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Wed Apr 6, 2016, 11:04 PM Apr 2016

Hillary Clinton Using Sandy Hook Victims as Political Props Just Backfired Completely


After a crushing defeat in Wisconsin, Hillary Clinton’s new campaign strategy is to viciously attack Bernie Sanders. But that isn’t working out so well.

Clinton’s campaign has been attacking the gun issue since last night, casting Bernie Sanders as a friend of gun manufacturers and Hillary Clinton as a staunch advocate of gun control. But that line of attack completely backfired after her campaign team tweeted a political attack at Sanders, using the children killed in Sandy Hook as a political football:

Immediately, the comment thread for that tweet was full of angry Sanders supporters, but even Clinton supporters were disgusted, calling out the former Secretary of State for her insensitivity toward Sandy Hook victims. One Sanders supporter who had apparently been trying to convince her parents to switch their support from Clinton to the Vermont senator said the Sandy Hook tweet was what put them over the edge:

Another Clinton supporter simply pleaded with their candidate to stand down:

A Facebook post from the relative of a Sandy Hook victim was perhaps most heartbreaking of all. It featured a picture of 6-year-old Allison Wyatt, one of the 20 children killed at Sandy Hook, with a plea for Clinton to stop bringing up the horrific shooting to smear her opponent. Other Twitter users agreed that Clinton’s Sandy Hook attack was one step too far

When the family of a child killed in the horrific tragedy shames you, then you know it is BAD!

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Hillary Clinton Using Sandy Hook Victims as Political Props Just Backfired Completely (Original Post) GeorgiaPeanuts Apr 2016 OP
I thought she has math? SHRED Apr 2016 #1
She can't help it. She would be vindictive even if it isn't necessary. It's the tough authoritarian rhett o rick Apr 2016 #6
I have noticed that her control over it comes and goes. SusanCalvin Apr 2016 #46
How many is she responsible for dying in Iraq? And US soldiers onecaliberal Apr 2016 #2
Whatever it is, Hillary will do it if it helps her win. She has no shame. BillZBubb Apr 2016 #3
I'm not surprised. She stoops as low as she thinks she needs to to smear others. n/t Binkie The Clown Apr 2016 #4
Did you see her tweet? ibegurpard Apr 2016 #5
Good . TheFarS1de Apr 2016 #7
Exploiting dead children to attack her opponent. EmperorHasNoClothes Apr 2016 #8
Sheesh, she may indeed be qualified, but her willingness to say/do anything jmg257 Apr 2016 #9
Is this what a winner does? SHRED Apr 2016 #10
Hillary should apologize to all the Sandy Hook families for this stunt. pa28 Apr 2016 #11
Bernie agrees! MelungeonWoman Apr 2016 #30
Hillary! Stop commodotizing dead kindergarteners! CoffeeCat Apr 2016 #12
Really! Vicious, lousy acts like Hillary's inartful smear will bring their own just reward. highprincipleswork Apr 2016 #13
Can't look at any of those kids kcjohn1 Apr 2016 #14
Now let's watch as no Hillary supporter will defend her here Joob Apr 2016 #15
They've been defending this in other threads Hydra Apr 2016 #18
They've already posted antisemetic rants... HooptieWagon Apr 2016 #54
I'd say this is shocking Hydra Apr 2016 #16
Funny... iandhr Apr 2016 #17
This post has absolutely no logic to it. RANGERMAN89 Apr 2016 #20
Many cites were ready to sue gun makers. Including New York. iandhr Apr 2016 #21
Hahaha because we all know words npt campaign contributions.. RANGERMAN89 Apr 2016 #25
Clinton voted NO on that Bill. iandhr Apr 2016 #26
Well lets see this is the vote that made you dislike him ok.. RANGERMAN89 Apr 2016 #27
"No other industry in the country has that kind of immunity. "???? bvar22 Apr 2016 #40
You are Correct Rilgin Apr 2016 #41
I live very rural, surrounded by hundreds of sq miles of National Forest and protected wilderness. bvar22 Apr 2016 #42
Yes Rilgin Apr 2016 #43
100% agree. bvar22 Apr 2016 #44
And another joins ignore list JesterCS Apr 2016 #45
Another Sanders supporter who I offended... iandhr Apr 2016 #52
I think I can actually hear the polling... SHRED Apr 2016 #19
Hillary was't for gun control when it came to approving $151 billion in arms jfern Apr 2016 #22
Murder on an exponential scale. SHRED Apr 2016 #23
She was a regular old Annie Oakley in 2008 GeorgiaPeanuts Apr 2016 #36
They are not a prop. KMOD Apr 2016 #24
I just posted this. sheshe2 Apr 2016 #28
thank you, sheshe2 Haveadream Apr 2016 #48
His return from Sandy Hook. sheshe2 Apr 2016 #55
I've largely avoided GD:P... Act_of_Reparation Apr 2016 #35
As someone also touched by this tragedy Haveadream Apr 2016 #47
Maybe Bernie will stop using Erica Garner in his videos now? leftofcool Apr 2016 #29
I'm sorry.... GeorgiaPeanuts Apr 2016 #31
Sanders is trying to stop queen from having what is owed to her. Gwhittey Apr 2016 #38
the 99%, dead or alive, are nothing but tools to the clinton corp.. restorefreedom Apr 2016 #32
Sanders vote to protect gun manufacturers is a valid issue Gothmog Apr 2016 #33
Correct... But using murdered children as a political prop is not okay GeorgiaPeanuts Apr 2016 #34
To be fair - it's a vote to protect gun manufacturers from being sued if a gun Nanjeanne Apr 2016 #37
It is. And Bernie made the right vote. Lizzie Poppet Apr 2016 #51
I agree he made the right vote HDSam Apr 2016 #53
She has no moral compass. n/t FourScore Apr 2016 #39
Nice work Hillary. John Poet Apr 2016 #49
She really is disgusting. reformist2 Apr 2016 #50
US arms exports under Clinton skyrocketed. She's like an arms peddler. CentralCoaster Apr 2016 #56

