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Mon Mar 21, 2016, 01:27 PM Mar 2016

No doubt about it: Politico and HuffPost, and MSM = Ministry of Propaganda.

I find the headline on HuffPost today (2:15pm est.) to be shameful in it's unbalanced attempt to sway--


The Establishment and Democrats calling for Bernie to stop trying to win the nomination are the purest form of hypocrites––one need only take a glance at how they protest vehemently about the rules when Republicans move to block Obama’s nominee for the Supreme Court vacancy. Now they want to rush the process and they’re using all their power (political and corporate) doing whatever it takes to UPEND THE ELECTION because they want Hillary to be the nominee, before you’re even finished voting. Because, if you keep voting, you might end up picking a nominee they don’t want (Bernie). The fact that they’re doing this, so brazenly, with the complicity of the MEDIA tells you HOW VERY REAL THEY THINK THE CHANCES ARE that Bernie might win––should the nomination process play out completely as it is designed.

So whoever they are––The DNC, The Media, The Corporations, The Establishment––they’re revealing their true nature. They are bullies using their power to push the electorate around, they abuse their power––The DNC by favoring Hillary, the Media by propagandizing and virtually blacking out Bernie’s campaign story… this is what power looks like when it thinks it can do whatever it wants… This is the kind of abuse of power they pretend to fear from Donald Trump, but what they really fear is someone else having the power. What they really fear is you, your vote, you deciding instead of them. Don't fall for it.

Leave Bernie alone.
Unify with Bernie.
Never surrender.

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1. Those would be the same Democratic Senators who endorsed Hillary?
Mon Mar 21, 2016, 02:28 PM
Mar 2016

and never wanted to see Bernie run in the first place?

Fuck them. We're coming for them too, and when we're done their future gravy train as lobbyists will be gone along with their political careers.


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2. Exactly. They're next!
Mon Mar 21, 2016, 03:08 PM
Mar 2016

We need the list (on the DNC web site) of every Rep and Senator that endorsed Clinton and vote their sorry asses out of office.




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3. MSNBC had a tile before going to break
Mon Mar 21, 2016, 03:14 PM
Mar 2016

...The tile was of four prez candidates giving speeches over the last 24 hours. Sanders, who has spoken to massive crowds during that timeframe - was not one of the four in the tile.....it was the other 4 people running. They are trying to pretend he is not a candidate.

Ed Suspicious

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7. I've gotten to where I get a kick out of it. They expose themselves as hucksters and charlatans
Mon Mar 21, 2016, 07:16 PM
Mar 2016

every time they pull this shit.


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4. They are scared. 69% of Americans abrod voted for Bernie.
Mon Mar 21, 2016, 03:47 PM
Mar 2016

I called Utah yesterday -- lots of enthusiasm for Bernie. 12,000 showed up at his rally one of the people I called told me.

Washington State going for Bernie.

California -- Bernie will get delegates here for sure. Could even take the state. We don't vote until June.

Bernie is not going to quit.

He is about a movement, not just about this election.

And the name that I dare not mention because I have had 3 posts removed in the last 90 days is really scared at this point. No matter what happens, that person is not going to win by a landslide and since that person is not popular among Republicans or Independents anyway, it could mean a great problem for him or her in November.



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5. It's a slow Bern to the nomination!
Mon Mar 21, 2016, 04:35 PM
Mar 2016

Don't let anyone tell you it's over...I sampled a little Kook radio today and found Hannity going on about how (on their side) the process must play out all the way to the end, just like in an NCAA Final Four game.. it can be won with a last second shot, a buzzer beater. And although I tend to dislike sports analogies... if this help, repeat it often, or something like that.

No Surrender
Play the slow Bern (tortoise and the hare!); do not stop.


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6. I agree that they should back off, but, why the reach to link it to Supreme Court nomination?
Mon Mar 21, 2016, 04:48 PM
Mar 2016

Trying to rationalize GOP obstruction of Obama's nominee as similar to taking sides in a primary battle doesn't pass the smell test to me.

"They pretend to fear from Donald Trump…" Truly you jest.



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8. it's about the logic ...
Mon Mar 21, 2016, 07:46 PM
Mar 2016

and it's about intellectual honesty... if you stand on principle about following the law, or the rules of certain institutions––like presidential elections or replacing a Supreme vacancy––then you stand by the rules. I'm not linking the subject of the Supreme Court to this, just the logic and reasoning in arguments made about that issue. If you are a Democrat who says according to the rules Republicans ought to do their jobs and have Hearings to approve an Obama Supreme Appointee––then, it is inconsistent or intellectually dishonest to then suggest that Bernie ought to quit the race before it has run it's course (i.e. following the rules of the complete election process).

If you want it both ways--well then, you're logic is inconsistent and you might be a practitioner of situational ethics.

Sorry if I was vague... and in either case, I'm not sure if you're for Hillary, but if you like situational ethics, she's got you covered.


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10. Supreme Court is NOT supposed to be about politic games, while primary battles are ALL
Tue Mar 22, 2016, 08:58 AM
Mar 2016

about political persuasion and gamesmanship.

I tend to not trust those who claim equivalency on current D vs R battles, especially where equivalency doesn't exist.

This Sanders voter doesn't play like that ……especially here at DU.

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