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Mon May 2, 2016, 06:52 AM May 2016

Why I'll Vote for HRC in the GE

I will admit I am not thrilled with HRC as the nominee, ask anyone in the HRC Group; I support Sanders
But it would be rather hypocritical for me, a Corbyn and a Sanders supporter if I didn't
For months I have railed against the Blairites in the UK and their undermining of the guy who won the Labour Party leadership race
They can't seem to accept that Corbyn won and that it is their responsibility to rally around their leader
Instead, there are many of the Labour Parliamentarians who have actively worked to undermine his leadership
The Independent published a poll a few months back that showed almost 1 in 4 Labour supporters were unhappy with what they perceived as chaos within Labour; ie they weren't unhappy with Corbyn per se, they were unhappy with the sniping from the whiny losers within the party

I am an American and I vote. I will vote for Clinton, not because she is my first choice, but because I respect the decision of my friends within the party (about 40% of my friends supported HRC, about 45% supported Sanders, the rest didn't vote for either) who voted for her should/when she is the nominee.
I have read some of the idiocracy posted on DU that have attacked the campaign/character of Sanders, of Clinton and even O' Malley -- my first choice (when he was still in the race) and I do not allow the postings of a few ignorant, hyper-partisans to affect my decision, those are irrelevant in my decision

I expected the Blairites to rally around Corbyn when he won and have been frustrated that they haven't.
I think it's fair to expect the same of myself when my candidate doesn't win in the US elections - Democrats Abroad voted Sanders
Yes, I will continue to send money to the Sanders campaign, just like I would have O' Malley had he not left the race. It's not money wasted because I believe in his message and in him more than Clinton
But. I will respect the decision of my fellow Democrats

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Bill Clinton: "Liberals have nowhere else to go." RiverLover May 2016 #7
Bill did more to advance the conservative agenda than any Republican President could have BernieforPres2016 May 2016 #12
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"Ask anyone in the HRC group; I support Sanders" BernieforPres2016 May 2016 #11
17k+ posts...almost certainly not a Brock shill. Lizzie Poppet May 2016 #13
You're right, not a Brock hire BernieforPres2016 May 2016 #14


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4. Not sure why it does
Mon May 2, 2016, 07:06 AM
May 2016

My groups are Asian, O' Malley, Environment and Catholicism

Double checked my subscriptions

You may wanna try again

Though at one point I was a member of both Sanders and Clinton groups


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6. I believe you
Mon May 2, 2016, 07:12 AM
May 2016

Though I still don't know why
Asian Group
Catholicism and Orthodox Christianity
Martin O' Malley

Voted Sanders in Democrats Abroad and am a member in good standing at JPR


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8. And I agree in part
Mon May 2, 2016, 07:23 AM
May 2016

But would you expect the same of HRC supporters?
Would you expect them to vote for Sanders if he were the nominee
If so, as a friend of mine says, "Well..."


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7. Bill Clinton: "Liberals have nowhere else to go."
Mon May 2, 2016, 07:15 AM
May 2016

We keep enabling, we'll keep getting repubs who aren't quite as insane as those on the actual red team.

......Nowhere Else To Go

The reason we breathe the political air we do has everything to do with the presidency of Bill Clinton. He was the corporate revolutionary that brought the Democratic Party back from the irrelevance of Mondale and Dukakis. After 12 years of Republican elitism masquerading as supply-side wisdom, Clinton’s genius was to simply become a Republican in Democratic cloth, guiding the party of labor into the cigar-scented embrace of big capital. He adopted the neoliberal strategies of the Reagan era, recasting them in the counterfeit clothing of progressive populism.

Rather than challenge the power of money in politics, he embraced it. His strategy of triangulation proved the perfect model for unlocking conservative streams of wealth and simultaneously putting the conservative party on their heels. Imagine a simple triangle. On the bottom left is a liberal opinion. On the bottom right is a conservative opinion. At the apex of the triangle—well, that is your policy. Smack in-between the progressive left and the conservative right. That meant, in practice, moving right on key issues. In response, the Republicans have carved out a new homestead along the frontier of anti-government extremism. No surprise, really. After all, here was some Arkansas arriviste pilfering their positions and passing them off as his own. Clinton lifted their ideas, pimped out his platform to their donors, and somehow convinced his base not to burn down the Democratic Party. How else could they react?

In the end, this Janus-faced Machiavelli had it both ways. On one hand, he maintained a rhetoric of empathy for the poor, the blue-collar worker, the paycheck-to-paycheck laborer, and never hesitated to express his sympathies on his whistle-stop tours. Tears crept into the crow-footed corners of faces in the crowd. He felt our pain. On the other hand—or with the other hand—he palmed check after check from large corporate interests, assuring them, in deed if not word, that his rhetoric was little more than a ruse to retain the progressive vote.

In office, Clinton pursued Republican objectives. He launched a prison-building empire, gutted welfare, deregulated the financial markets, produced astonishing tax breaks for the rich, passed a trade bill that destroyed American jobs and wrecked Mexican agribusiness, and decided there was no good reason to maintain a wall between the unscrupulous capitalist investor and unwitting depositor. After all, as the Nineties refrain went, banks can police themselves. All the while, of course, he continued to peddle his sincerest sympathies to Main Street.

America hasn’t been the same since. Not least because the very deregulatory policies Clinton approved gutted the global economy in 2008. From an electoral perspective, the Democrats need only shade slightly left of the Republican insurgents to appear like even-keeled moderates and win the liberal vote. This is the platform and plan of Hillary Clinton, too. Another neoliberal corporate presidency. Obviously the Clintons think their strategy can still prevail. After all, as Bill Clinton gleefully said of disillusioned progressives he knew would eventually return to the fold, “They have nowhere else to go.”.....

Read in full~


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12. Bill did more to advance the conservative agenda than any Republican President could have
Mon May 2, 2016, 08:48 AM
May 2016

And I suspect Hillary will as well. She wants to take care of corporations and the top 0.1%. The Democrats will be with her, and she can work with the traditional Republicans who hate the Tea Party crowd. If they get primaried by the Tea Party crowd, they will move into much more financially lucrative careers as lobbyists.



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10. That's nice.
Mon May 2, 2016, 08:25 AM
May 2016

You show as a Hillary supporter. If you post in that group, and have not been banned, you are a Hillary supporter.

In any case, off to the ignore list with you - with all the other verbose Bernie Butters. 'bye!


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11. "Ask anyone in the HRC group; I support Sanders"
Mon May 2, 2016, 08:42 AM
May 2016

If you were actually a Sanders supporter it would have gotten you immediately blocked from the HRC group with all the rest of us.

Can't Brock hire better trolls than this?


Lizzie Poppet

(10,164 posts)
13. 17k+ posts...almost certainly not a Brock shill.
Mon May 2, 2016, 08:56 AM
May 2016

And the verbiage isn't infantile and derisive, either, a pretty sure sign. I disagree with the OP, but it's a reasonable post (although I did raise an eyebrow over that Hillary group bit, too).


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14. You're right, not a Brock hire
Mon May 2, 2016, 08:57 AM
May 2016

I didn't look at the number of posts until after I posted. But the claim of being a Bernie supporter in the HRC group was priceless.

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