rhett o rick

(55,981 posts)
6. She can't help it. She would be vindictive even if it isn't necessary. It's the tough authoritarian
Wed Apr 6, 2016, 11:09 PM
Apr 2016

drive. Show em' how tough you are. As President she will most likely want to teach Russia a lesson.


(6,592 posts)
46. I have noticed that her control over it comes and goes.
Thu Apr 7, 2016, 07:10 PM
Apr 2016

I've been able to tolerate watching her and listening to her for a while now, but it seems that sooner or later it pops out again. I'm not a Hillary basher, or don't intend to be, but I do notice this.


(1,017 posts)
7. Good .
Wed Apr 6, 2016, 11:10 PM
Apr 2016

The whole premise of parading victims to score political points is somewhat "sickening" . I guess that's why the Clintons are doing it , keeping it classy as always ....


(4,797 posts)
8. Exploiting dead children to attack her opponent.
Wed Apr 6, 2016, 11:13 PM
Apr 2016

I have never liked Hillary but I didn't think she was capable of sinking to this level. I don't think she can possibly sink any lower than this.

Stay classy, Hillary.


(24,411 posts)
12. Hillary! Stop commodotizing dead kindergarteners!
Wed Apr 6, 2016, 11:19 PM
Apr 2016

This is ghoulish and it is traumatizing to the families and loved ones of these victims.

This is so grotesque!

How can Hillary not see this? Or does she just not care?


(751 posts)
14. Can't look at any of those kids
Wed Apr 6, 2016, 11:20 PM
Apr 2016

Without tears in my eyes. Just horrible tragedy.

Shows you what kinda of politician and human being Clinton is. She is not even trying to advance any policy here. If she really cared why she is not working on her surrogates who many have A rating from the NRA? All her Vermont superdelegates who favor her have worser record than Bernie. Just shameful.


(1,065 posts)
15. Now let's watch as no Hillary supporter will defend her here
Wed Apr 6, 2016, 11:22 PM
Apr 2016

Some of her supporters are as sick as Hillary.


