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Wed Nov 21, 2012, 01:33 PM

Women are being raped at work.

How can that information be met with widespread apathy?

Well, because those women are working in porn.

There is your evidence of rape culture.

Most people seem to just not care at all. Or they say 'well there should be regulations'. Or they just leap straight to denial, and choose not to believe it. There is almost no chance that the fact that women are being raped at work will be seriously considered as an issue of any importance.

Because they work in porn. (Twisty is right.)

This documentary is over ten years old:



Porn is cool, isn't it? It's just a little harmless fun, yeah?

The worst scenes of the film were when Richard persuaded Felicity to meet the notorious Max Hardcore; a man who could have walked straight out of a Helen Zhavia novel; a man whose idea of interviewing Felicity and assessing her potential was to walk into the room and shove his penis into her before even shaking her hand, looking her in the eyes or asking her consent, while Richard stood and watched, smirking. It was obvious Felicity was terrified and deeply frightened, but alone in a strange house with no-one to speak up in her interest apart from the supposedly objective film crew, the best she could offer was nervous laughter. She had been constantly told that this is what she was supposed to be doing; who was she to disagree? Eventually she was reluctantly persuaded to do some filming there and then. Thirty minutes later she ran off the set crying after being deliberatly choked during oral sex. Max Hardcore followed; Richard, again, did nothing. Felicity was shocked and traumatized, but Max Hardcore sat by her and tried to persuade her to continue, first faking sympathy, calling her special, but then suddenly turning and subjecting her to a torrent of verbal abuse: 'I'm not fucking impressed with your fucking effort, it's fucking pathetic, you're a fucking loser.' Felicity would have agreed to continue had the camera crew not stepped in, realising they were about to be complicit in a rape. But what would have happened if they hadn't been there?

After this appalling encounter, Felicity went back to jobs elsewhere, but seemed to be numbed, agreeing to go ahead with things she began her trip saying she would not and could not do. Her visit to Max, explained Richard, was all part of her 'education'. It emerged that one of the purposes of it was to test her 'limits' and to scare and shock her into doing more hardcore scenes. The film exposed an industry run by men for men, in which women are to be abused, physically hurt and degraded, simply objects objects to be used, and offered no support whatsoever from the people who aimed to make money from their hard work. This was anything but empowering and light-hearted. If this is how certain sections of the porn industry really work, they are abusive, demeaning, harmful, sickening beyond belief, and I absolutely loathe it. And if saying that makes me some kind of radical, then so be it.

Women are being raped at work. Women are being raped in order to get work.

And most people either don't care, choose not to think about it, or actively try to convince others that it isn't even happening, or that not enough women are being raped for it to be a problem worthy of consideration.

Many people know these facts, yet still consume porn and continue to think nothing of using it.

This is rape culture.

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Response to redqueen (Original post)

Wed Nov 21, 2012, 01:36 PM

1. k and r for this heartbreaking piece. I remember many years ago reading the linda lovelace

biography, where she documented the abuse she suffered in that industry.

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Response to niyad (Reply #1)

Wed Nov 21, 2012, 01:44 PM

2. Exiting porn stars are routinely ignored.

I had one porn defender, an admin for a Facebook group, actually refer me to Jenna Jameson's autobiography as evidence that ex porn stars can be fine with this multi billion dollar industry.

He had no idea what was in the book, obviously.

After I informed him, he then said that quotes from a book prove nothing.

The denial, and the hostility... just amazing.

I then had a teenage girl spew the 'but rapes decline where porn is legal!' bullshit. When provided evidence that those studies were deeply flawed and utterly misleading, she changed the subject and yelled at me for revealing that the source she'd used to cite those bullshit studies wrote his thesis on why simulated child porn should be legal.

This is rape culture.

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Response to niyad (Reply #1)

Wed Nov 21, 2012, 02:03 PM

3. yet, we hear enthusiastic misogynist comments from men, about this womans performance, ignoring


the horror story she tells.

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Response to seabeyond (Reply #3)

Wed Nov 21, 2012, 07:46 PM

4. The fact that so many can simply ignore it speaks volumes.

The enthusiastic defense of rapists screams even louder.

More than one woman have accused Ron Jeremy of rape. Three that I know of.

Other women have told of their experiences, being raped on sets. Does anyone care? Very few.

It's sickening.

And now the 'but she does porn' or 'but she wants to do porn' defense is actually a thing, because we live in a rape culture. (e.g. http://articles.cnn.com/2005-02-01/justice/haidl_1_retrial-keith-spann-kyle-nachreiner?_s=PM:LAW)

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Response to redqueen (Original post)

Fri Nov 23, 2012, 01:16 PM

5. In ten years there is still no serious discussion of porn & it's negative impact on our culture.

Instead, one of America's major political parties is looking to redefine rape.

Look at this! In one year, count how many felt emboldened to put qualifiers on rape. Legitimate, honest, emergency! Like the other post in this thread, where a young girl tries to argue the 'merits' of porn, you'll note that there is a woman's voice in this mix, too. WTF?

The patriarchy is not going to be satisfied until they have total control over women, until they can do whatever they want with us, just like any other possession they own.

Real men want to share their lives with real women, not objects. We need them in this fight.

When I'm depressed about all this, I search out the video of the young men telling other young men that street harassment isn't cool. Going to go look for it, now.

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