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Fri Feb 5, 2016, 12:54 PM Feb 2016

Mainstream media drops lobbying bomb on Hillary

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Her loss in Iowa opened the floodgates for the media to start detailing the reality of the situation.

Headline: Meet the lobbyists, donors and bundlers behind Hillary’s $157 million juggernaut

"now runs Subject Matter, a go-to Democratic lobbying firm for corporate interests.."

Clients: Wall Street banks (Goldman Sachs and Citigroup), the casino industry (the American Gaming Association), telecoms (Verizon and Time Warner), tech firms (Facebook and Microsoft), agribusiness (Monsanto) and the NFL.

"The superlobbyist brother of John Podesta, Clinton’s campaign chairman, he runs Podesta Group"

Clients: Defense contractors (Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics, Bechtel), pharmaceutical and health insurance giants (Merck and Blue Cross-Blue Shield) and banking and private equity firms (Well Fargo, Credit Suisse Group, KKR), foreign governments, including several — Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan, Burma and the Maldives — accused by the State Department of human rights abuses.

Bonus points: Podesta has used his D.C. mansion, famously decorated with expensive modern art, to host a Clinton fundraiser (offering fine Italian cooking by him and his brother) as well as a book party for Clinton super-PAC attack dog David Brock (co-hosted by Clinton campaign lawyer Marc Elias and Clinton email pal Sidney Blumenthal.)

"She runs her own rival firm, Heather Podesta & Partners."

Clients: MacAndrews & Forbes (the Wall Street investment firm owned by billionaire Ronald Perelman) as well as Marathon Oil, the Cigna Corp. and the National Pork Producers Council and the National Cannabis Industry Association.

"Clinton’s most prolific Lobbyist bundler, now is a partner at Capitol Counsel"

Clients: Sullivan specializes in protecting tax breaks for private equity and real estate investment firms (Blackstone, Beacon Capitol Partners and the National Association of Real Estate Investment Trusts.) Other big clients include the PhRMA, the drug industry’s lobbying arm, and two of its leading members (Roche Holdings and Amgen.)

Bonus 1: "Sullivan is the former DNC finance chair who first got attention as the supervisor of John Huang, the fundraiser convicted of campaign finance violations during Bill Clinton’s 1996 reelection."

Bonus 2: "Sullivan’s partner at his lobbying firm, David Jones, another longtime Democratic fundraiser, has bundled another $386,000. "

"former Indiana Democratic senator" and "a strategic adviser to the business clients of McGuireWoods"

Clients: "Exxon Mobil, Duke Energy and the National Association of Manufacturers"

Bonus 1: "Bayh, who hosted a fundraiser for Clinton at the McGuireWoods K St. office last spring, also serves as a strategic adviser to Apollo Management, the Wall Street private equity firm (which paid Clinton $225,000 for a speech after she left office.)"

Bonus 2: "Two of his McGuireWoods colleagues, Andrew Smith and former South Carolina Gov. Jim Hodges, are also bundlers who have raised $240,000 for the Clinton campaign while lobbying for clients that include Smithfield Foods (now owned by the Chinese-based Shuanghui Group) and Dandong Port Group, a Hong Kong-registered port and grain importing firm owned by secretive Chinese billionaire Wenliang Wang, who has donated $2 million to the Clinton Foundation."

LOTS more here:


This is what wheels coming off looks like.


Since this thread is gaining traction, I'll add this:



There's so much crucial info in it that needs to be repeated as often and as loudly as possible.

EDIT 2: The Yahoo article has 2200 comments... That's the power of the mainstream media reporting this. Mass exposure is exactly what's needed.