(14,459 posts)
18. They've been defending this in other threads
Wed Apr 6, 2016, 11:26 PM
Apr 2016

Saying that Sanders is at fault here, that it's a justified attack.

Of course, in their world, there's no such thing as too low to go.



(17,064 posts)
54. They've already posted antisemetic rants...
Thu Apr 7, 2016, 08:28 PM
Apr 2016

...so as low as Hillary is willing to go, her supporters are willing to go lower. Sick, immoral, people.


(14,459 posts)
16. I'd say this is shocking
Wed Apr 6, 2016, 11:24 PM
Apr 2016

But she did the same with BLM. Using people's deaths to fuel her political ambitions.

It never stops being ghoulish though.


(6,852 posts)
17. Funny...
Wed Apr 6, 2016, 11:25 PM
Apr 2016

People here used to blast legislators who kissed the NRA's ass. The NRA helped Bernie start his career.

When Bernie does it however it is suddenly ok.

Bernie used to be a man I admired.

Now I think he needs to go home.



(91 posts)
20. This post has absolutely no logic to it.
Wed Apr 6, 2016, 11:43 PM
Apr 2016

You used to admire a man who is only a hack of the NRA and now that he has a D- voting record from them wants universal background checks and believes since the 80's that the end of manufacturing of civilian assault weapons is a good idea. Now he has lost all respect from you by being the worst NRA supporter ever.


(6,852 posts)
21. Many cites were ready to sue gun makers. Including New York.
Wed Apr 6, 2016, 11:53 PM
Apr 2016

They were ready to present evidence that guns sellers and gun makers new about trafficking and were doing nothing to prevent it.

Congress passed a law giving gunmakers immunity from all litigation. No other industry in the country has that kind of immunity.

Bernie voted for this bill.

Voted against the Brady Bill five times.

Bernies Republican predecessor courageously voted for a waiting period bill. He lost his seat to Bernie because of it.


“Bernie Sanders is a more honorable choice for Vermont sportsmen than ­Peter Smith,” wrote Wayne LaPierre, who was — and still is — a top official at the national NRA, backing Sanders over the Republican incumbent.



(91 posts)
25. Hahaha because we all know words npt campaign contributions..
Thu Apr 7, 2016, 12:13 AM
Apr 2016

Cause corruption. Yah I was alive when all this went down the Brady bill was not all the secretary tries to make it out to be and became a bloated piece of legislation of people trying to make names for themselves. I agree with Him on his vote. To try and claim this as proof as his alliance with the NRA is ridiculous and to come from a supporter of a candidate who was acting as a defender or as Obama put it like "Annie Oakley" on gun rights just 8 years ago is pathetic.


(6,852 posts)
26. Clinton voted NO on that Bill.
Thu Apr 7, 2016, 12:17 AM
Apr 2016

And Hillary has never been praised by Wayne LaPierre to my knowledge,

Bernie supporters beliefs on Clinton are truthiness to use Colbert's word.

Now all politicians across the spectrum sometimes tell truthiness.

What I am sick of is BernieBots pretending that he is holier than everyone else.



(91 posts)
27. Well lets see this is the vote that made you dislike him ok..
Thu Apr 7, 2016, 12:33 AM
Apr 2016

I fought and lost friends fighting in the war based on a lie that Hillary Clinton voted for that is what makes me want her to "go home" as slimy as Wayne LaPierre is would you hold him in lower regard as the murder Henry Kissinger who to my knowledge has never had anything good to say about Bernie Sanders.

Did I say he was holy no I didn't I pointed out the logical fallacy of trying to present Bernie as an ally of the NRA.


(39,909 posts)
40. "No other industry in the country has that kind of immunity. "????
Thu Apr 7, 2016, 01:37 PM
Apr 2016

Every Industry has that immunity:

Can you sue the manufacturer of Kitchen Knives because someone used one to kill somebody?

Can you sue the manufacturer of rope when rope is used to hang someone?

Can you sue Ford if one of their cars driven by a drunk runs over a school kid?

Can you sue the manufacturer of Louisville Sluggers (a brand name of a very popular baseball bat) when one is used by a "loan collector" to break somebody's leg?

