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Member since: Sat Sep 6, 2003, 04:28 AM
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Axelrod hypnosis meme, over and over, "Bernie is not gonna be president"

Axelrod is including this comment over and over and over like a magic spell or a way to hypnotize his listeners... "Sleepy..sleepy..you will feel very sleeeepppy". In every speech, and he's giving them three or four a day now.

Yeah, so Axelrod, a guy like you participated when a freshman senator became president in spite of all the naysayers who thought "there's no WAY this country's gonna elect him". He had a name that was one letter away from the world's most infamous terrorist, for heaven's sake.

Is Axelrod spinning tales or he is bailing water as fast as he can out of the leaky boat? I don't know. But I do believe that as a multimillionaire, he's counting on favorable tax rates for him and his pals, and maintaining that special place for corporatist democrats that's carved out to keep corporate money flowing while giving We The People an alternative to the dinosaur mouth-breathing mostly-insane right wing. Thank you for your service, David. Thank God for Obama. And Hillary. And Bill. You DO beat THAT dinosaur alternative.

Still.. My working class brethren are kind of sick of living on nothing but fumes from the party up above. I'm sick of watching hardworking people that I grew up with struggle to cope with minor unexpected bills, at an age when they should have resources to ease their pain. I'm actually sick of the cynicism being passed on to the young, that says there's no good politicians. My own dad was a politician, about a million years ago, and he was a good hearted honest man. None of his kids would dream of going into politics, though. Too dirty.

The price we all pay for electing corporatists of one color or another (blue or red) is that we are being tacked like a sailboat upwind, in a direction of greater wealth inequality and more plutocracy.. The plutocracy part is nearly total, already.

Obama is an awesome president, the most awesome president that he's allowed to be, given the constraints of the U.S. plutocracy. Bill was a great president too, and if Hillary gets elected, I'll be celebrating the defeat of Marcobushcruderump & Company Inc. Celebrating the first woman president and expecting that her nominees to the Supreme Court would be excellent. She would do what she can to soften the impact of pro-corporate policies on the poor and on the environment. There'd be much to be grateful for.

But then there's Bernie. I want to get a bumper sticker that says, "Bernie: The Real Deal". Just because he's been consistent, straightforward, dependable and NOT bought. Electing him would start a shift from the Plutocracy back toward democracy.

David Axelrod says Bernie is never going to be president, and we know why. It's because people like David Axelrod are out there telling us what to think, and money equals speech according to the Supreme Court, and there's a lot of money-bought speech that will be flying at us on the airwaves. They will try to make up scandals, paint Bernie as strange and unelectable, and if that doesn't work, they'll distort the images and the sound until we have another "Dean Scream" moment. David and his allies have stock portfolios and future gigs to protect. Populism must be stopped at all costs -- or channelled into Economically Approved paths.

But...How to make Americans learn to think for themselves again, to recognize their own interests!?!? In spite of what talking heads on TV will tell them? It seems improbable. I don't have so much confidence in the clear thought processes of the American public.

But electing a freshman senator with a name just one letter away from the world's most infamous terrorist seemed improbable too. We didn't all think the country was ready for Obama, but enough of the country WAS in fact ready for Obama... Enough to get him elected twice.

What if the country is ready now for something new again? Maybe instead of being repeatedly tacked upwind by corporate money that pulls us in the direction of greater wealth inequality and more corporate influence, we could turn it around and let the sail out. Catch a favorable wind from the banking meltdown and decades of low wages and massive student loan debt and an unwelcoming job market.

Maybe now the country would be ready for the voice of Bernie.

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