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I Can !!! - 'Deadly: Cars vs. Guns...'

Next time someone tells you about the deadliness of cars, compared to guns...

Remind them...

That cars are regulated up the wahzoo, because cars CAN be deadly.

You have to be tested, licensed, registered, and insured.

We now have seat-belt, air-bags, and numerous other safetey features... ALL required BY LAW>

We have entire governmental departments assigned to the monitoring of cars... The DMV, the police, sheriffs, state police, Dept. of Transportation, etc...

We should do the same for guns.

I'll Say It Again... If I Were King (LOL !!!) I'd Tie The Top Marginal Tax Rate To The Unemployment

Rate, AND... The Poverty Rate.

Hike it back up to 60 or 70 percent, and then tell... "THE JOB CREATORS"...

For every point of unemployment reduction, you, as a class, get 5 points off your tax rate.

I'd have experts figure out how to come up with some similar formula for the poverty rate so they have to start paying everybody a Living Wage.

C'mon "JOB CREATORS"... put you monies where your mouths are.

I Guess I Missed The DU Rapist Genesis... But...

My sister, one of three, was kicked out of her boyfriend's Corvette because she was trying to break her relationship off.

He circled her twice saying, "I love you, baby."

And then ran his Corvette into the stadium wall at Sac City College... killing himself, right in front of her.

Two years later... same sister... was asked by a guy if she wanted to dance...

She politely said no, and thanked the guy.

30 minutes later... as she was walking to her VW, thinking her friends were right behind her...

This same guy tells her to open the car door and get in there with him.

She refuses (going against the advice of law enforcement) and he slices her arm with a swith-blade to show how serious he is. When he does that, she screams bloody murder. And then he stabs her three time in the back... puncturing her lung.

She survives still... and is one AWESOME and forgiving person.

The reason I tell these rather personal tales...

Is twofold.

1) Try to distinguish between the various forms of rape... in order to keep RAPE un-muddled as a crime.


2) Remember... (not letting anybody off the hook here) but... many of us here at DU actually lived through the sexual revolution. And many did it with differing consequences.

But, as I remember, the challenge was, once you turned 18, you own your own body, and your own decisions.

I never took advantage of a sleeping woman because my philosophy is...

"I don't want to attend a party I ain't invited to."

And twice in my young sexual revolutionary life... I was in mid... well ... you know...

and as soon as I knew the rules had changed, I backed away,and put it all away, and hugged them, and exited as friends.

The Sexual Revolution WAS a lot about stuff like that. It was about learning new realities and social mores.

Don't know if this makes any sense, but... my 2 cents.

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