None of those will hold up in court, and neither will a suit against a gun manufacturer for the same reason.

*Ban the manufacturer of Assault Weapons and high capacity magazines

*Close the gun show loopholes

*Tighten up background checks.

*Institute a "Buy Back" program similar to Australia's that has worked extremely well.

(Require a license, proficiency training, or something equivalent to a Driver's License to own firearms. I favor this, but it is a toxic LOSER political issue, so we will have to wait on this, or never have a Democrat elected again)

FYI: While SoS, Hillary approved the sale of thousands of state of the art assault rifles to Fundamentalist Islamic Dictators who still behead people, stone women to death, and cut the hands off of thieves. It was later discovered that many of these weapons wound up in the hands of ISIS.

*Bernie says that he doesn't believe manufactures of products can be held responsible if that product is later used injure of kill someone...a Pandora's Box, but supports strong gun regulation.

*Hillary SELLS thousands of Assault Rifles to Middle East dictators with no strings attached (except a large donation to The Clinton Foundation).


(787 posts)
41. You are Correct
Thu Apr 7, 2016, 02:00 PM
Apr 2016

What you are getting at is a complex truth that will probably go over Hillary supporters heads.

As you have pointed out Manufacturers of products do not get sued if they are used as directed by the Manufacturer unless an injury is caused by a defect in the product that injures someone in that use. So they have sued Cigarette Companies and Bad Drug companies because using them as directed causes harm.

Allowing such law suits against a product that we dont like but is not always harmful sounds good but is indirect and makes bad law. It is trying to get a desired result by bad law.

I am against guns as well. I do not and have never owned one. I think allowing guns in society leads to bad results. However, the way to stop them is to legislate directly on guns not indirectly using bad law and logic. The result wanted by people advocating suing gun manufacturers is is to drive gun manufacturers out of business. The real solution to the problem with guns is to ban the sale of them if you do not want guns sold. Repeating that/ If we do not want people or Companies to sell guns just do not let them. Make the sale illegal rather than allow the sale then allow someone to sue. I would like that law.


(39,909 posts)
42. I live very rural, surrounded by hundreds of sq miles of National Forest and protected wilderness.
Thu Apr 7, 2016, 02:37 PM
Apr 2016

I own 4 very different types firearms (no assault weapons), and use them when necessary to protect my family, stock, and pets.... and also for enjoyment. I maintain them, clean them, and maintain my own proficiency with them at least once a year. (We can shoot in my back yard). My wife is able to use them too, but doesn't especially like them. However, she does recognize the need for her to be familiar with their operation.

Unlike many who live in these old mountains, we don't display our weapons, and aren't particularly proud of them in the same way we don't display our drill press or miter saw.
They are nobody's business.

With the following exception, I never carry a firearm.
I am a member of our local Fire Department, and during the Spring & Summer, I carry a revolver in my truck because we are called to handle the problem of injured deer and livestock on the roads and highways. I always call the county to try and get a deputy to put these poor animals out of their misery. They always tell me (us) to handle it ourselves.
It is not something I enjoy, but a job that must be done.
Thankfully, I don't get this call very often.
We were able to save a young fawn once, and raised her ourselves:

I don't hunt because I'm not hungry enough. If I ever get that hungry, I will have the skills, competency, proficiency and tools to do so.

There is a difference between living rural, suburban, and urban.
I can see no reason to own or carry a gun in the city or suburbs,
but, like all our other tools, they have a purpose out here.


(787 posts)
43. Yes
Thu Apr 7, 2016, 05:12 PM
Apr 2016

I hope you didnt think I was disagreeing with you. Mostly, I was posting to say that the use of law suits to effect such public policy is both indirect and not good politics or law. You said the same thing.

Better policy and law is to look at a problem directly. Society decides the place for guns and does not allow it elsewhere. Society determines if guns can be used or not and for what tasks and by what people. Society does not leave it to individuals and companies and then use lawsuits to effect the use.

Guns are a political battle and we, as society, should not use indirect methods such as manufacturers liability unless it involves a defective product not just a product the political process has determined is bad.

