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senseandsensibility's Journal
senseandsensibility's Journal
May 15, 2023

You can almost taste it

The disappointment of CNN and even MSNBC that there are no chaotic scenes of crisis at the border. Today they finally retired their Crisis at the Border! chyrons. But they are floundering. Maybe they could give the Biden administration some credit?
Nah..... Never gonna happen. If they don't get their wild scenes soon they'll drop the whole topic like a hot potato.

May 11, 2023

Does Daniel Dale still work for CNN?

He was/is their very able fact checker. Seems like this would be the perfect opportunity to use him. Instead of complaining that there were too many lies during tfg's rally, allow the expert to do his job!

May 11, 2023

About the laughing last night

It confirmed something I've known for decades. Rightwingers have no sense of humor. To them, it's funny to hate and ridicule others, but other than that, they just don't "do" humor. No sense of irony, sarcasm. or most of all, no ability to laugh at oneself. Absolutely none.

I remember back in the 90's when standup was really big, I went to a local live comedy club with a guy on a first (and last) date. He was a rightwinger and he heckled the performer, stepped on his timing, and showed generally no awareness of humor at all. Of course the performer made mincemeat of him since he was a clever human being,and used to being heckled. However, the righwing dude didn't even know he was being a fool of. I was so embarrassed.

May 11, 2023

AOC is on MSNBC decrying the free campaign ad

Alex Wagner is not being sy about her disgust either.

May 10, 2023

Laura Coates on CNN went there!

About an hour ago I heard her live on a CNN panel on Tapper's show. The panelists all tiptoed around the elephant in the room. While they kept saying that tfg was so brave to face questions, and listed topics for tough questions, no one said who would be asking the questions. They kept trying to imply that these republican voters would be challenging him.

Finally, Laura Coates (paraphrasing) said the last thing we want to do is normalize trump. And she questioned whether the repub voters would challenge him.

Everyone else looked uncomfortable. Thanks, Laura!

May 10, 2023

Let's give Kaitlin Collins the benefit of the doubt

Let's say that she intends to and will ask tfg tough questions. What will happen then in a building packed with rightwingers? She not only will be booed, she will be shouted down. And the orange freak will stand there basking in it.

May 10, 2023

CNN spin on their town hall this morning

Several members of Jon King's insufferable "panel" admitted that TFG is using this opportunity to repair his image with voters outside the rightwing bubble. So they are totally aware of this, and okay with it. At no point did any of them suggest that he would be challenged. And now we know that the audience will be packed with rightwingers who would be the last people on earth to challenge him. No Dems allowed.

The only opportunity for any kind of "challenge" will have to come from Kaitlin Collins. I just don't see her asking enough tough questions on her own with any kind of follow-up to compete with all the fawning BS that is going to come from the audience. which will ask the bulk of the questions.

I won't be watching, but I'm sure some brave DUers will be. I'll read about it here or on some trusted reporters twitter pages. I have absolutely no faith in CNN to cut through his crap. The format alone is stacked against truth,

May 8, 2023

So law enforcement in TX doesn't even have the decency to

have a press conference after their citizens are slaughtered? They're not going to dignify the victims by announcing their names? Am I alone in thinking this is a new low?

May 2, 2023

Hoping CNN will ask TFG tough questions during his free campaign ad

er, I mean town hall? Get that silly notion right out of your head. This town hall is for republican primary voters and the audience will be asking the questions. CNN in its promos for this free campaign commercial, I mean town hall, is laying it all out there. The members of the audience (rightwingers) will be asking the questions. Don't expect any pushback, let alone tough questions. The more we find out about this &^%% show, the worse it sounds.

April 24, 2023

I'll pass, CNN

Safe space for Glen Younkin or whatever his name is on Erin' show. They've been pushing it all day. WILL HE RUN FOR PRESIDENT??!!! OMG, the drama and suspense. I guess the infomercial (townhall) Tapper did with him a few months ago wasn't enough. America is screaming for more GY!!

Instead I'll be watching Joy Reid rip apart Tuckims.

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