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Feeling the Bern

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Thu Feb 18, 2016, 11:03 AM Feb 2016

Just got my Democrats Abroad Townhall question request for the next townhall

These are my questions for Hillary and Bernie:

For Hillary:
There has been a lot of talk about illegal immigration. When you were Sec of State, your consulates normally deny legal visas to the US for any reason and no reason. My wife was denied a B2 visa and it almost cost us our honeymoon. Now we are going for her green card and, after a long time and almost $3000, we're no where near getting it while waiting for her K3 visa. However, if she were getting an H-1B visa, she would be streamlined to acceptance. This makes the system impossible and actually encourages illegal immigration and people overstaying visas. There are literally thousands of people in my position. As Sec. of State, you did little to make this process less cumbersome and demeaning to both the American and foreigner. As president, how will you address LEGAL immigration problems so families won't be separated for months at a time waiting for the US Government to approve? If my wife did not have her B2 visa, we would be separated until she got her K3 visa.

For Bernie:
You have addressed illegal immigration. I am an American, my wife is a Chinese national. I want to know, as president, how will you address the demeaning and cumbersome process of people who legally want to immigrate to this country so families won't separated, but workers can get streamlined? The system we have now is beyond expensive, time consuming and actually encourages immigrants to break the law and come illegal or overstay visas.

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