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Mainstream media drops lobbying bomb on Hillary (Original Post) EdwardBernays Feb 2016 OP
Kicking for more exposure. jillan Feb 2016 #1
they all have dead eyes and their smiles never reach them roguevalley Feb 2016 #12
I don't know... Evan Bayh looks stoned. nt kristopher Feb 2016 #33
very astute observation Fairgo Feb 2016 #72
I am curious about Jenny_92808 Feb 2016 #101
Elmendorf sat next to Howard Dean in the audience last night. grasswire Feb 2016 #2
Saw that. Duppers Feb 2016 #8
would love to get a photo of that Ferd Berfel Feb 2016 #17
There is a photo in this DU post. Luminous Animal Feb 2016 #55
Perfect - I missed that post Ferd Berfel Feb 2016 #66
Thanks. 840high Feb 2016 #73
there is a photo on DU grasswire Feb 2016 #69
kick, kick, kick! nt grasswire Feb 2016 #3
just skimmed it for now, but glad that the news is getting out about Podesta's evil doings. kath Feb 2016 #4
+1 daleanime Feb 2016 #7
Nothing wrong with it. Just how things work. If she doesn't do this cali Feb 2016 #5
Agreed, she has to do this to beat Bern..... daleanime Feb 2016 #9
'just how things work' every evil regime in history said that. we all know how they turned out roguevalley Feb 2016 #14
Finally good to see a Hillary supporter EdwardBernays Feb 2016 #19
Wait. You actually think I'm a Hillary supporter? Too funny. cali Feb 2016 #93
Sorry EdwardBernays Feb 2016 #94
That happens. Much as I don't like being confused with cali Feb 2016 #95
Understandably EdwardBernays Feb 2016 #96
one thing liberals NEVER figure is $4BIL/yr + in free talk radio infomercial certainot Feb 2016 #100
K & R. nt R. P. McMurphy Feb 2016 #6
That's what I'm talkin about! jhart3333 Feb 2016 #10
Hmmm, the OP doesn't specifically mention JOHN Podesta, her freakin' CAMPAIGN MANAGER, but he kath Feb 2016 #11
:/ Go Vols Feb 2016 #13
K&R amborin Feb 2016 #15
Talks is cheap Ferd Berfel Feb 2016 #16
Well, she wanted this debate last night! Dustlawyer Feb 2016 #18
3 more debates coming, too. Heh heh. lob1 Feb 2016 #20
I know, right! She made a yuuuge mistake giving Bernie more exposure! Dustlawyer Feb 2016 #24
Yup! I was thinking about those additional debates and how Akamai Feb 2016 #26
She wanted that debate in Flint MI as well.. frylock Feb 2016 #61
K & R AzDar Feb 2016 #21
The wheels are coming off the supposedly unstoppable train. Betty Karlson Feb 2016 #22
There isn't enough space on a train, to hold the Clinton baggage! SoapBox Feb 2016 #27
Thom Hartmann has been talking about the corporate takeover Akamai Feb 2016 #23
Well if that isn't all creepy, rotten, skeezy, sleazy... SoapBox Feb 2016 #25
Just viewing that list calls for a shower. polichick Feb 2016 #28
Quait........................... turbinetree Feb 2016 #29
And all/many of the politicians endorsing her are also being pangaia Feb 2016 #30
K&R. Bundlers who are lobbyists and we are supposed to believe that she promises and does JDPriestly Feb 2016 #31
Someone is an idiot EdwardBernays Feb 2016 #36
Oh ... jeez ... man ... ya know ... you're like blowing my MIND ... brett_jv Feb 2016 #87
