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What About Some Corporate Patriotism!

Usually I dis on Nader and Nader supporters pretty hard.

This time however I think he "Hit it out of the park"

What About Some Corporate Patriotism!

By Ralph Nader

What would happen if we asked the executives of the giant U.S. corporations, whose products constantly surround us, to show some corporate patriotism?

After all, General Electric, DuPont, Citigroup, Pfizer and others demand that they be treated as “persons” under our Constitution and our laws. And, they expect unfiltered loyalty from American workers even to the point of blocking the organization of unions so workers can band together for collective bargaining.

Moreover, many of these corporations expect to be bailed out by American taxpayers when they are in trouble, and they regularly receive a covey of direct and indirect government subsidies, giveaways and complex handouts.

Some of them pay no federal income taxes year after year, and a few game the tax laws to receive additional money back from the U.S. Treasury. Historically, the U.S. Marines and other U.S. armed forces have risked their lives to protect or protect these corporations’ overseas interests by invading or menacing numerous countries.


Big Statewide Anti-Foreclosure Rally Set June 25 for Capitol

Big Statewide Anti-Foreclosure Rally Set June 25 for Capitol

Big Statewide Anti-Foreclosure Rally Set June 25 for Capitol; Unions, Occupy, Clergy, Homeowners to Demand Governor, Legislature Declare Immediate Foreclosure Moratorium

SACRAMENTO – A coalition of homeowners, Occupy groups, unions, clergy, community groups and others from throughout California will hold a major rally at the State Capitol June 25 to demand the Governor, the Attorney General and the Legislature declare an immediate foreclosure moratorium.

The rally and march begins at 10 a.m. Monday, June 25, on the West Steps of the Capitol.

People are expected to attend from the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles and Southern California, the North Coast and throughout the Central Valley. The daylong event is designed to convince lawmakers to declare a moratorium “to save our homes, our families and our communities.” It will be followed by lobbying and stop foreclosure workshops.

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