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Fri Jun 29, 2012, 06:03 PM

The enemy of my enemy...maybe an unseen blessing?

Since Citizens United came out we on the left have been outraged. Many of us even here have called for the impeachment of Justice Roberts. After his historic vote on the Affordable Health Care program, we on the left and those who stand to benefit from it are not feeling so bad about our Chief Justice. (No, I have not heard anyone around here sing his praises either but you know what I mean)

On the other hand, those on the right, the teiabagger, the fox news indoctrinated, and those who call themselves conservative feel supremely betrayed. Thom Hartman speculates that this latest decision will replace Roe v Wade as a new rally point for these members of our electorate. The focus of the right's hate is one Chief Justice Roberts. Go look for yourself, right now he is a modern Benedict Arnold in their eyes some saying his decision equal to treason.

So all speculation aside as to why Justice Roberts did what he did, he is still the driving force behind one of the two worst Supreme Court decisions ever. (There was that other horrible decision regarding people being property prior to the Civil War you may recall). Do you REALLY think Chief Justice Roberts is undergoing some kind morality reversal-that he somehow developed a newfound love for We The People? I don't. I think he still serves corporate masters, I think the citizenry of this nation regardless of race, religion or political position mean nothing to him.

May I suggest, now is as good as it gets to start a groundswell movement calling on our government-(that is IF it is still OUR government), to bring about the impeachment of Chief Justice Roberts. You already know about the tenacity, the ferocity and the willingness of the masses on the right to get behind something and PUSH! Even though our reasons for doing this may differ, I believe that our joined forces-our joined voices-a true WE THE PEOPLES movement can make this thing happen.

Our government would be put into a position of doing the will of its citizenry or face a truly enraged electorat-one with but one mission, the replacement of that government! And if such a thing as I have just imagined were to occur, what great united endeavours could this new found partnership accomplish afterwards? Maybe resolve our election fraud problem, maybe accomplish campaign finance reform, how about stop a war and bring our fellow citizens home.

I guess what I am trying to point out is that we on the left want to take back our government, those on the right want to take back our government. Our government is being taken over by the corporatists. So....want to keep trying to take it back from those corporatists with our woefully unequal funds and with HALF OF THE ELECTORATE?

Look, I am tired of this fight, a fight that many here in the DU say we have already lost. I still have faith, faith in the system our founding fathers set up. Things don't really seem to be getting any better in this country. Frankly, since impeachment got taken off the table, I have lost a lot of faith in my Democratic leadership. That said, I still have faith in our democracy, but as someone else once said, "A house divided.... "
Well that's my rant, thanks.

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