K&R warrprayer Feb 2016 #32
Bernie's financial Armada BainsBane Feb 2016 #34
nice try EdwardBernays Feb 2016 #39
She is following the existing regulations BainsBane Feb 2016 #44
Lol EdwardBernays Feb 2016 #50
In other words BainsBane Feb 2016 #53
Hardly EdwardBernays Feb 2016 #54
Oh, I think there is a huge amount of difference BainsBane Feb 2016 #57
You forgot the most important distinction between Hillary & Bernie. bvar22 Feb 2016 #63
Obama kept hardly any of his Campaign promises. The third way New Democrat even put DhhD Feb 2016 #67
That's simply not true Glamrock Feb 2016 #81
Yes there is a huge difference - H. Clinton has amassed a huge fortune from her rhett o rick Feb 2016 #70
And It Benefits Him LeFleur1 Feb 2016 #84
You are confusing memes. Rilgin Feb 2016 #45
What a desperate and lame smear. When you can't win on policy, try anything! arcane1 Feb 2016 #51
This is policy? BainsBane Feb 2016 #58
You're right, of course. Lobbying has never had anything to do with policy arcane1 Feb 2016 #59
Oh noes! The Mighty Karl Rove! frylock Feb 2016 #62
FFS are you desperate! Nt Logical Feb 2016 #79
This Is So Important SDJay Feb 2016 #35
I agree, but... EdwardBernays Feb 2016 #40
Kicked and recommended. Uncle Joe Feb 2016 #37
1/2 of Hillary’s Speaking Fees Came From Groups Also Lobbying Congress Jarqui Feb 2016 #38
HUGE K & R !!! - THANK YOU !!! WillyT Feb 2016 #41
My pleasure EdwardBernays Feb 2016 #42
K&R! Duval Feb 2016 #43
K&R CharlotteVale Feb 2016 #46
K&R nt Live and Learn Feb 2016 #47
K&R -Gives new meaning to there's no free lunch. EndElectoral Feb 2016 #48
K&R ReRe Feb 2016 #49
C'mon....They're all just civic minded donors and volunteers who CARE ABOUT THE CHILDREN Armstead Feb 2016 #52
Just look at their smug expressions. TIME TO PANIC Feb 2016 #56
4 letter word olddots Feb 2016 #60
Calling all Hillary supporters ... SoLeftIAmRight Feb 2016 #64
While hiking through west Texas, I found a rattlesnake den. bvar22 Feb 2016 #65
Corrupt to the core. yourout Feb 2016 #71
Biggest bundler R. Sullivan's clients include protecting dae Feb 2016 #74
You must be anti-woman... SHRED Feb 2016 #75
Kick glinda Feb 2016 #76
Bernie has his meetings with the lobbyists also and fund raisers. Thinkingabout Feb 2016 #77
So show me the money NJCher Feb 2016 #88
Though this is untrue, suppose he were. Would it be okay? Android3.14 Feb 2016 #90
+1 quantass Feb 2016 #78
But but but Glamrock Feb 2016 #80
kickety kick azmom Feb 2016 #82
Haim Saban - CEO of Univision....hmmmm Bread and Circus Feb 2016 #83
Love that Streisand Effect! Califonz Feb 2016 #85
Put links on Facebook and Twitter! emsimon33 Feb 2016 #86
All just the meek voices of many shareholders made whole. nt raouldukelives Feb 2016 #89
Oh, this is so damning. Especially the IBTimes article elias49 Feb 2016 #91
100% EdwardBernays Feb 2016 #99
Kick kick kakick elias49 Feb 2016 #92
I'd lost track of Evan Bayh. KentuckyWoman Feb 2016 #97
Tis but a scratch.................. Ferd Berfel Feb 2016 #98
THIS is the kind of posts that made DU so important to all of us. dixiegrrrrl Feb 2016 #102


