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American Idiots don't understand American laws don't work in Europe.


Idiot claims to be a "First Amendment Provocateur". Skipped bail and fled to Europe to get to some sort of Neo-Nazi homeland.

They don't play with that shit in Europe.


Wish me luck, second total knee replacement surgery is tomorrow. Update.

The first one last October, I recovered really well - except for that part two months later when I got tired of no one cleaning the kitty litter box for three weeks (because apparently walking short distances with a cane and being cleared to drive again meant I was all healed up) and I finally did it myself against doctor orders -and ended up spending the week before Xmas in the hospital with an infection below the surgery location that went septic.
Almost lost the leg below the knee; Aetna would have been so pissed after spending over $300k on that knee.

So now, everyone knows the drill. Grandma/Stepmom/Spouse does absolutely no cleaning that can scatter germs or bacteria for at least three months. Also, make sure Superwoman doesn't take over and start overdoing it with the "I can walk again" routine.

I can't wait for this last knee to be replaced. The pain really started ramping up as the weather got wet.

Update. The surgeon, who also did my right knee, declared this one was the worse he's seen once he opened it up and was pretty amazed I rehabbed to walking with a cane on it before. Bone spurs, no cartilage and indications that the lower joint was splitting.
Surgery went just fine, pain level (with nerve blockers still active) "four and sore" and the hospital food here is bourgie-good.
Four star level - dinner was Roast Beef Au-jus (Medium Rare) with roasted Garlic Red potatoes and Butter roasted Cauliflower with Parmesan, served with a fresh melon cup. Last time I was here, I had fresh made oatmeal with french toast that was like I would have made it at home.
Apparently the locals here come to the hospital cafeteria (where our food comes from) for low cost good food. My recovery nurse takes her boyfriend here for date night dinners.
This is Sharp Coronado Hospital in the San Diego Area. The rooms are horrible, the staff and doctors are great, and the food is better than a lot of restaurants in town. The staff complains they have to fight with the locals for tables in the cafeteria.

Anyway, going home tomorrow.


What we're seeing is the US branch of Republican Donor Club is done waiting.

That's what you're seeing now.
They're tired of the GOP House members looking like fools, because that will affect 2024.
They want the "critical items" - like in blowing up the Federal bureaucracy and oversight and privatizing federal programs for profit - on their agenda started now before the US public starts wondering about the maturity and leadership of their chosen Trojan Horse political organization.
As for investigations, they don't care.

They're not getting the bang for their investment buck as soon as they want. And they're getting bored.


Using reclaimed water to brew beer...


A niche Brewery in San Diego partners with San Diego International Airport to use jet bridge condensation for the water they use to brew two specialty beers specifically for the airport. Since it appears they only use half the reclaimed water the airport makes, I wonder how much this technology can be used to alleviate some of our future drinking water issues due to drought.

I'd be interested how much this costs the brewery.

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