be calling him out on this.

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