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69. there is a photo on DU
Fri Feb 5, 2016, 06:43 PM
Feb 2016

I saw it last night. The topic of the thread is something to do with "seating arrangement"



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5. Nothing wrong with it. Just how things work. If she doesn't do this
Fri Feb 5, 2016, 01:06 PM
Feb 2016

how can we beat the republicans.


(3,343 posts)
19. Finally good to see a Hillary supporter
Fri Feb 5, 2016, 02:37 PM
Feb 2016

Embrsce this... Sure the candidate may be running away from it, but it's good to see you embrace it. Better than pretending.

I mean on one hand it's awful and most people rightly see it as corrupt, buy at least you're keeping it real.



(9,090 posts)
100. one thing liberals NEVER figure is $4BIL/yr + in free talk radio infomercial
Sat Feb 6, 2016, 10:40 AM
Feb 2016

work the republicans have at their disposal($1000/hr x 1200 stns x 15 hrs/day), plus 25 yrs of accumulated alternate reality, and voter suppression-(all pols are corrupt, they're all the same, govt only works for the rich, etc).

it's biting them in the ass now as the party of lincoln becomes the party of limbaugh/trump/cruz but because the left ignores it they could still keep slimeballs like trump cruz rubio close enough to steal in.

the irony is that the republicans will use this vs hillary also, with a guy like lmbaugh increasingly calling the democrats the party of wall st


(10,565 posts)
11. Hmmm, the OP doesn't specifically mention JOHN Podesta, her freakin' CAMPAIGN MANAGER, but he
Fri Feb 5, 2016, 02:08 PM
Feb 2016

is in all that dirty business up to his eyeballs.
Lobbies for freakin' Saudi Arabia, fer gawdsake!


(10,487 posts)
18. Well, she wanted this debate last night!
Fri Feb 5, 2016, 02:28 PM
Feb 2016

Be careful what you ask for! Bernie has needed national exposure to get his message out, she gave it to him. This will be the point that they will say that launched Bernie to victory. The genie is out of the bottle. He will now start getting some positive coverage to go along with the Chris Mathews of the world who see their way of life crumbling around them.

Think of all of the Lobbyists who are watching their world evaporate before their eyes if Bernie wins and WE are successful at getting Publicly Funded Elections!


(10,487 posts)
24. I know, right! She made a yuuuge mistake giving Bernie more exposure!
Fri Feb 5, 2016, 03:05 PM
Feb 2016

That is the one area that could sink him. The internets could only take him so far, there are still a lot of folks who get everything from the MSM. Now the MSM has to give him the extra debate exposure. His skill last night proved that he has every right and ability required to be on the same stage as Hillary. They were both very skilled, much like the last battle between Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker. The FORCE of Bernie message will be too strong for Hillary, or any Republican, to defeat!



(1,779 posts)
26. Yup! I was thinking about those additional debates and how
Fri Feb 5, 2016, 03:06 PM
Feb 2016

Hillary doesn't want any of them in NY City.

Wow! Very entertaining tv viewing ahead!


(34,825 posts)
61. She wanted that debate in Flint MI as well..
Fri Feb 5, 2016, 05:17 PM
Feb 2016

It will be a good opportunity for Bernie to talk about the damaging effects of trade agreements.


Betty Karlson

(7,231 posts)
22. The wheels are coming off the supposedly unstoppable train.
Fri Feb 5, 2016, 02:57 PM
Feb 2016

Too much baggage on board?

--- free after DU'er Tierra e Libertad



(1,779 posts)
23. Thom Hartmann has been talking about the corporate takeover
Fri Feb 5, 2016, 03:03 PM
Feb 2016

of the Democratic party for many years. He says it started when Democratic strategist Al From visited Clinton in Arkansas and promised him the White House if he would be corporate friendly, and especially friendly with Wall Street and the banks.

Now comes this utterly wonderful guy, Senator Sanders, who is drawing the curtain way, way back and we all can see the manipulators and how we have been controlled, how so much pain and misery has been brought about by the ultra rich and the political and media groups doing their bidding.

Go, Bernie!!!


(18,791 posts)
25. Well if that isn't all creepy, rotten, skeezy, sleazy...
Fri Feb 5, 2016, 03:06 PM
Feb 2016

And all sorts of other things.

Shows why we have rotted to the core.

First, no more Clintons in the White House...ever.

Second, it's time for that Political Revolution and a big enema in American politics.


(24,556 posts)
29. Quait...........................
Fri Feb 5, 2016, 03:08 PM
Feb 2016

And the MSM is calling Sanders out on having some checking / saving accounts with banks --------------------really

Honk---------------------for a political revolution Bernie 2016


(24,324 posts)
30. And all/many of the politicians endorsing her are also being
Fri Feb 5, 2016, 03:12 PM
Feb 2016

laid bare for what they really do.

Yippee !!!!!


(57,936 posts)
31. K&R. Bundlers who are lobbyists and we are supposed to believe that she promises and does
Fri Feb 5, 2016, 03:14 PM
Feb 2016

and offers nothing in return.

It's a hard sell. She could be telling the truth, but there is this appearance of a conflict of interest that is hard to dispel.


