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Trump-humping RWNJ sociopaths all need to shut the fuck up

I think shit wasn't so fucking maddening, the jokes would write themselves...

Should we tell him?

Happy Summer, y'all!


We should never lose sight of the fact that Trump is a coward and a bully...

Who appeals to other cowards and bullies by punching down on the defenseless and depicting strangers as an existential threat.

He wants us to forget that America is a nation of strangers who have come to our shores. He wants to make already fearful people think of children as a deadly menace.

We must always remember that bullies and cowards are defeated when everyone stands up to them and their cowardice is exposed.

Sometimes you needs puppiez

Hey, Greg, sometimes a tree is just a gawd damned tree...


Time once again for another Wednesday Dance!

This Wednesday seems particularly egregious, doesn't it?

Trump's Koncentration Kamps 4 Kids is just the latest in his attacks on people of color

It's his cynical way of using the Federal Government to weaponize identity politics.

He has attacked people of color non-stop since he became politically viable. A viability that is primarily based on his exploitation of white identity politics.

His white supporters can't even muster the barest amount of sympathy for asylum seekers and their children, simply because they're programmed to not think of these people as human beings.

To the Trump cultists, the asylum seekers represent an existential threat to their own whiteness and Trump is exploiting that belief, short of building ovens and shoveling those poor mothers and their children into them.

If he's allowed to continue, history teaches us that the lives of the asylum seekers and anyone who advocates for them are in jeopardy.

This needs to be stopped. He needs to be put in check. Because he's not going to just stop with asylum seekers and the undocumented, he's going to attack anyone he deems as an enemy. And his cultists will attack anyone they deem to exist outside of their own narrow frame of identity.

I've used the White Fragility Digest to highlight how big of a problem this is and I only scratched the surface with it.

America is at a crossroads. Instead of a "Shining Beacon on a Hill," where the wretched refuse of the world can find refuge here, we're losing what it means to be America. Americans are not only born, apart of every other nation on this planet, America has been the one place where Americans are made.

Anyone can be an American and Americans have come here from all corners of this Earth. Trump and his minions want to put an end to that, simply because they want to cynically exploit white identity politics for personal and political capital. No other Republican or Democrat president has tried to destroy that basic American premise, in spite of the fact that people like Reagan and the Bushes have used dogwhistle politics to scare poor whites into voting for them.

What Trump has done was much too much for those guys.

I'm appalled that our basic, non-partisan values can be attacked so casually and threatened with total elimination. This is not the America that any of us know.

We can't let this happen, because doing so represents an existential threat to all of us. If Trump is allowed to succeed, it only means that America is headed toward self-destruction.

Welcome to the Fall of The American Empire... Perhaps.

Ah, ah. We come from the land of the ice and snow, From the midnight sun where the hot springs flow

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