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Mon Aug 13, 2012, 11:42 AM

Medicare Obama vs. Ryan questions

In the movie And the Band Played on Dr. Curran started his staff meetings with the following statement "What do we think, what do we know, what can we prove". Using the same principal for the two medicare plans I realize I know what I think, but I really know very little and can prove nothing, this will make it very hard to debate the conservatives I live around who will surly vote for Romney/Ryan this November.

I have not heard a single all inclusive explanation of what Obama plans to do. I have heard the Republican criticisms which are all based on a $700M cut. I have heard bits and pieces of the Obama plan and various explanations of the $700M but not a good hard explanation.

What I have heard of the $700M cut are three basic explanations, 1) the $700M is only a shift, that the money taken out of medicare is being applied to the ACA 2) this will be a better way to give the same care to the same people and 3) the part of Medicare which the $700M comes from was a little used and ineffective part of medicare anyway.

What i have heard of the Ryan plan is that it too takes $700M from medicare but rather than shifting the money to other health care options the money goes to the tax cuts wanted by the Republicans. I have also heard that medicare will be changed to a voucher program which will 1) not affect current seniors (thus hoping to not cause a large senior shift to the Democrats), 2) will, at first at least, be an optional program, 3) the vouchers will not be adjusted to inflation of medical cost, so at first it may be a quid pro quo but as time passes will not be sufficient to cover the medical needs of the future seniors.

If what I have heard is true, I don't understand why all of these facts are not combined together and given to the American people in one package.

Does anyone know if what I heard is true or if I am missed anything?

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