(3,343 posts)
36. Someone is an idiot
Fri Feb 5, 2016, 03:22 PM
Feb 2016

Here's the options:

Lobbyists are idiots

Lobbyists are idiots for giving money to 99% of politicians, because the politicians just take the money and do nothing in return. Lobbyists don't notice and keep funding all of their campaigns.

People are idiots

Lobbyists give tons of money to politicians and in turn get what they want, as long as it's politically feasible. People are idiots because they believe politicians excuses about all that money.

Which of those things do you think is more likely?


(1,245 posts)
87. Oh ... jeez ... man ... ya know ... you're like blowing my MIND ...
Sat Feb 6, 2016, 06:12 AM
Feb 2016

That ... that's a tough one.

Seriously, I'm like ... I dunno ... Hmmmm ...

Can I phone a friend, or something?


(3,343 posts)
39. nice try
Fri Feb 5, 2016, 03:24 PM
Feb 2016

just because people from both parties see your candidates major weakness - her corruption - doesn't mean they're working together... nice try though...


(52,983 posts)
44. She is following the existing regulations
Fri Feb 5, 2016, 03:49 PM
Feb 2016

The fallacy with pretending campaign finance is about personal ethics as opposed to the system is that it ignores this very thing. Sanders has benefited from more Super PAC and dark money spending than any other candidate in this election, of either party.

No one "has" Super Pacs. His repetition of that plays on the public's lack of knowledge about campaign finance law. In addition to GOP ratfucking the Dem primary through spending by Rove and others, there are Super Pacs explicitly formed to promote his candidacy. Since they, like the Nurse's super Pacs, take dark money, there is no way to know where the money comes from.

Clinton is not corrupt for following the law. The system is corrupt, and that same system is benefiting Bernie enormously.

As the debate last night made clear, Bernie picks and chooses when it comes to campaign funding. He could have used the public system but chose to go outside it because it benefits him. It benefits him to make grand declarations about super Pacs as a campaign slogan, even while he benefits them more from them than anyone else in the race.


(3,343 posts)
50. Lol
Fri Feb 5, 2016, 03:55 PM
Feb 2016

Gotta love people that act immorally because it's totally legal... Totally.

The fact is the elite break the law with out getting in trouble all the time.

Hillary is the Goldman Sachs of politicians. Totally legal... All of it.. Just ask their team of lawyers.


(52,983 posts)
53. In other words
Fri Feb 5, 2016, 04:07 PM
Feb 2016

You don't care how corrupt the system is. You don't care who benefits from it or how money corrupts the political process. You just don't like Hillary. And if your candidate benefits from the biggest haul of dark money spending, all the better.

Meanwhile, he votes for immunity for gun corporations and $800 billion in corporate welfare for Lockheed-Martin for the F-35, but none of that matters.


(3,343 posts)
54. Hardly
Fri Feb 5, 2016, 04:09 PM
Feb 2016

And lol.

You are just blind if you think there's no meaningful difference between Sanders and Clinton.


(52,983 posts)
57. Oh, I think there is a huge amount of difference
Fri Feb 5, 2016, 04:25 PM
Feb 2016

Largely in terms of knowledge, experience, and competence. And the fact she doesn't seek to reduce American politics to a bumper sticker slogan.

One is qualified to execute the job of president and the other enjoys being treated like a rock star. One encourages conversations with voters and the other insists he has all the answers. One has an expansive knowledge of foreign policy, the nations and actors around the world while the other is not only lacking in knowledge, he isn't even interested enough to assemble a team that can help prepare him for something that is central to the job of president. http://www.politico.com/story/2016/01/bernie-sanders-foreign-policy-deficit-218431

I happen to think a president should be competent. Knowledge and ability to understand the complexity of issues and society impress me far more than sloganeering.

As for integrity, look at the recent spate of incidents from Sanders' campaign: data breach, impersonating union workers, improperly using logos of activist organizations and implying endorsements, so much so he has had to pull ads and mailers. If one wants to dismiss it as the actions of rogue staffers, that suggests he can't control his own staff. If he can't manage a campaign, how can he be trusted to run the federal government?

