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Thinking of going Solar next year - need help understanding Calif. rules

Looking at installing a roof top Photovoltaic system with a Grid-Tied Inverter and making use of Net Metering here in California. I'm aware of the 30% Federal Tax Incentive. Also found where SMUD Rebates $0.35 per Watt of installed Solar

Can't seem to find a definitive rate chart for Net Metering.

A net metering program allows an owner of a gridtied solar power system to sell excess power their renewable power system generates back to the utility company for credit on their power bill. At the end of a 12 month period, a customer can choose to roll over credit or receive a payment


Is it Watt for Watt - or does the utility pay me $0.0582 for excess during the day and then charge me $0.11 at night.

Chicago Police Officer Dante Servin Charged In 2012 Shooting Death Of Unarmed Rekia Boyd

Chicago Police Officer Dante Servin Charged In 2012 Shooting Death Of Unarmed Rekia Boyd

For only the second time since 1997, a Chicago police officer has been indicted in a police-involved shooting, this time for the death of the unarmed 22-year-old woman, Rekia Boyd.

CPD Officer Dante Servin, 45, is charged with involuntary manslaughter, reckless discharge of a firearm and reckless conduct in connection to Boyd's March 2012 death near Douglas Park. Monday, Servin was ordered held on $75,000 bond, according to DNAinfo Chicago.


"It's a sad day when an officer is charged for doing something he was trained to do," said Fraternal Order of Police spokesman Pat Camden who criticized the charges and insisted Servin's name will be cleared through the trial.


Servin said one of the men with Boyd, Antonio Cross, pointed a gun at him, prompting Servin to fire in self-defense. Cross was hit in the hand and Boyd was hit in the back of the head; she died two days later. Cross was later determined to be holding a cell phone at the time and the Independent Police Review Authority has since stated no weapon was ever recovered at the scene.


Jury convicts Okla. cop in death of unarmed teen

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — An Oklahoma jury Tuesday convicted a veteran police captain of first-degree manslaughter in the death of an unarmed teenager who was running away after scuffling with the officer.

Del City Police Capt. Randy Trent Harrison shot Dane Scott Jr. in the back on March 14, 2012, following a high-speed chase that began when Harrison tried to pull over Scott's car.

Harrison had previously arrested Scott on drug violations, and prosecutors said his pursuit of the teenager crossed the line from professional to personal. The defense portrayed Scott as a drug dealer and said Harrison believed the teen was reaching for a second weapon after the officer took one gun from him during a scuffle that followed the police chase.

The shooting occurred just a few weeks after the death of Trayvon Martin, the unarmed black teenager killed by a neighborhood watch volunteer in Florida, and the defense suggested early on that prosecutors were influenced to file charges to prevent the type of racial discord that followed that shooting and another high-profile case in Tulsa last year. Harrison is white; Scott was black.


This will break your heart - Facebook page - Dogs Shot by Police


I don't recommend clicking on the video links - its just too Heartbreaking to watch

Atlantic City Cops Caught on Video Viciously Attacking, Siccing Dog on Non-Resisting Man

Atlantic City Cops Caught on Video Viciously Attacking, Siccing Dog on Non-Resisting Man

Another disgusting show of police abuse was caught on surveillance camera, showing five Atlantic City police officers beating, punching and kneeing a man repeatedly before a sixth officer drives up and sics a dog on the man.

The 20-year-old man, David Connor Castellani, was charged with aggravated assault. The video shows he did no such thing. The altercation begins just after the 3:00 mark.


Atlantic Police Chief Ernest Jubiliee told NBC10 that he viewed the tape of the incident that took place and “saw no reason to suspend or remove officers from their regular duties.”

It turns out, the cop who sicced the dog on Castellani, Sterling Wheaten, has been sued three times in the last three years for abusing citizens and has been investigated by internal affairs more than a dozen times in two years for excessive force.


Do SoCal Cops Shoot First, Lie Later?

Do SoCal Cops Shoot First, Lie Later?

"In both cases, the key question was: 'Were the cops telling the truth?'" says Sayre, the onetime head of the local Hispanic Bar Association. "And in both cases, juries concluded the cops weren't being honest. The officers had been willing to lie under oath."

