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Member since: Sat Dec 6, 2003, 05:15 AM
Number of posts: 57,936

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When someone says that OWS is using the wrong tactics, just ask the person what tactics

OWS and the rest of us should use.

We tried voting. It didn't change much of anything.

With a few exceptions, our congressional representatives only know us or meet with us if we pay for a ticket to one of their fundraisers.

How are we supposed to be heard without literally camping out in the streets? Is your friend really satisfied with how things are going?

Is your friend just an "I've got mine. Why should I care about you?" type of person. If so, there is nothing you can do but remember that he probably needs a little inconvenience in his life just to remind him that he is part of a society not just some Ayn Rand hero.

The point of OWS is that a lot of people are being left out because they can't be heard, they can't get jobs, they don't have decent places to live. That's what you need to tell someone who complains about OWS. OWS is there to remind us all about the fact that we are ignoring huge problems in our society.

If your friend wants to continue to have a job to go to, he needs to pay attention to what is going on beyond the 9-5 routine in the world of those excluded from the 9-5 crowd. He could be the next to be unemployed and unable to find work. He could be next to find himself out of a place to live. He could be next to discover that his company has been bought out and he has to either move to India or get another job that does not exist.

How do I gain access to the journal from DU2?

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