While Obama didn't have a huge amount of experience, he ran a very efficient and competent campaign, which pointed to his competence. We don't see that from Bernie.

So to answer your question, there is an enormous amount of difference between Clinton and Sanders, and those differences favor Clinton.


(39,909 posts)
63. You forgot the most important distinction between Hillary & Bernie.
Fri Feb 5, 2016, 05:43 PM
Feb 2016

In addition to 40 years of experience, Bernie has repeatedly demonstrated good judgement and solid ethics. THAT is HISTORY, and can't be spun.
I prefer those qualities to any of the campaign pablum you posted.


(4,695 posts)
67. Obama kept hardly any of his Campaign promises. The third way New Democrat even put
Fri Feb 5, 2016, 06:02 PM
Feb 2016

Social Security and Medicare on the table (Past Tense). Third way New Democrats put Glass-Steagall on the table (Past Tense). Third Way New Democrat DWS left the door open and in came a mouse from a previous Clan. For 40 years Sanders has been a Progressive Democrat activist and has been elected over and over again. There is a big difference alright. Hillary Clinton favors third way and New Democrats instead of progressive social democracy. Hillary Clinton received half support of Iowa-no winner. She will lose in NH too. What is next?


rhett o rick

(55,981 posts)
70. Yes there is a huge difference - H. Clinton has amassed a huge fortune from her
Fri Feb 5, 2016, 06:44 PM
Feb 2016

lobbying friends. Legal? Moral? The main thing is that the millions and millions are given to her for quid pro quo. This is politics and that's why the big corporations are involved in politics.

She claims to be anti-Citizens United but willing to use it for her benefit.

She represents the culture of big money corruption in government. Legal? Moral? Something we want our president deep into?


(1,197 posts)
84. And It Benefits Him
Sat Feb 6, 2016, 12:56 AM
Feb 2016

after twenty years of being too good for the Democratic party to suddenly become a Democrat.
Because he needed the money. Ironic, isn't it?

The rules of the game: Citizens United was given the go ahead by the Supreme Court of the land.
Playing by the rules isn't shady at all. It's working within the system as the Supreme Court decided could be done.


(787 posts)
45. You are confusing memes.
Fri Feb 5, 2016, 03:50 PM
Feb 2016

Don't you have even one days memory of the Hillary talking points? According to Clinton wall street is taking out ads against her because she is against Wall Street. This ad accuses her of being in bed with Wall Street.

Please explain how it works.

Wall Street takes out an ad against Clinton asserting that Clinton is bad because she likes wall street. Does this not mean that wall street thinks its bad to represent wall street because wall street is bad. So Wall Street is taking out ads against itself as a good part of America. How Machiavellian.

Now returning to the facts. Again, the talking points are Wall Street is running ads against Hillary. But American Crossroads is Rove who is a republican hit man not a wall streeter. Moving on to substance. Your implication is that Bernie is in league with Rove in that both are attacking Hillary. Does that mean when Hillary attacks Trump that she is in league with Ted Cruz?

I really expect better and more consistent spin.


(52,983 posts)
58. This is policy?
Fri Feb 5, 2016, 04:27 PM
Feb 2016

Give me a break. My post is no more a smear that the OP.

I hardly eskew discussions of policy. For example in this very subthread: http://www.democraticunderground.com/?com=view_post&forum=1251&pid=1150593

Here's a clue: policy involves more than saying Clinton sucks; Bernie is perfect.


(1,089 posts)
35. This Is So Important
Fri Feb 5, 2016, 03:20 PM
Feb 2016

It's hard to overstate it. Bernie isn't going to get into this level of specifics in a debate or on the trail, which is fine. That's because this isn't solely about Secretary Clinton, This is how our system currently works and the more people realize this, the more they'll begin to understand what's happening to them beyond surface level rhetoric.

If absolutely nothing else comes of this primary, if millions of people start to actually realize what goes on in the backrooms of politics, it's been a very worthwhile effort. That doesn't mean we should be satisfied, as action needs to follow knowledge, but the knowledge part, in my opinion, has been lacking until this campaign.


