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phylny's Journal
phylny's Journal
April 22, 2024

Katie Phang is doing a great job

with Trump trial play-by-play on X-itter.

February 9, 2024

Today we say goodbye to Chloe, our papillon/dachshund mix.

She was a rescue dog, always a little high anxiety, but the smartest dog we've ever had. She has TCC (transitional cell carcinoma of the bladder) and we treated her without chemo or radiation, but with an NSAID and some bladder support tablets. She was given 6 months and lived 17 months after diagnosis.

Go find Jack, Harley, Pumba, Jimmy the feral cat, and Grandpa Fran, Chloe, and introduce yourself to Scamp, Kelly, and Abby.

Daddy, Blake, and I will see you later. We love you immensely.

February 7, 2024

I have 8 more hearts to give out - do you need one?

Every year, I search for posters who have no hearts and give mine away. It's middle school all over again! Some have an abundance of hearts, some are bereft.

Make me happy by helping me give my last 8 away!

January 22, 2024

Why is Marianne Williamson's name first on the Virginia Democratic ballot?

I looked online but couldn't find out why.

January 21, 2024

Thousands Sign Christian Petition Urging Bishops Not to Back Donald Trump


Thousands have signed a progressive Christian group's petition calling for Catholic bishops to drop support for ex-President Donald Trump.

Faithful America, which backs social justice causes and opposes "Christian nationalism," urged Catholics to condemn bishops who "boost the Christofascist campaign of Donald Trump" in a recently launched online petition that had been signed by over 12,500 as of Friday afternoon.

The group mentioned in particular the "disturbing praise of Trump" from Archbishop of New York Timothy Dolan and former Bishop Joseph Strickland, of Tyler, Texas, "inappropriately" endorsing a sermon that erroneously claimed Democrats cannot be Catholic.

Faithful America urged Catholics to sign the petition because "Pope Francis has been clear: Bishops should behave in a more pastoral manner than this," while asserting that "Christian-nationalist politicians like Donald Trump and their vile, hate-based policies do not speak for us -- or for Jesus."
October 6, 2023

WaPo: Moderates could unite amid House speaker chaos. Why don't they?

"Just hours before a vote to oust Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) as the House speaker Tuesday, a group of Democrats and Republicans met in a conference room on the third floor of the Cannon House Office Building to make a last-ditch attempt to avoid the history that was soon to be made.

"The group was drawn from the 64-member bipartisan Problem Solvers Caucus, representatives who consider themselves more moderate and more pragmatic than their parties’ firebrands. Some hailed from swing districts where voters might applaud bipartisan action.

"For over an hour, people familiar with the session said, Republicans in the group begged Democrats to support the stability of the institution by agreeing to save McCarthy — the speaker who had spent nine months catering to the most extreme elements in his party and who helped resurrect Donald Trump’s image after the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol.

"Democrats were bewildered, the people said. They felt McCarthy had done little to earn their trust — and had not asked for their help."


(gifted article, no paywall)


I thought the article was interesting, but I'm glad Democrats didn't help. It's time to let the Republicans take the blame for their collective idiocy, even if it's painful in the process.

October 5, 2023

Opinion: The GOP's revenge plot against Pelosi is unhinged - but revealing By Greg Sargent

"Because Republicans are such firm believers in benevolence toward political foes, they are furious with Democrats for failing to save Kevin McCarthy. After Democrats voted en masse this week to remove the California Republican as House speaker, his fellow Republicans responded by revoking some of Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s Capitol office privileges. They are reportedly planning more acts of retaliation.

"But Democrats were right not to save McCarthy. With the forces unleashed by former president Donald Trump and the MAGA movement damaging the House GOP caucus, Democrats absolutely shouldn’t have stepped in, because so doing would help Republicans erase their own culpability for nourishing those forces for so long.

"Republicans believe Democrats should have joined most of them to vote against the motion to vacate the speakership that Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) brought against McCarthy, which would have enabled him to survive despite eight GOP insurgents voting to remove him. As Punchbowl News’s Jake Sherman reports, Republicans intend to 'exact revenge for a long while.' McCarthy himself was reportedly behind the retaliation against Pelosi.

"All of that is absurd, but it’s also revealing. In a sense, what Republicans really wanted from Democrats is help in solving a problem that’s grown intractable for them: At critical moments such as these, there’s nothing holding the House GOP majority together.'



October 2, 2023

I thought there were no video cameras allowed in the courtroom for the failed ex-president

and yet I see video on MSNBC. Anyone know why?

August 16, 2023

Trump supporters post names and addresses of Georgia grand jurors online

ATLANTA — The purported names and addresses of members of the grand jury that indicted Donald Trump and 18 of his co-defendants on state racketeering charges this week have been posted on a fringe website that often features violent rhetoric, NBC News has learned.

NBC News is choosing not to name the website featuring the addresses to avoid further spreading the information.


The grand juror's purported addresses were spotted by Advance Democracy, Inc., a non-partisan research group founded by Daniel J. Jones, a former FBI investigator and staffer for the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.

“It’s becoming all too commonplace to see everyday citizens performing necessary functions for our democracy being targeted with violent threats by Trump-supporting extremists," Jones said. "The lack of political leadership on the right to denounce these threats — which serve to inspire real-world political violence— is shameful.”


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