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senseandsensibility's Journal
senseandsensibility's Journal
June 10, 2024

Katy Tur just assured Jon Ralston that

cheato's rants play much better when you're live in the crowd with him than they do on TV. This was just after they showed his demented rant about sharks and Jon pointed out that even the crowd wasn't listening and couldn't follow it. There was a video showing them behind him talking among themselves and turning around looking behind them as he went on and on about sharks.

But according to Katy, you can't trust Jon's judgement that it was completely bonkers and nonsensical, nor the video that shows a bored and inattentive crowd in real time. No, according to her, that is unfair to cheato. If you could just see him live like she got to do, you would get how gripping he really is!!!!


June 9, 2024

"It would be suicide before Biden, right?"

Guess who at his "rally" in Las Vegas a short time ago. I know many have posted about his disgusting comments today but this is real Jim Jones kind of stuff here.

AND WHERE IS THE COVERAGE OF THESE INSANE "SPEECHES"? The corporate media has reporters standing in the heat covering these things. Why do we just hear campaign talking points before they begin and then NOTHING about the dangerous rhetoric?

Never mind, there is no justification or good answer except that they are carrying his water.

June 9, 2024

At Las Vegas rally, cheato whines that it's all about MEEEE!

According to Ron Filipkowski, a few minutes ago cheato took the stage and whined that no one cares about him getting hot! He said it's hard work standing there. Waaa...Meeeee...he is regressing from the toddler stage to the infant stage right before our eyes.

I know you guys are shocked that he wasn't expressing concern for his followers as the CNN fangirl assured us he was feeling.

June 9, 2024

You know how I know that cheato's team is scared of the term "parole"?

The fan girl reporter on CNN at the cheato rally refers to it as a "pre-sentencing" hearing instead of a parole hearing. She also recites all of the rightwing talking points fed to her by cheato's team. For instance, did you know that:

1. Cheato and his minions are taking "all kinds" of precautions to make sure the crowd is safe in Las Vegas today? They are providing thousands of bottles of water!
2. Cheato wants to "move past" the 34 felony convictions. Imagine that!
3. Cheato wants to discuss policy and how to help the American people.
4. Cheato is really very moderate compared to MTG, who took the stage to rail against the verdict. Again, cheato just wants to move on and help the people.

The fan girl is not Fredricka Whitfield, but the reporter who accompanies him on the road and seems to think he's a rockstar. Really bad even by CNN standards.

June 8, 2024

Okay, I just gotta get this off my chest

No, California is not in play for cheato. No, the entire tech industry is not behind cheato now. No, he is not drawing crowds of any kind here. California is the most solidly blue state in the union. That's why when a senate seat opened up there were 3 superstar Dems fighting tooth and nail for the nomination. The nomination is the Senate seat. Win it as a Dem and you are a shoo-in.

This whole Silicon Valley is going for cheato now is ridiculous. First of all, San Francisco is not Silicon Valley, but I'll give people that because it's not worth quibbling about. But now people are trying to claim Southern CA is silicon valley? That's the equivalent of someone saying that Buffalo, NY is part of Manhattan. Maybe more ludicrous

California has 40 million people. Sure there are some rich people here that will donate to cheato. There are also red pockets. But they are meaningless in the scheme of things.

June 8, 2024

You know me folks: I'm ALWAYS willing to blame the media, but

maybe this time it wasn't warranted. This morning I've heard on TV and read on twitter that Dems are "torn" about how to handle cheato's 34 felony convictions. So I thought "so typical, chesto is a felon and somehow the corporate media blames Dems."

But I see that that's not exactly it. It seems that, unfortunately, there ARE "big name" Dems more than willing to feed this tired, destructive narrative.

Who am I talking about? Apparently, none other than Paul Begala, who until recently I had a neutral opinion of, is out there telling Dems to shut up about cheato's "personal life."

With friends like these, people, who needs republicans? He knows he'll be quoted everywhere if he, as a Dem, says this. He is savvy and experienced. Obviously, I can't read his mind, but he is at least way past his sell by date.

June 6, 2024

I see my old friend is back

The guy who used to follow Navarro, Maniford and others around with signs is now following Bannon. Saw him today with a Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied sign.
Kind of sums it up.

That guy is dogged, and he has a way of getting into all the shots. I'd love to know who he is.

June 5, 2024

MSNBC makes its comedy debut

Pretty good for a first time effort. They brought out a former advisor to Tim Scott with a big smile. He said that the cheato campaign is "vetting" Vice Presidential candidates to find out if there is anything "embarrassing" in their past.

EMBARASSING? To Cheato and his cult members? OMG. The 34 time convicted felon doesn't want to be embarrassed, y'all!

I think the guy has a future in stand up.

June 4, 2024

Oh, that makes it okay?

Kudos to Lester Holt for asking Mike Johnson if it would be appropriate for Dem elected officials to show up at Hunter Biden's trial. His mealy-mouthed answer? I wasn't going there as Speaker of the House!

Gaslighting BS, obviously. It's time we stop treated this dude as a reasonable guy under "pressure" from his far right flank. He's a Maga cult member all day long.

June 4, 2024

Surrogates wanted! Anyone you'd like to hear from?

Joe Biden is doing a great job at hitting the Rs lately. But he has a more than full time demanding job that requires adult concentration around the clock. There's a limit to how much "politicking" he can engage in.

So surrogates are needed, and the more the better. Who are your picks? Who's good in front the camera and can cut to the heart of the matter?

One of my picks is Eric Swalwell. He is great on TV and in hearings, and no one can accuse him of beating around the bush. But there are many, many others.

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