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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 71,299

Journal Archives

Re-think your health food...

GOPrs have no moral authority over anything.

What is love?

Upgraded Snoopy agrees.

Find me the right cardiologist first...

Is it no accident that wing nuts vehemently object to each and every one of these notions?

Hopefully, Donald will feel appreciated now...

Spring is about to get sprung and once again...


Happy St. Paddy's!


Not beating around the bush...


THE WORLD'S GREATEST DU STORY (Add-On Story Time. Everybody plays...)

I'll start us off and the rest of you add one-to-two sentences, keeping in the same theme with the prevailing narrative.

Everything is game, just as long as you're ONLY supplementing the sentence that you're replying to. Feel free to extrapolate and use a vivid imagination. This is all for fun.

Let's see where we can go from here:

Check this out. Just the other day in Washington D.C. I was walking along Constitution Avenue when, lo and behold, I saw Ted Cruz taking his emotional support worm out for a walk. "Well, this is my lucky day," I thought to myself, because how often does one see Ted Cruz out walking his worm in broad daylight? As I leisurely and curiously approached him, I waved a friendly wave and said, "Hey, Senator, how ya doing? I see that you're taking your worm out for a stroll on this bright and sunny day."

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