(3,343 posts)
40. I agree, but...
Fri Feb 5, 2016, 03:25 PM
Feb 2016

I sure wish that someone made an online viral video about the Podesta brothers... it would help Bernie a LOT.


(10,056 posts)
38. 1/2 of Hillary’s Speaking Fees Came From Groups Also Lobbying Congress
Fri Feb 5, 2016, 03:23 PM
Feb 2016

Fee____ Name 2014 Lobbying Spending
$225,500 General Electric $20,085,000
$335,500 Biotechnology Industry Organization $10,186,000
$125,000 Qualcomm Inc $9,530,000
$225,500 Pharmaceutical Care Management Assn $4,284,916
$225,500 National Auto Dealers Assn $3,657,000
$325,000 Cisco Systems $3,450,000
$265,000 Advanced Medical Technology Association $3,392,000
$225,500 Ameriprise Financial $3,390,000
$125,000 Novo Nordisk Pharmaceuticals $3,008,000
$315,000 eBay Inc $2,544,325
$225,000 Xerox Corp $1,435,000
$225,500 Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries $1,380,000
$225,000 Premier Health Alliance $1,258,696
$225,500 Council of Insurance Agents & Brokers $1,083,180
$225,000 United Fresh Produce Assn $1,040,000
$451,000 Salesforce.Com $610,000
$225,500 National Council for Behavioral Health $600,356
$225,500 Corning Inc $600,000
$280,000 Deutsche Bank AG $600,000
$100,000 California Medical Association $350,000
$4,575,000 Clinton Fees from firms spending $72,484,473 on lobbying

It's kind of hard to talk your way out of that.


(10,597 posts)
49. K&R
Fri Feb 5, 2016, 03:55 PM
Feb 2016

Does anyone remember the camera going to the audience showing Howard Dean last night? Did you notice how low he was sitting in his seat? Know why? Because he was sitting right by Steve Elmendorf!


(39,909 posts)
65. While hiking through west Texas, I found a rattlesnake den.
Fri Feb 5, 2016, 05:47 PM
Feb 2016

They were all intertwined down in a dark hole.
A bunch of poisonous snakes, all crooked and twisted, and definitely something I wanted to stay away from.
Funny, but I hadn't thought of that for years...until I read your OP.


(3,396 posts)
74. Biggest bundler R. Sullivan's clients include protecting
Fri Feb 5, 2016, 08:40 PM
Feb 2016

tax breaks for private equity, and real estate firms. How hard do you think he was laughing when Hill was trying to chastize Sanders for his "artful schmeer" implying she could be bought.
Then again, he wasn't laughing when the Quinnipac poll came out today.



(5,402 posts)
90. Though this is untrue, suppose he were. Would it be okay?
Sat Feb 6, 2016, 07:38 AM
Feb 2016

Doesn't it bother you in the least little bit that Hillary and hubby have received speaking fees in the past 15 years what would literally take a regular person 7000 years to earn?

Doesn't it worry you just a little bit that Hillary tells the banking industry one thing and the regular people something completely different?

I mean,



(465 posts)
85. Love that Streisand Effect!
Sat Feb 6, 2016, 01:16 AM
Feb 2016

Or most Democrats don't want the election to be about a GOP billionaire vs. a Dem hundred-millionaire.


(3,128 posts)
86. Put links on Facebook and Twitter!
Sat Feb 6, 2016, 03:04 AM
Feb 2016

Thank you! This woman has too much baggage and too many skeletons with rotting flesh still clinging to its bones to win the general election.



(4,259 posts)
91. Oh, this is so damning. Especially the IBTimes article
Sat Feb 6, 2016, 08:04 AM
Feb 2016

That one article alone should end her run, perhaps her career.



(4,259 posts)
92. Kick kick kakick
Sat Feb 6, 2016, 08:13 AM
Feb 2016

Time for Hillary to hang it up and spend some time enjoying her ill-acquired wealth.
I won't miss her.

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