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The Myth of the Kindly General Lee

The legend of the Confederate leaderís heroism and decency is based in the fiction of a person who never existed.

Jonathan Bachman / Reuters

The strangest part about the continued personality cult of Robert E. Lee is how few of the qualities his admirers profess to see in him he actually possessed.

Memorial Day has the tendency to conjure up old arguments about the Civil War. Thatís understandable; it was created to mourn the dead of a war in which the Union was nearly destroyed, when half the country rose up in rebellion in defense of slavery. This year, the removal of Leeís statue in New Orleans has inspired a new round of commentary about Lee, not to mention protests on his behalf by white supremacists.

The myth of Lee goes something like this: He was a brilliant strategist and devoted Christian man who abhorred slavery and labored tirelessly after the war to bring the country back together.

There is little truth in this. Lee was a devout Christian, and historians regard him as an accomplished tactician. But despite his ability to win individual battles, his decision to fight a conventional war against the more densely populated and industrialized North is considered by many historians to have been a fatal strategic error.


The Phoenix New Times spills the beans about 20 years under Arpaio








I hereby petition to rename Friday as "Ridiculous Shit Day"

It seems that whenever this day comes around, we're always having to contend with a boatload of ridiculous shit.

Covering his own ass...

From here on out, that's what Trump is going to use the power of the pardon for.

Pardoning Arpaio is just a test drive.

Basically, every decision that Trump will make will be the wrong one...

Simply because, whenever someone gives him any advice to do the right thing, he'll automatically think that he knows better than that person giving some advice and then he'll decide to do the exact opposite.

It works especially for people whom he detests... Like anyone who's smarter and more popular than he is. His insecurity demands trying to show up such people. There's no thought behind his trying to erase President Obama's legacy, there's only his own jealousy of Barack Obama.

He doesn't care who he hurts or harms... He's ready to deflect all blame to other people. No one matters except himself. The people who voted for him in the Gulf area will learn this lesson very, very soon. And this is only the beginning.

This is why he literally the worst person ever to sit in the Oval Office.


When the history is written...

More Modern Parenting...

Modern Parenting...

The Five Stages of Imitation Butter Spread

If you're out and about during today's eclipse...

...Enjoying and admiring this rare celestial event and you happen to notice several people acting panicky as the moon passes before the sun, don't worry... They're just RWNJs.

Really fuck with them and mention to them that God has judged America harshly by electing Donald Trump and he's giving us all a warning to take him out of office, or else he'll steal the sun away permanently.

They'll love that.

Anyway, have fun, be safe and FDT.

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