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im baaaackkkk

cognitive dissidence..kelly rindfleisch was right...

sad to say in this political climate this might be the case...


3 years ago the democrats flee the state to illinois....


wisconsin was brought up at our afscme union`s people convention. as you know we are facing a guy far worse than walker. the unions in illinois are urging their member to vote republican in the primary for anyone but bruce rauner!

by voting for reagan did walker commit voter fraud?

it seems he just admitted that he did...


i think the idea that he can be a creditable candidate for the presidency has finally slipped away...

well my friends in wisconsin you think walker is bad? well welcome to illinois...

i was at the state afscme people meeting where we were discussing and voting on endorsements of the candidates this election cyclical. the front runner for the republicans is a guy named bruce rauner. his stated goal is to bust all public unions and his main target is the afscme union. unlike walker this guy has enough money to bankroll his own campaign. so far he has raised 9.8 million dollars so far with 3.5 million coming from his bank account. he has started television and radio ads already. i won't bore you with the details but there`s a very long list of things that he has done in his private business and what he intends to to to this state.

i`ll put it this way...compared to walker,he`s meaner,smarter, and he has his own money to buy the election in illinois.

the 5 county secret investigations has the seal of approval by the appeals court.

i wonder if scotty will sleep tight tonight....


maybe scotties plans for big and better things are over?

wonder why there`s not enough propane in wisconsin ? it`s the free market!

the us producers are exporting propane...http://www.bluecheddar.net/?p=37498

get used to it because there is no restriction on exports and they will increase.

remember erik prince of blackwater fame? the man who made a fortune off of dead iraqi`s?

well look no further...he`s providing logistics for china's trillion dollar investment in africa.

of course he's not interested in security unless....someone asks him.


oh great...walker hires a guy from texas to run the dnr

why do i care here in illinois? could it be the deer wasting disease that tommy t unleashed in wisconsin and northern illinois?

so walker hires a guy from texas that wants to get rid of a wisconsin tradition older than his age and iq combined?


way to create even more hardship for the local economy across wisconsin scotty.

we are fighting the deer wasting disease here in northern illinois by making sure there are safeguards such as field testing deer,controlled hunts in high deer wasting disease areas,and hunter awareness programs. we do not have the local bar at the intersections or in small towns like wisconsin does. so we really have to rely on field testing and the deer hunter`s word.

nothing better than eartha kitt on christmas eve

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