Your last post is saying guns have uses. My guess is I would be more restrictive than you on social uses but understand that guns have some real societal uses in rural areas that dont quite pose the problems that guns pose in urban areas. The solution is to address these differences directly not indirectly.

Ultimately, Law should set the allowable transactions involving guns and their uses at the front end through laws and regulations rather than through lawsuits.



(28,136 posts)
19. I think I can actually hear the polling...
Wed Apr 6, 2016, 11:27 PM
Apr 2016

...falling through the floor as voters shy away from her in Bernie's home state.


(5,204 posts)
22. Hillary was't for gun control when it came to approving $151 billion in arms
Wed Apr 6, 2016, 11:55 PM
Apr 2016

many of it to countries that gave millions to the Clinton Foundation.




(7,906 posts)
24. They are not a prop.
Thu Apr 7, 2016, 12:06 AM
Apr 2016

This was a horrible event and it needs to be addressed.

This OP is not helpful to the cause at all.


(82,890 posts)
28. I just posted this.
Thu Apr 7, 2016, 01:05 AM
Apr 2016

President Obama cries during gun violence speech

Sandy Hook. Say there names,

Sandy Hook victims names list, photos, bios

Start here.

For the love of god, they were babies and we are not willing to protect them. I weep. Me, I tought we were suppose to hug our child, not our gun.


(9,082 posts)
35. I've largely avoided GD:P...
Thu Apr 7, 2016, 08:43 AM
Apr 2016

This is a cultural trainwreck I've, frankly, wanted no fucking part of. But, seeing as the Team Hillary and Team Bernie have brought their Tigerbeat-caliber feud to my back yard, I feel compelled to interject this one time.

I grew up twelve miles away from Sandy Hook Elementary. One of the teachers murdered there was a classmate of mine. I can say, with some authority, that there's an open wound in Fairfield County that will take the passing of two generations to heal.

As for Team Bernie: I'm of the opinion that unless this tragedy has affected you in some concrete, measurable way, then you should probably safely assume that the family and friends of the Sandy Hook victims will speak up if they feel their plight exploited for political gain.

As for Team Hillary: there's a difference between using tragedy to affect political change and using tragedy to slam a political opponent. I'll let that sink in.


(1,630 posts)
47. As someone also touched by this tragedy
Thu Apr 7, 2016, 07:51 PM
Apr 2016

all of this is bringing up incredible heartbreak and pain. The wound is a permanent part of our history.

I, too hope there be will be respect and nothing but compassion and support for all survivors. Praying everyone, especially progressives, will work to make lives safer though public awareness and policy change.



(2,353 posts)
31. I'm sorry....
Thu Apr 7, 2016, 07:45 AM
Apr 2016

I missed the part where Erica Garner was used as a personal attack against Hillary Clinton...


(12,655 posts)
32. the 99%, dead or alive, are nothing but tools to the clinton corp..
Thu Apr 7, 2016, 07:52 AM
Apr 2016

i wonder how many people in the south who were exploited and used then tossd away once they voted, are now regretting their choice.

the clintons are vile, selfish, horrid people and its becoming clear to almost everyone now. this is why she wanted bernie out in march.



(2,353 posts)
34. Correct... But using murdered children as a political prop is not okay
Thu Apr 7, 2016, 08:22 AM
Apr 2016

I disagree that his position is wrong regarding gun manufacturers but it is valid to agree or disagree, it is not acceptable to me to use dead children to emotionally manipulate people


(4,835 posts)
37. To be fair - it's a vote to protect gun manufacturers from being sued if a gun
Thu Apr 7, 2016, 08:52 AM
Apr 2016

is used in a crime, but was legally purchased and was not malfunctioning.


Lizzie Poppet

(10,164 posts)
51. It is. And Bernie made the right vote.
Thu Apr 7, 2016, 08:10 PM
Apr 2016

The sorts of lawsuits the law is designed to prevent are ludicrous.


(251 posts)
53. I agree he made the right vote
Thu Apr 7, 2016, 08:23 PM
Apr 2016

had it passed, Apple and Samsung would be fighting off dozens of lawsuits from accidents that happened while someone was texting while driving.

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