It wasn't long ago that police in Orange County enjoyed reputations for honesty, as virtuous heroes. However, in the past decade, we've seen cops rape women, molest boys, steal cocaine from evidence lockers, perpetrate domestic violence, falsify official reports, assault handcuffed suspects, lie on the witness stand, knowingly arrest innocent people, party with organized-crime figures, accept bribes and destroy evidence. Last month, a jury convicted an LAPD detective of committing a sadistic murder.

In May 2009, Rodriguez foolishly lost his temper and broke a Belmont Shore shop window near Legends Sports Bar. Confronted by the bar's bouncers, Rodriguez agreed to stay until cops arrived. Jonathan A. Steinhauser, a culinary host turned Long Beach cop, didn't believe Rodriguez adequately complied with his commands and struck him with a baton. The man put up his arms to protect himself and gained control of the weapon. The cop pulled out his Glock handgun and fired three bullets that incredibly put nine holes in Rodriguez.

Police can legally use deadly force to defend themselves from real threats. To justify the shooting, Steinhauser claimed Rodriguez approached him while holding the baton as though it were "a baseball bat," a stance the cop saw as a potential fatal threat. (Note regarding the Thomas killing: Steinhauser testified that cops strike a suspect's torso to gain compliance or the head to inflict lethal damage; Fullerton cops targeted Thomas' head.)


Texas Court Rejects Appeal Of Death Row Inmate After Testimony That Blacks Are More Dangerous

A Texas appeals court declined to allow a new sentencing hearing Wednesday for an African American death row inmate whose initial hearing featured testimony by a psychologist that blacks are more likely to commit crimes. In 2000, when the psychologist’s comments were first reported, then-Texas Attorney General John Cornyn declared that the state would not stand in the way of a new sentencing. But while Duane Buck has since averted execution, Texas courts have denied several motions to reconsider his case, and he remains on death row.

The exchange came about as follows. Dr. Walter Quijano was testifying about Buck’s future dangerousness — a factor in determining whether a defendant will be sentenced to jail time or death. On cross-examination, the following exchange occurred:

PROSECUTOR: “You have determined that . . . the race factor, black, increases the future dangerousness for various complicated reasons; is that correct?”

Quijano: “Yes.”

The prosecutor again invoked Quijano’s discriminatory testimony during closing argument to suggest that Buck should be sentenced to death. Other Texas inmates have been granted new sentencing hearings because of similar comments by Quijano.


District Attorney in 13yr old Andy Lopez case up for Re-election

And the many are making it known her campaign will not survive the protest of the Latino community


Erick Gelhaus - shooter of 13yr old Andy Lopez - ties to BLACKWATER SECURITY

Some times you just can't decide to laugh cuss or cry

Sheriff Erick Gelhaus who gunned down 13yr old Andy Lopez for carrying a toy Gun, was a part time "Self Proclaimed" weapons instructor for Gunsite Academy down in Arizona. Founded by none other then a former Blackwater Security Consultant - Jeff Cooper

Jeff Cooper's Overview
Current Contractor at Aegis Technologies
Past Security Consultant at Blackwater USA
CPO at US Navy
Education United States Naval Academy


He also is an adjunct instructor, according to his LinkedIn profile, for Gunsite Academy, an Arizona company that teaches markmanship, gun-handling and other skills to military personnel, law enforcement and "free citizens of the U.S."


A BIG round of applause folks for these very Special people bringing the Iraq / Afghan War home to us by shooting our children

Protest marchers demand charges against deputy in Andy Lopez shooting death


A month after 13-year-old Andy Lopez was shot and killed by a Sonoma County sheriff's deputy, protesters are again taking to the streets Friday to demand the deputy be charged with his death.

A crowd of from 50 to 60 people have gathered at Santa Rosa City Hall and are expected to march along Mendocino Avenue to the Hall of Justice on Administration Drive.

There, they are planning to ask District Attorney Jill Ravitch to bring criminal charges against Deputy Erick Gelhaus.

Lopez was shot by Gelhaus on Oct. 22 after the deputy spotted the boy walking along Moorland Avenue in the middle of the afternoon carrying an airsoft BB gun that resembled an AK-47 rifle.

Read more: http://www.pressdemocrat.com/article/20131122/articles/131129814

The whole town is divided over this issue - she needs to release the Dashcam video

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