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The GOP Beat Off Tea Partiers

The GOP Beat Off Tea Partiers — But Can They Win The Senate?

I love TPM but that is one helluva headline


Bob McDonnell Innocent By Reason Of Wife’s Cuckoo Insanity


The defense opened its case in former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell’s corruption trial Monday, and at least part of the defense strategy seems aimed at a Not Guilty By Reason Of Wife’s Insanity verdict. A staffer for the former state First Lady testified that everyone in the governor’s mansion thought Mrs. McDonnell was “suffering from mental illness,” which presumably will advance the real defense aim of suggesting that she, not the governor, was the one responsible for the couple’s close association with a peddler of diet supplements, and so Bob McDonnell never did a corrupt thing at all. If she’s lost her shit, you must acquit!

“My difficulty in answering the question comes from that I don’t want to just pile on,” she said.

A box of tissues were supplied. “I hope I don’t need these,” she said. And she went on.

“She was very difficult, very demanding, very diva-ish,” Kelly said.

Kelly also said that Mrs. McDonnell’s chief of staff, Mary-Shea Sutherland, often came to her and said that McDonnell had been screaming at staff, but darned if the Washington Post will tell us what she was screaming, or whether it ever involved wire hangers.

About six months into the administration, Kelly said Sutherland came to her saying, “I’m really worried about the first lady. This isn’t normal behavior and I’m concerned – ”

Prosecutors objected, and Kelly initially was not allowed to finish her thought. But she later went on to say, “There were concerns that she was suffering from mental illness.”

Support grows for Ferguson officer Darren Wilson (grab barf bag before clicking this thread)

Support grows for Ferguson officer Darren Wilson
The video there includes a St. Louis Police officer speaking of the "professionalism of police in this area"

Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson Has a Serious Online Fan Club

From the GoFundMe page to multiple Facebook fan pages, the cop who killed Michael Brown is getting lots of online love. Just one thing: His supporters would prefer to remain anonymous.

A support page for Ferguson police Officer Darren Wilson, the man who shot and killed 18-year-old Michael Brown, has brought in more than $10,000 in the last day.

“We stand behind Officer Darren Wilson and his family during this trying time in their lives,” the GoFundMe page’s creators write. “All proceeds will be sent directly to Darren Wilson and his family for any financial needs they may have including legal fees.”

Her reticence is not uncommon among online supporters of Officer Wilson. A number of administrators of support pages for the officer on Facebook declined to speak with The Daily Beast, citing a fear of being a target of potential violence. Those who did shared their beliefs on the condition of anonymity.

“I don’t think an officer of his reputation would shoot an unarmed person for no reason whatsoever,” said one administrator in Ferguson who suggested The Daily Beast identify him as “Bossman.” His page, called “I support Missouri Police Officer Darren Wilson,” has a great deal fewer likes than some of the better-publicized Facebook pages.

Facebook Page Supporting Officer Who Fatally Shot Michael Brown Surpasses 30K ‘Likes’

One of the links on the page is for a company that is selling a “Support Officer Darren Wilson” t-shirt. On the front of the navy blue shirt, it has a police officer’s badge with the phrase “Officer Darren Wilson, I Stand By You 8-9-14.” The back of the shirt features the phrase “We’ve Got Your 6″ in bold white letters.
FYI "your 6" is a military term for your back but it also refers to the number of bullets that hit Michael Brown. I don't think that choice was any accident.

aaaand roll the Ferguson story

(cut to Trooper Johnson) (close frame of him speaking) "Peaceful protests by day..... (cut to "rioters" throwing tear gas back at heavily armed cops) "dangerous dynamic in the night". No images of the peaceful protests.

MSNBC reporter "There were peaceful protests and then SOMETHING HAPPENED and the police started lobbing teargas and concussion grenades ... we are not sure what happened but something happened"

The male model script reader who replaces Willie Geist mid show repeatedly interrupted both Ed Rendell and Eugene Robinson when they even sort of ventured off script with "We don't have all the facts" "An investigation is being done".

Switch over to Fox & Friends" - Douchebag "There now reports of up to a dozen people who saw the incident just as the Ferguson Police have reported" ---uh they haven't issued any report on the actual shooting.

I have been following much of this on my iPhone but today I am home with my sick daughter. Now I see how this story is being framed for mass consumption.

If I may - Michael Brown and Bowe Bergdahl

All the same voices (meaning all of the media) who are telling us "Whoa there! The authorities are investigating themselves and when they complete the report we will HAVE ALL THE FACTS" didn't want an investigation (like DoD policy dictates) on Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl. That was a "clear cut" case based on a PR program to get the opinions of his old unit mates in front of your eyes and ears. No investigation needed. Just slam the case closed.

We have been consistent in demanding FACTS on both of these public matters but there is a difference. The Bergdahl situation does include some national security issues and is being handled by policy and procedure of the DoD. The Ferguson situation does not include any security element and is being done not only one of the sides in the incident but a clearly unprofessional and probably corrupt police force. The citizens of Ferguson can do an investigation too (and not just the elected officials) they just need the reports. Sure the Ferguson PD has no problem releasing a "full report" on another incident, the convenience store, that was clearly meant to shape the story so they should have no probably releasing the information that they have on the killing of an unarmed man by a public official.

The problem with WE DON'T HAVE ALL THE FACTS is that WE don't, they do.

Obama's break from vacation: How unusual is that? (Omg Terry Schiavo mentioned


But, it must be noted, the two-day hiatus was on the books before Obama decided to launch airstrikes in Iraq and before rioting in Ferguson erupted over a policeman’s killing of an unarmed black teenager.

Most of them involve President George W. Bush, who spent a lot of time at his ranch in Crawford, Texas, almost treating it at times as a second White House. Mr. Knoller cites these examples:

President Bush left his ranch for the White House on March 20, 2005, to sign legislation aimed at keeping alive Terry Schiavo, the young woman with severe brain damage who became a national cause célèbre. Then, he returned to Crawford.

In August 2005, Bush cut short a ranch visit by two days because of hurricane Katrina.
In August 2007, Bush interrupted a ranch stay to attend a Summit of the Americas in Canada. He then returned to Crawford by way of Minnesota and Kansas for other events. <----- fund raisers???

Remember SEQUESTRATION? Comm. Va has new $882M budget shortfall due to less DoD spending

There is a total of $2.4B short - the first part was due to bad capital gains expectations made by the Va Dept if Planning and Budget.


RICHMOND —Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D) on Friday announced a $2.4 billion projected budget shortfall that he largely blamed on cuts in defense spending mandated by sequestration — a situation, he said, that will force the state to rethink how it generates tax income.

MSM doesn't seem to know what to report on the second press conference

I keep refreshing google news CNN and Fox but it is just the same articles of the robbery and short articles about now finding out that Wilson didn't know Brown was a suspect.

They got caught selling Jackson's smear story all day.

Who is Hannity going to hitch his wagon to next?

Cliven Bundy
Rick Perry
Ollie North - fake payola theory on Bo Bergdahl
His whisper buddy Netanyahu

Now Ferguson Chief of Police Thomas Jackson

The guy on my car radio just explained why police forces have been militarized

You can probably guess who the guy on the radio was.

Do you remember the bank robbery in Los Angeles in the '90s in which men in body armor out gunned much of the LAPD? It was then that law enforcement needed to upgrade their equipment.....

And so on

He was speaking of the North Hollywood shoot out Feb 28, 1997

See, it makes perfect sense!
Except that the 1208 program was initiated in 1990 and changed to the 1033 program in 1996.
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