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Kavanaugh's demise could be the $200K mysterious payment.

His personal finances have to have been precarious until suddenly that enormous debt was washed away, clean and clear..

We know it was not student debt...he would have honorably told us about that..

A flimsy attachment to "home improvements" could bring bank fraud charges if untrue..
He was questioned briefly about it, and denied that it was a gambling debt.

A HELOC loan or similar that was secured improbably or fraudulently is a problem for him.

Hopefully a house of representative's committee can subpoena the necessary documents around that "monetary miracle"

Republicans used to be very interested in dirty/illegal money... (except for Trumpies cons)

At this point a true impeachment may be off the table, but we still need to get the facts of every grimy detail of "FFFFFBart" 's life so that forever when he's googled, the truth will be there..

Cats often do not kill/eat the mouse right away

They like to play with it for a while until they get bored and then they kill it.

Trump is a big ole fat-cat, and we are all just his mice..

Why he gets away with it is beyond me, but he does

the FBI thing is just a game to provide cover and to appease a few righties who are pretending to waver.

sad time in the usa.

Jeff Flake-Paramedic

Much has been said recently about his "bravery", but all I have seen is sporadic talk, and the occasional tepid "stand".....and then he votes against reason and decency

He always reminds me of a paramedic who stumbles upon an accident..the victim is badly injured

Jeff holds their hand and says nice words..

He does not call for an ambulance , nor does he administer real first aid..

a big ole FAIL.

Careful.. Here's how Trump "wins"

1. tomorrow he calls Brett in and tells him to use family turmoil as an excuse..and he removes his name himself.

2. investigation ends..

3. Trump nominates the woman with all the kids. She probably has nothing dirty in her past except for all those diapers

4. Trumpy women LOVE the idea of a woman on the court

5. Her nomination would sail through before the election

I saw my (then) 15 yr old son in Kavanaugh yesterday

One of my sons had serious drug/alcohol issues when he was a teen, and I remember vividly all the angry confrontations with him .

One moment he was belligerent, ready to lash out at anyone in his path, and the next he was dissolved in a puddle of tears.

Those were very trying years and yesterday the memories came flooding back..

I feel for us, but I also worry about Kavanaugh's young girls

You don't need to know the name of the cow to eat a steak

This whole "I didn't even KNOW these women" shtick is wearing thin..

These were PRIVILEGED boys at pricey schools..

They had "house parties" with quite small numbers

The girls invited were NOT their "girlfriends"...the ones they took home to Mom & Dad's or to the Country Club events

The girls invited were probably younger than them...probably scholarship girls or "townies"

These girls were most likely IDed as Blonde/Brunette/Redhead ..cute..petite ..etc..

Names were not necessary for what these boys had in mind.

A 17 yr rich old boy knows he is "bait" for a young 15 yr old looking to find a cool older guy to date...one with money and status.. (The movies/tv shows are full of stories)

At 15 you do not drive..you would have lied to parents to go there, and once there, you were trapped into a bad situation..

There was no Uber to bail you out..

You just had to hope you would get out alive....

They had to know that reporting it would be a bad idea for them, so the "boys" knew they had no reason to stop.

bastards all of them

3 women, one old guy, two sexual predators and 3 religious nut cases

Our amazing SCOTUS..

Yikes..Boiling Springs Lake Dam (NC) has failed.

This damned storm is just too much


"A Face in the Crowd"

For you young ones,THIS is a must-see movie (especially now that he's besmirching southerners)

It's an oldie (b&W), but it's one of a very few that should be seen every so often


another is of course, "1984" ( I prefer the book)

Hey, Donald

Have you googled "Trump asshole"?

I just did and got this

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