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"I'm Bambi, muthafukka!"

You know, the sad part is that electing Hill and giving Dems the Congressional majority...

Won't make the racists and the right wing morons shut the fuck up one bit.

Sure, if we take them out of political power, all they'll do is bitch and moan and promote one idiotic conspiracy theory after another. That's the down side of free speech, I suppose, it applies to assholes, neo-fascists, morons, bigots and shit stirrers as well as it does decent, intelligent folks.

But I tell ya what... When Trump has his Cheeto-colored ass handed to him and we get back some of Congress, I'm going to be pleased as punch at their miserable wailing and gnashing of teeth. At least WE can be happy. Those miserable fucks can't be happy even if they win. They are permanently ill-tempered and only feeling some "joy" at the suffering of people unlike themselves.

Fuck 'em. I have no compunction to be nice to them in any way. It's a waste of time.

It's about time we stop giving them the benefit of the doubt, because all of their ideas and policies are designed to fail. Frankly, they've lost every right to be put in charge of anything. Their supporters are either too stupid to know any of that or are simply a bunch of hypocrites whenever they have to deal with the consequences of right wing incompetence and malfeasance.

If there's one thing that I hate, it's the endless cycle of giving wingers some leeway to fuck everyone over, only to get the minimal amount of advantage to repair those fuck-ups whenever the people get tired of their bullshit and take them slightly out of power. The problem here, and I hate to say this, is the majority white, rural voting base. These people have been raised on pissing on non-whites for all of their lives that they are completely unaware when the far right wing does shit to fuck over everybody.

They listen to too much hate speech, they're taught to blame the victims of bad policies, they're blind to real, pressing dangers to all of us, they're fed a steady stream of horrible, ugly propaganda about how the government works, they're made to fear things and people that they will never want to understand and many of them as just plain gullible and stupid. The worst part of that is the fact that they vote based on all of that fucked up shit. The only good thing about that is the fact that they're a steadily declining demographic. Too bad that they're not declining fast enough.

So, the question we should ask is, 'What can we do about it?' Personally, I think that the best thing that we can do is set a good example. We can start by improving the general conditions of the country from the bottom up, instead of the top down. That includes both rural and urban America. We can rebuild the infrastructure and re-industrialize our workforce, raise the standard of living for all, reverse the effects of white supremacy and shift our resources back into the country, decrease our dependency on the national military/industrial/police state and prison industrial complex.

And that's just the start. What we need to do is increase our potential quotient as a nation.

There will still be parts of the country which are deeply troubled by RWNJ policies. Unfortunately, this is a pressing problem. As the left, we usually feel obligated to try and help these people, even if they don't want our help at all. Whenever we try to do that, basically what we're doing is building a source of resentment within them. We haphazardly mitigate the problems that they create for themselves. That resistance engenders even MORE resentment.

Personally, I think that the best thing that we can do for them is to allow them the benefit of their own failure. It's a lesson that they need to learn, because they're completely oblivious to the actual value of failing. To them, failing is for losers. Failing is for other people in order to derive some sort of advantage over them. They find no value in understanding that, whenever they fail, it's something to be learned from and an incentive for self-improvement. They don't believe in self-improvement, which is why they keep promoting the same failed policies that they always do. They never hold themselves accountable, mostly because that idea is an anathema to them, but partially because we don't allow them to reap the fullest of consequences of their own follies by pulling their fat out the fire. In other words, our penchant for compassion to these motherfuckers doesn't do them any good.

Well, I say enough. If we can't take the reins and steer them away from the abyss, we ought to stand back and allow them to drive themselves off the cliff. I'm talking to you, Kansas and Oklahoma. Eventually, as we've seen with the national GOPr nightmare, operating under the auspices of an impending Trump-laden disaster, some of them will wake the fuck up. They're beginning to realize that they've sacrificed their souls to their own demons and those demons are driving them to utter disaster and failure.


What we can't do is sacrifice our own principles and adopt some of their philosophy in order to recruit them to our side. We can't do that for two distinct reasons; one, it will dilute our overall effort to repair the damage that they've caused and two, we really don't need those assholes. Fuck 'em. IF they want to come over to our side, it's going to have to be on OUR terms, not theirs. Again, we must show them the example that we know what we're doing. Eventually, they'll come around. No need to pander to them.

I'm pretty much tired of trying to convince those motherfuckers that they're wrong. Logic, facts and basic human decency will never work on people who feel completely entitled to be illogical, hypocritical, gullible, bigoted, ill-tempered and stupid. We all live in a country where people who all about that feel that they have a Gawd-given right to do so. It makes them blind to all the things that they benefit from, in that those same things are entitled to us all. We're not talking about nice people, we're talking about obtuse assholes.

Again, winning elections is not going to make them go away. That shouldn't be our goal. Our goal should be to make them as impotent as possible. Neutralize their influence on us all. Relegate their regressive tendencies to the ash heap of history. It can be done. Look at the progress that we've made in the last few years in LGBTQ rights alone. Yes, there's still a long way to go in that arena, but we are far better as a country than we were just a few short years ago. We can do this for just about everything else if we put our minds and bodies to it.

Our national consciences are still calling us to act loud and clear; labor and immigration rights, women's rights, anti-prison complex rights, environmental rights, anti-gun violence rights and of course, Black Lives Matter are still out there, fighting for us all. We can never give any of that up. We can't compromise those values and principles that we've been building on for all of these years. We can't allow the RWNJs to take us off of our game. Which is what they'll try to do, in spite of the failure of their own game. We can't allow ourselves the company of their misery.

We start that by winning. We win and we keep on winning. They're going to help us, because they refuse to redress and correct their own failures. We ought to take their self-destruction for our benefit. We at lest owe them the respect of allowing them the courtesy of their own bad choices.

They are adults, after all.

The tragedy here is that they're totally unaware of how fucked up this actually is...

Trust me, you're better off not knowing...

Blocking the haters...

Oh, Baltimore...


In a damning report released Wednesday, the Department of Justice details the ways in which the Baltimore Police Department has violated the rights of the people its officers are sworn to protect.

The problems detailed in the 163-page report are broad and deep. But they're specific, too: a "pattern or practice" of discrimination is, of course, made of moments.

To be clear, the report emphasizes that this is not a case of a few bad apples. The problems are systemic supervisors, policies, weak investigations and officer culture all play a role, the DOJ found.

The report, based on interviews with more than 500 people and a review of hundreds of thousands of pages of documents, is packed with statistics and analysis. Alongside the numbers, time and again, it highlights individual victims and specific acts of violence.

In many of those cases, the victims of the violence had come forward to file a complaint with the police department. One of the DOJ's findings is that the Baltimore police actively worked to discourage and suppress complaints from citizens. (As MSNBC's Trymaine Lee put it, the investigation took 14 months "to reveal what black folks in the city of Baltimore have known for generations.")


Remember that Freddie Gray has taught us that it's practically IMPOSSIBLE to convict a Baltimore cop for killing an innocent black man.

Keep this White Supremacy Pyramid handy. You'll never know when you may need it...

(Actually, you and I both know that you'll ALWAYS need it. Just trying to be polite.)

Gimme some Head!

Choose one!

If DT is supposedly a straight talker, according to his supporters...

Why do these same supporters feel that they have to explain the actual "meaning" behind whatever he's saying?


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