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Home country: USA
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"Defending your own" is a discipline, and it's one big reason why Republicans win so often.

There is ONE thing that Democrats/progressives should learn from Republicans— discipline. Sticking together. Not tearing into one another in public forums or in the press. Supporting the Democratic candidate (or incumbent), even with flaws, because what the opposition has to offer is 1,000 times worse. It weakens the overall message, it weakens otherwise strong Democratic candidates, and it weakens the Party itself.

Worse, lack of discipline results in Republican victories, where laws are ignored and the courts get stacked with right-wing asshole judges.

Remember in 2014, when many Democrats distanced themselves from President Obama as a ”winning strategy,” instead of touting the ACA and other accomplishments? That fiasco resulted in a GOP takeover of congress, where Obama’s SCOTUS pick, Merrick Garland, was shunned and completely ignored. Running away from the Democratic president directly affected the balance of the Supreme Court.

Remember Democrats and progressives abandoning Al Franken—one of our strongest voices— after he was blitzed with a politically motivated right-wing organized hit? He wasn’t even allowed a chance to tell his side of of the story. He was kicked out and dropped like a hot rock.

Liberals, progressives, Democrats— we’re a tough bunch to wrangle. We think for ourselves, and have critical minds. It’s harder for us to stay on-message, because we’re tolerant of differing viewpoints, and we often feel that something’s not right with the message itself.

While all this is well-intentioned, it’s a big reason why Democrats come up short: no discipline, no sticking together, no looking out for our own.

The only reason Trump is still standing is because his party backs him to the hilt, no matter how much damage he does to our democratic republic and its institutions.

Imagine Democrats having a strong, charismatic candidate in 2020, with full, unwavering support from the left and center-left. S/he would destroy Trump and his criminals. (Assuming there will actually be a free and fair election in 2020; with 45 at the wheel, anything’s possible.)

Obama had a SCOTUS judge pick IGNORED. Democrats got ZERO from that "choice."

Remember Merrick Garland? An experienced, moderate judge whose qualifications were superb? In fact, he was such a perfect fit for SCOTUS that Mitch McConnell and the Republicans deliberately chose to ignore the nomination altogether, including shunning the nominee completely; no interviews, nothing, as if the man didn’t exist. The nomination remained before the Republican-controlled Senate for 293 days, the longest nomination process in the history of Supreme Court nominations.

It was the damnable Republicans who threw nitro into the politically-motivated selection of judges.

And now we’re supposed to feel shame for calling a right-wing activist judge a “Reagan judge,” in some strange inversion of political correctness? In fact, Judge Ellis III hampered, stalled, ignored the prosecution, and was showing extreme bias seven months ago, as reported in the Washington Post:
The extraordinary bias of the judge in the Manafort trial
The Washington Post
By Nancy Gertner
August 16, 2018
- - - - - -
What Happened With Merrick Garland In 2016 And Why It Matters Now
NPR June 29, 2018
Supreme Court picks have often been controversial. There have been contentious hearings and floor debates and contested votes. But to ignore the nominee entirely, as if no vacancy existed?

There was no precedent for such an action since the period around the Civil War and Reconstruction. No Democratic president had made an appointment while Republicans held the Senate since 1895.
In a speech that August in Kentucky, McConnell would say: "One of my proudest moments was when I looked Barack Obama in the eye and I said, 'Mr. President, you will not fill the Supreme Court vacancy.' "

McConnell was not alone. The 11 Republican members of the Senate Judiciary Committee signed a letter saying they had no intention of consenting to any nominee from Obama. No proceedings of any kind were held on Garland's appointment.

"Her popular vote margin over Trump all came from California"

This is a favorite chestnut over at Fox, Breitbart, etc.; Trump himself has used it, and it’s terribly dismissive of the State of California, as if it were a mere snap-on piece of the map, an accessory that can just be removed and thus some kind of “real picture” of America emerges with liberal California subtracted and out of the way.

While it’s technically mathematically correct in numbers only, when it’s used to prove some point, it’s grossly inconsiderate of the nearly 40 million Americans who live, work, pay (heavy) taxes and vote here.

One could just as easily pick any state or region, and add or subtract its votes to make some case for this-or-that trend, but somehow, it seems that California gets picked on first, primarily because it’s a powerhouse liberal state, and knocking it is a right-wing staple.

In case you haven’t guessed, I’m a native Californian, and my beef is the lack of representation for this state.

Take the six predominantly Republican States of Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, North Dakota and South Dakota. Six states, population about 4 million, 12 senators.
And California? Population 40 million, just two senators. 36 million more people, but no additional representation.

Trumpists are a CULT, existing in a manufactured alternate reality, impervious to objective facts.

There is NOTHING that would make Trumpists turn away from their leader.

The right-wing feedback system (Fox, hate radio, Russian trolls, etc.) reinforces daily their delusional beliefs, with non-stop florid tales of the latest attacks to malign and undermine their heroic, embattled Leader, who is fighting a desperate, defensive campaign against the Soros-funded, Obama/Clinton-led, godless, “Deep State” Democrat (sic) pedophile Armies of Darkness.

Sound insane? Of course it does, because it is. Sound far-fetched? Spend an hour reading Breitbart, or watch 10 minutes of Hannity. Take a dervish-spin through social media, using the search terms “patriot” and “liberty,” and read the unbridled, bottomless hatred in the user comments.

If you do, you’ll see that my first paragraph above is actually the lighter fare. American democracy is in deep trouble.
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