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Skidmore's Journal
Skidmore's Journal
March 1, 2020

The Democratic Party since Nixon has traditionally

represented those people which have not been afforded power by the Republican base, which is comprised largely of white males. Recall Republicans sneering that Democrats were the "mommy party" because they took up issues that affected women? We have been a coalition of people of color and women, with black women at the heart of the party. I trust their judgment.

What better north star to follow when it comes to seeking and keeping democracy and justice than those who have fought so hard to gain it for themselves and their families? We join them in common cause to keep freedom and justice first and foremost in the consciousness of the nation.

This is why Sanders took so long to gain traction. He failed to recognize that economic grievances are not enough in the face of injustices stemming from racism and misogyny. In fact, he has had a slow learning curve and problems with both in his campaigns. Bloomberg has similar issues to overcome an, frankly, should drop out and use his money to better causes than a campaign.

We should keep this in mind when dealing with Trump and his red caps. The broader Democratic Party must be mindful of how Republicans target our specific groups, the language used, and that their marginalization of people springs from a deep well of entitlement based on traditional beliefs that women and people of color are inferior to white males.

September 1, 2016

Want to stop Trump? More bang for the buck: Point of the Spear


Donation campaign to collect and distribute funds to the most Dem candidate campaigns as possible. $25 will get $1 to candidates from top of the ticket to bottom listed. or you can choose your own candidates. These donations are matched at times. Get involved.
March 16, 2015

And Cotton is a Harvard grad too.

I have always tended to be unimpressed by the grads of ivy League schools. Give me a guy or woman who has actually done the work rather than run their mouth from the time they hit the top floor running. So many of these elite grads just lack so much.

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