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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 87,946

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Majority of white people have voted for every republican for president since passage of civil rights

Obama lost support among whites that he never got back when he mentioned how blacks and hispanics are unfairly targeted by cops after the professor gates incident.

White people should stop voting based on their racism.

She doesn't need swing voters in her district.

I don't think I would because I would see saving him as

putting other lives at risk.

debates these days are always theater. there are many ways to find out

about candidates positions.

the debates are the worst way.

so lets give attention to the fictional threat of the Caravan ? your disgusting ass just doesn't

want people to know how the shooter was inspired by your gross father .

Too bad he has no credibility. Need another source

this is stupid. nobody was looking at this in those terms

And you say you want substantive debate ?

its reached a level where there is more criticism of it than the

Actual incidents of attacks on innocent black people.

that's what happens when obama is not on the ballot

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