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"Halloween Is Coming" posts #71 - #75 have just been posted in GD

They're all political in nature. Check em out!






Halloween Is Coming #75

Halloween Is Coming #74

Halloween Is Coming #73

Halloween Is Coming #72

Halloween Is Coming #71

Gen Kelly is what we knew he was...

Especially from the disgraceful and racist way he ran the DHS.

No surprises today.

#NotRacists Be Like: The Top 10 Phrases Used by People Who Claim They Are Not Racist

Michael Harriot
10/04/17 1:37pm

This is not about racists. This is about not-racists. You’ve seen them before: the special class of white people who say racist shit and do racist things but declare themselves the “least racist person you know.”

Their racism isn’t always intentional. Sometimes it is a byproduct of privilege, sometimes it is a deflection, and sometimes it is caused by the vapid, shallow inability to care about or understand anything that they don’t agree with because they are the majority.

The population of not-racists is steadily growing. Not-racists voted for Donald Trump. Not-racists say that kneeling for the flag means you want to slit the throats of veterans. Not-racists believe in Blue Lives, White Jesus and black-on-black crime. So we decided to do a countdown of the 10 most popular phrases so that you can easily identify not-racists, or play a game of not-racist bingo in your spare time:

10. “Why must everything have to be about race?”

One of the most used ideas in the not-racist handbook is that talking about race creates divisiveness. The theory rests on the premise that the more people point out racism, the more ... umm ... I really don’t know how the second part works.

Rest: https://www.theroot.com/notracists-be-like-the-top-10-phrases-used-by-peop-1819142064

Halloween Is Coming #70

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