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FreakinDJ's Journal
FreakinDJ's Journal
December 28, 2015

Personal data of 191M Americans leaked online

Personal data of 191M Americans leaked online

A faulty database has exposed the personal information of about 80 percent of American adults, according to reports from data security publications Monday.

Citing revelations by researcher Chris Vickery, the website DataBreaches.net reported that almost 70 fields of information for more than 191 million American voters were public online.

The information did not include Social Security or driver license numbers, but did include home addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and voting histories.

The administrator of DataBreaches, known by the internet pseudonym Dissent, said in an interview that she teamed with Vickery and digital security blogger Steve Ragan to investigate who built and published the database, but came up empty after a weeks-long effort.

December 15, 2015

Clinton’s “inevitability” is a myth

Clinton’s “inevitability” is a myth, and Bernie Sanders will be president, it is now claimed.

Hillary Clinton is not leading in the polls. Rather, she has been the beneficiary of a campaign to “desperately” convince voters that they will end up electing a person they “don’t like,” according to a new report by the Huffington Post.

“Mainstream pundits and public relations executives work tirelessly to make you believe Clinton is inevitability.”

CNN writes that Clinton indirectly controls the PR arm of the Democratic Party, and this hidden string-pulling has been critical in establishing the myth that Hillary’s presidency is inevitable.

The report adds that this grave state of affairs is in fact set to get worse in the near future.

“The nation’s leading Democratic PR firm will soon be owned by a private equity group run by a longtime Clinton insider.”


December 15, 2015

Sander's socialism is democratic governance

Sen. Bernie Sanders is often dismissed as too radical because he identifies himself as a democratic socialist. But when people consider his proposals and policies, they don’t think they are that radical, and the vast majority supports them. The term “socialism” is the source of much unfounded prejudice and misunderstanding

Socialism is simply using the government to benefit the people with useful programs, many of which we already enjoy in the United States. When government responds to the people, that’s what Sanders calls democratic socialism. In his own words: “I mean, to me, it means democracy, frankly. That’s all it means.” For the masses of Americans, it means voting in their own economic interests.

On Nov. 19, Sen. Sanders gave an excellent speech at Georgetown University outlining what he means by democratic socialism. It is the kind of socialism demonstrated by Franklin D. Roosevelt in his New Deal programs, which helped working people and raised millions from poverty into the middle class. As a result he was among the most popular American presidents, since his New Deal policies gave us Social Security and decades of prosperity.

Sanders would like to restore America to the peace and prosperity of those times by empowering the people and having the government work for them, and not just for the rich and the corporations. We can help the people advance and restore the middle class by investing in free college education and health care. We can return to prosperity by creating millions of jobs with living wages by repairing our crumbling infrastructure and making the transition to a clean energy economy.


December 15, 2015

Sanders says hes on verge of pulling off major political upset

Sanders says hes on verge of pulling off major political upset

BOSTON —Sen. Bernie Sanders campaigning in New Hampshire Monday said there is a path of victory for him in both Iowa and New Hampshire

"If we can win in Iowa, if we can win in New Hampshire, we have a real path to victory to pulling off one of the major political upsets in the history of our country," Sanders told about a hundred students at Nashua Community College.

Polls have Sanders about 10 points ahead of his democratic opponent Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire and some polls indicating he is less than 10 points behind her in Iowa. Sanders boasted unlike Clinton he's collected 800,000 contributions here in New Hampshire alone with the average donation $30.

"Secretary Clinton has a lot of money. So do we. I think at the end of the day, the fact that people are tired of establishment politics and tired of establishment economics, want real change, what real leadership to stand up the billionaire class, that is going to give us the edge and lead us to victory," said Sanders who has raised less than half of Clinton's more than $100 million.


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