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Halloween is coming #4

Halloween is coming #3

Halloween is coming #2

Halloween is coming #1

This is an example of someone who pays attention to what's going on...

Get in, let's go, there's no time to explain!

Art Lives...

I don't expect that you can get it your way there...

That's because they're fascists...

Clinton and Trump Get Most of Their Campaign Funds from These 250 Neighborhoods


DURING MONDAY NIGHT’S presidential candidate debate, Republican nominee Donald Trump lamented his opponent’s advertising spending. “I also noticed the very nasty commercials that you do on me in so many different ways,” he said to Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, “which I don’t do on you. Maybe I’m trying to save the money.” Maybe so. Clinton is, in fact, outspending Trump on advertising. Partially that’s because she has raised a lot more money.

At the end of August, according to the Federal Election Commission, the Trump campaign had raised $75 million, while Clinton’s had taken in $289.3 million.

Where does the Clinton campaign’s money come from? Silicon Valley, for sure. But put Clinton’s donors on a map and you see a broader picture.

The FEC, which compels political candidates to file regular reports on their fundraising and expenditures, provides data on funding by zip code in addition to tracking donations by employer and state. For the month of August, the 10 zip codes sending the most funding to Clinton are all on the east coast: eight in New York City, one in Washington DC, and one in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Last month we reported that Clinton took in lots of cash from the west side of Manhattan, and this month the trend continues: Clinton drew $364,000 from four West Side neighborhoods in August. Republican nominee Donald Trump, by contrast, raised that amount from his top 32 zip codes.


Clinton donations come from Metropolitan areas, which are more socially and racially diverse and with more educated individuals and Trump's donations are spread all over the mostly white boonies...

I'm not surprised at all.
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