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stone space

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Fri Dec 12, 2014, 09:04 AM Dec 2014

Open Carry Tarrant County Kills Two.

If only the police had been called and their guns confiscated when they toted them around in public, these two people might very well be alive today.

Open Carry Activist Charged With Shooting Ex-Husband And Stepdaughter Dead

A woman charged with shooting and killing her ex-husband and stepdaughter has strong connections to groups advocating for expanding open carry gun laws in Texas.

Local news outlets on Wednesday reported that Veronica Dunnachie was arrested and charged with shooting and killing her ex-husband and step daughter.

Buried in some of the initial reporting on the arrest of Dunnachie seems to have been an active participant in open carry groups in Texas. The local ABC affiliate, WFAA, noted that Dunnachie's Facebook page is photos of her engaged in open carry firearm advocacy activities. WFAA also noted that one of her profile pictures included the text "Sometimes removing some people out of your life makes room for better people."

Veronica and Russell Dunnachie were going through a divorce, according to court records.

Photo from Dunnachie's Facebook.

Reached by TPM on Thursday, Arlington, Texas police pointed to Dunnachie's Facebook page and the photos on there showing her involved in Open Carry Tarrant County and pictures of Open Carry Texas.

"We aren't in a position to give someone's affiliation to a group or organization but if you go to her Facebook page, it's pretty clear," Arlington Police Department Officer Tiara Richard told TPM, referring to Open Carry Tarrant County.

Those two groups, Open Carry Tarrant County and Open Carry Texas, are Second Amendment rights groups that want to expand Texas law to allow carrying all weapons openly. Right now Texas law just allows for carrying guns openly.

"We're comfortable with the charge of capital murder that she intentionally killed more than one person," Arlington Police Department Sgt. Jeffrey Houston told TPM.

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Feral Child

(2,086 posts)
2. I'm opposed
Fri Dec 12, 2014, 09:45 AM
Dec 2014

to the emotional sniping at "extreme gun-enthusiasts" referring to small penises or, in this case, "penis-envy".

By using this type of taunt, "extreme gun-enthusiasts" can deflect criticism as coming from "gun-grabbers" talking-points.

Much as I understand the desire to wound these annoying and irresponsible people, this type of personal attack isn't productive.

I own guns. I sometimes carry a gun, usually in wild-areas where there is a threat of animal attack or attack by human predators.

I object strongly to the proliferation of guns by mentally/emotionally unstable "extreme gun-enthusiast" especially those who are living a "wild-west" fantasy or wish to intimate the community, and most certainly by arrogant types like Zimmerman who crave notoriety and mistake reasonable fear of the insane as "respect".

I feel that law violations involving guns should be harshly punished, including reckless endangerment and negligence. I think that carry-permits should be limited to a proven need, not handed out to anyone that wants to convince him/herself and the world that they're bad-asses.

I think firearms are useful tools for limited applications, not a multi-tool to be hung openly on the belt to be used for any and all situations.

We will never achieve realistic gun-control as long as we can be portrayed by "extreme gun-enthusiasts" as hysterical, overly emotional people who want to compare or discuss sexual organs all the time.

Just my opinion, and certainly not meant as criticism. I'm pretty sure we share the same goal, eliminating guns in the hands of the mentally/emotionally unstable, the self-styled vigilantes, and the so-called "good guy w/ a gun".

Feral Child

(2,086 posts)
7. Suit yourself, stone space.
Mon Dec 15, 2014, 02:04 PM
Dec 2014

Sometimes I need to vent, too.
I try hard not to do it here, very early on it got me in trouble, some hides.

I understand you about their (the gun enthusiasts) complacency, but I'm thinking they just "get off" on your emotion. They like upsetting us.

Another thought on your link, didn't you find the vic's attribution of divine intervention to be a bit arrogant? After all, if God won't bother Herself over a little kid with cancer, why believe She'd personally intervene in the quoted incident?

Just me, but I have to question Her priorities.

Or, are you speaking obliquely about me calling out our resident Christian apologist that pretends to be agnostic? That's just ju jitsu posting. Use their momentum to break their balance. Reread the second sentence in the body of this post. The judoka that stays unemotional gets Ippon!


stone space

(6,498 posts)
8. An ammosexual shooting people in a university library is arrogant.
Mon Dec 15, 2014, 02:19 PM
Dec 2014
didn't you find the vic's attribution of divine intervention to be a bit arrogant?

A student thanking God to come out of it alive is not.

Feral Child

(2,086 posts)
9. OK
Mon Dec 15, 2014, 02:28 PM
Dec 2014

I didn't realize you're the Arbiter of All Things Arrogant.

I get it, you're still stinging from that other thread and you want to pick a fight. Maybe tomorrow, but I have to warn you, my Internet Blinding Spider style is very strong!

Right now it's sunny and 58* out, no breeze, and I've got a massive oak out there calling to me. I can see a big chunk just north of the root is going to make a fine base for my anvil. I've got 5 gallons of treated fuel for my chainsaw, and a fresh chain installed.

Have a nice afternoon stoney and just try not to think about it. Nobody's going to remember in a week.

Fred Sanders

(23,946 posts)
11. The moment you realize an open carry gun slinger is really a crazy killer is a moment just before you die.
Wed Jan 7, 2015, 12:25 PM
Jan 2015

Schema Thing

(10,283 posts)
3. Holy Crap - I photographed the Tx Republican Party convention
Fri Dec 12, 2014, 09:59 AM
Dec 2014

this year.... and I'm almost 100% certain I saw this woman walking around the stadium with those sidearms!!

dangit, I don't think I got a picture of her though!

Editing to add: assuming she is the woman on the left in the top pic.... looking at the frame of video, it looks like perhaps she is one of the other women shown in the top pic?


(28,085 posts)
4. Don't worry about not taking a picture of her.
Fri Dec 12, 2014, 10:06 AM
Dec 2014

She wouldn't have been noticeable in that convention crowd.

Schema Thing

(10,283 posts)
5. actually this woman and they guy she was with did stand out
Fri Dec 12, 2014, 10:13 AM
Dec 2014

two young good looking hispanic people dressed sharply and wearing old west sidearms. The convention didn't have open-carry folks hanging around, except for the one afternoon that these folks came out as a form of activism.

It was kind of funny that for all their blabber, the TX Republicans weren't going to allow the open carry folks into the stadium except for a short period of time when none of the big name politicians were going to be in the house.

But again, it looks like the woman on the upper left of the image may not be the killer.
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