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Member since: Tue Mar 30, 2004, 12:37 AM
Number of posts: 28,238

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"When you elect a bowl of Jello, you get a bowl of Jello"

James Carville just now on Ari's show... about Kevin McCarthy

small earthquake in Milpitas CA just now

felt like about a 4.0 or so from this vantage point... decent movement but nothing fell down.

Analysis of school shootings by day of the week

I got data from CNN on school shootings from here


and of the 199 shootings I was curious if one day of the week was more dangerous than others...

Given the amount of data, I believe this is statistically meaningful...

So I wrote some software to count shootings by weekdays... and this is what I got:

Sunday - 4
Monday - 23
Tuesday - 38
Wednesday - 31
Thursday - 36
Friday - 61
Saturday - 6

Friday stands out as the most dangerous day at a school. One might think that this could be related to after school activities on Friday nights... but the charts that CNN include do not show that.

Saturday and Sunday are obvious... The other days seem to center around 30 shootings or so for the weekday. Friday is the one that really is statistically different.

The sad thing is that we have this data at all.

The song "I don't like Mondays" maybe should be changed a bit although that was the reason given by a school shooter for a shooting on 29 January 1979.

Pretty sure Biden just announced his re-elect.

and while I wish he was 15 years younger... I'm all the way onboard.

Let's Go Joe... finish the job!

quit saying "not a joke"

it is one of Biden's only speaking flaws...

I love the guy, I have for a long time... but this really gets on my nerves.

If he is running again, I want him to work with a communication coach to eliminate this sort of "throw away" side comment in his speaking engagements.

Unless he is really telling a joke and follows it with a fact.

what did bobo say in her little speech while voting?

we are "welching" on that promise

That remark by this asshole repuke speaking now should be taken down...

It is the same as saying something about Jewish people and bargaining.

edit because of damn spell check

fuck off Susan del percio

your side needs to make a deal with the Democrats.

kev is losing 1 vote per vote!

202 on the third vote, now 201.

In maybe 10 more votes... if repukes start voting "present"...

Welcome Speaker Jeffries!

George Santos released a press statement...

which concluded with this...

It goes on to quote the former Conservative UK prime minister who led Britain during World War II: "As Winston Churchill famously stated, 'You have enemies? Good. It means that you've stood up for something, sometime in your life."

But Churchill did not famously state the quote attributed to him; he never said it at all.

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