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Pab Sungenis

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Member since: 2003 before July 6th
Number of posts: 9,612

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Suggestion: Time limits on self-deletion or don't lock comments.

I suggest that there be a time limit for self-deletion and for edits, just like there was on DU2. You have 24 hours to change your mind and edit or delete a post. After that, it's part of the permanent record and fair game.

Alternately, don't close "self deleted" threads to comments. Deletion should only be for that purpose: deleting something. It should not be used to shut down a discussion when you are losing the argument. In the case of an overly-abusive series of responses a host can still lock the thread.

Might go a long way toward solving a lot of abuse of the functionality that we've seen on multiple sides of arguments lately.

Poking my head in

You guys okay in here?

Just had to come to someone's defense elsewhere and thought I'd see how things were in this group while logged in.

What's the real reason this thread was hidden?

I know I promised I was going to stay away, but then this was brought to my attention:


What's the real reason this thread was hidden? Because it was anti-MineralMan? Or because it was anti-Homophobe?

Posts calling out MineralMan on his history of anti-black statements (the "stereotypes" voting reference)? Okay. Calling him out on his anti-gay posts? Not okay.

Something to think about. There is a large anti-gay contingency acting openly in the Democratic Party, and just barely under the surface here on DU. More than a few people on this site need to look into the deep dark truthful mirror.

Taking my hat and bidding farewell.

The time has come for me to head off, at least for a while and perhaps in perpetuity.

I had hopes that under the new system we LGBT posters would actually enjoy some protection. For a while it looked like the randomness of the "jury" process would give us a fair shot.

But I'm starting to realize that's not the case. When one of the homophobes who actively (and gleefully) participated in the Great Purge of 2009, and made life for those of us who remained hell for the next two years is allowed to attack me with impunity and protected by "juries" on a regular basis, there is no room for someone like me.

I probably should have done this long ago. I'm in the process of preparing for the convention circuit, have a deadline coming up for revisions on my next novel and the need to start the one after that, and also have other concerns to take care of. I can't let the causal hatred of certain people on this board distract me. And I refuse to let them make my life on DU3 as hellish as it was on DU2.

So I'm logging out, moving on, and getting on with my life for the forseeable future.

Just a song before I go....

Decorah Eaglet trying to crawl out from under mom!


I guess it got too hot under there with its siblings. It's poked its head out and is looking around.
Posted by Pab Sungenis | Sun Apr 1, 2012, 10:18 AM (1 replies)

This message was self-excreted by its author

Posted by Pab Sungenis | Sun Apr 1, 2012, 09:17 AM (1 replies)
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