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Democrats (Group): About This Group

A place where loyal Democrats can support our party, our candidates, and our elected officials, in a positive environment. No in-fighting or bashing.

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The current Hosts of this group are:

hierarchy Hosts
1 Tx4obama
2 stevenleser
3 ellisonz
4 Cha
5 Cary

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Type (Forum or Group): Group

Relevance (Political or Non-political): Political

Status (Active or Pending): Active

RSS feed: RSS /?com=rss&forum=1100

Primary Category: Democrats
Secondary Categories: Government & Elections

Number of posts, 30 days: 0
Number of posts, All time: 1,813

Number of subscribers: 123
Number of people trashing: 8

Created: N/A (This group was created on a previous version of the DU software.)

Number Blocked members
1 tomkoop
2 JackInGreen
3 Jokerman
4 arcane1
5 HawkMode
6 pugetres
7 grasswire
8 villager
9 leveymg

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