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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 70,476

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If I had one magical power...

I'd create a mirror universe just for RWNJs/bible thumpers/gun humpers/incels/liberal haters/he-men/über-patriots/cop-lovers/milk-chuggers/khaki-fetishists/ditto-heads/flat-Earthers/climate change deniers/ and all their politicians and people who support them, so that way they could live in peace without any of us liberals, rowdy free wimmens, non-Xtians, non-straights and non-whites mucking up their precious existence.

They'd be free to employ all of their social and economic ideas on each other without any of that pesky liberalism that they always complain about.

They'd be free to abolish abortion, eliminate Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and the ACA.

Taxes? Who needs 'em?

All of their news stations would be Fox News and Rush and Sean will fill their radio waves.

No more #MeToo and BLM in their little world.

Marriage for them would be free to be the thing it's always meant for them, a way for them to control women's bodies, to make them no more than servants, sex-objects and baby-making machines. That is, only of these women would go in for that sort of thing.

No more George Soros or Dreamers. No more Nancy Pelosi, Obama or Hillary in their world. No Democrats whatsoever.

No liberal professors or climate scientists warning everyone about Global Climate Change.

No gun control advocates and everyone gets to vote under prevailing Voter ID laws... Whichever ones they want.

I'm sure that it would be so easy for them to exclude all the furriners that set them at unease... Pretty much because no thinking one would ever want to go to such a place

They could wave all their favorite non-Stars and Stripes flags and they would never have to worry about anyone taking a knee to the National Anthem, as it's played at the top of every single hour of every single day. Twice on Sundays.

Men, white men, old white men or anyone else who believes that they're marginalized by wimmens and minorities would be free from marginalization. Their wimmens would all know their places and oblige without any of those pesky feminisms to deal with.

All of that, simply because every single person, program, idea or inconvenient truth that we liberals feel that we need to bring up will not be in their world.

And presiding over this paradise of theirs would be their Gawd-Emperor and President-For-Life, the Donald and his clan.

And if I were to do that, for once, they'll be oh-so happy, right? RIGHT?

Yep, if I could, I would do them all that huge favor. All because I'm a really nice guy. Yes, I am.


(I'm pretty much convinced that these motherfuckers are the most miserable SOBs on the planet. And their one goal in life is to make everyone who has ever existed just as fucking miserable as they are.)

Tune in for another MrScorpio's HOUSE FIRE Session!


GOPrs will never admit that corporate and top marginal tax cuts are horrible ideas for the economy

Taxes should be wielded as a cudgel to force investment in society... We did that in the 1950s, when built post-war America and the Middle Class, along with a organized labor.

Instead, we've given all that away and handed it to the oligarchs, thanks to the Republicans.

Instead of living with a high quality of life that worthy of living in the "Greatest Country Ever," American workers are barely existing month-to-month. If the GOPrs prevail in November, they intend to cut deeper, gutting Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and repeal the ACA.

They're exploding the debt and the deficit with a giveaway tax cut to their corporate masters and intend to double-down on that folly again.

They're presiding over the greatest upwards transfer of wealth since... I don't know since when. I've never seen anything like this in my entire life. And pretty much half the electorate of mostly ignorant, angry and fearful white people are just going to hand it over to them with a scowl.

This needs to be stopped, unless we'll see our own self-destruction.

It's madness to allow the GOPrs free rein in the crucial time... And I haven't even touched on their unwillingness to do something about foreign attacks on or democracy, the way that they ignore the clear and present dangers of climate change and the generalized way that they're leading the nation into fascism.

If anything, it's quite clear that the Republican Party in its present iteration is overdue to be destroyed.

It's amazing that it hasn't happened already.

What's their angle? "Nothing wrong with a little killing, as long as the right people get killed."

Conservatives mount a whisper campaign smearing Khashoggi in defense of Trump

By Robert Costa and
Karoun Demirjian
October 18 at 11:32 PM

Hard-line Republicans and conservative commentators are mounting a whispering campaign against Jamal Khashoggi that is designed to protect President Trump from criticism of his handling of the dissident journalist’s alleged murder by operatives of Saudi Arabia — and support Trump’s continued aversion to a forceful response to the oil-rich desert kingdom.

In recent days, a cadre of conservative House Republicans allied with Trump has been privately exchanging articles from right-wing outlets that fuel suspicion of Khashoggi, highlighting his association with the Muslim Brotherhood in his youth and raising conspiratorial questions about his work decades ago as an embedded reporter covering Osama bin Laden, according to four GOP officials involved in the discussions who were not authorized to speak publicly.

Those aspersions — which many lawmakers have been wary of stating publicly because of the political risks of doing so — have begun to flare into public view as conservative media outlets have amplified the claims, which are aimed in part at protecting Trump as he works to preserve the U.S.-Saudi relationship and avoid confronting the Saudis on human rights.

Trump’s remarks about reporters amid the Khashoggi fallout have inflamed existing tensions between his allies and the media. At a Thursday rally in Montana, Trump openly praised Rep. Greg Gianforte (R-Mont.) for assaulting a reporter in his bid for Congress last year.

“Any guy that can do a body slam, he’s my kind of — he’s my guy,” Trump said.

Hours earlier, prominent conservative television personalities were making insinuations about Khashoggi’s background.

“Khashoggi was tied to the Muslim Brotherhood,” Fox News anchor Harris Faulkner asserted on Thursday’s highly rated “Outnumbered” show. “I just put it out there because it is in the constellation of things that are being talked about.” Faulkner then dismissed another guest who called her claim “iffy.”


I don't see a door. Do you see a door?

Any Trump Rally...

Halloween Is Coming #90

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